Travel alert: Ferry schedules altered

The MV Sankaty will be helping to fill a gap caused by an emergency repair to the MV Gay Head. -Rich Saltzberg

A problem with the MV Gay Head is forcing the Steamship Authority to play musical ferries just ahead of a busy summer weekend. 

“Following the discovery of a small amount of water in the steering gear void of the MV Gay Head, a survey of the vessel’s hull discovered a 4-inch crack in the hull on the vessel’s aft,” Sean Driscoll, a spokesman for the SSA, wrote in an email. “Although the crack is above the waterline, the repair will require the vessel to be dry docked at Thames Shipyard in New London, Connecticut, for replacement of the structural steel. The vessel is now at the Authority’s Fairhaven repair facility and will sail to Thames on Monday morning.”

While the Gay Head services the Hyannis to Nantucket crossing, its absence will have an impact on the Vineyard route, as well.
Here are the adjustments that the SSA is making to its schedule: 

  • Following the last scheduled round trip of the MV Sankaty Friday afternoon, the vessel will leave Woods Hole and arrive in Hyannis before completing one round trip to Nantucket.
  • The MV Sankaty will service the MV Gay Head’s trips on the Nantucket route on Saturday and Sunday. The vessel is not scheduled to run on the weekends on the Vineyard route, so no trips will be missed.
  • Sunday evening, the MV Sankaty will make the MV Gay Head’s last scheduled departure from Nantucket at 6:45 p.m. but will sail to Woods Hole instead of Hyannis. The vessel will berth in Woods Hole overnight.
  • The MV Sankaty will run its first two scheduled round trips on the Vineyard route on Monday morning. The third round trip, leaving Woods Hole at 11:30 a.m. and leaving Vineyard Haven at 12:45 p.m., will be canceled.
  • Following its scheduled arrival in Woods Hole at 11 a.m., the MV Sankaty will load the traffic scheduled to take the MV Gay Head’s 10:45 a.m. trip from Hyannis and depart to Nantucket, leaving at 11:15 a.m. The Reservation Office will contact those customers scheduled on the 10:45 a.m. trip, which is scheduled as a hazardous materials trip, and tell them to report to Woods Hole.
  • The MV Sankaty will then run one round-trip between Nantucket and Hyannis, then the scheduled 6:45 p.m. departure from Nantucket to Hyannis will instead depart Nantucket at 8 p.m. and return to Woods Hole.
  • The above schedule will continue until at least Wednesday, Aug. 3. Decisions on future service will be made when more information is obtained about the timing of the necessary repairs to the MV Gay Head.

Online reservations are temporarily halted while our Reservation Office works to contact the affected customers and rebook them. Customers with urgent travel needs can call the Reservation Office at (508) 477-8600 for assistance.


  1. albert– you are not on the fox news site. I know that every problem is solved over there with shallow comments such as yours blaming liberals for everything.
    I wonder if you could explain how “Liberal/Progressive government overreach” caused a crack in the hull of Sankaty.
    Or perhaps you would rather that the Sankaty crew just puts a sump pump in the area taking on water and hope for the best. There is already water in the ship in the toilets after all, so what’s the problem ?
    I’m sure that conservative government regulators or a for profit company would be all for that idea, as it would save money, and in reality the boat probably won’t sink during the busy profitable summer rush.
    When do you think the Coast Guard became a “liberal/progressive” branch of the military ?

    • My comments are not shallow.
      Like Fox, my comments are deep sarcasm..
      Not a word of truth
      Liberals/progressives crack everything.

      Always put a sump pump near to where you are taking on water.

      Speaking of private, I can’t remember the last time the Island Queen missed a trip do to an equipment problem.

      Seriously Don, we have to take this seriously.
      We know what the Liberal Progressives have done to this country.
      They have made Trump very angry.
      So angry that Fox wants a divorce.

      • Albert– as I often say here, how does one know when someone posts an absurd comment like yours above whether it is sarcasm or fourth grade maturity level lashing out in frustration ?
        I get the sarcasm.
        Is there a sarcasm emoji ?
        But for those that don’t ;
        I actually don’t know what the liberals have done to this country except provide health insurance for millions of people, helped protect other species on this planet from extinction, and generally improved the general welfare of the citizens of this country regardless of race , religion, gender or sexual orientation.
        Unemployment at 3.6 % is considered “full employment ” by the way.
        Wages are up 10.25 % june 2022 over june 2021
        That’s beating inflation, no matter what fox says– and that’s not sarcasm– all truth–
        trump has just been an angry baby for years… that’s why a lot of people call him “trumpoopie”. ( speaking of 4th grade maturity levels )
        His minions might be waking up– we can only hope…
        But then they seem to be drifting towards the gov of Florida– all the hate, but with some brains–

        • I’ll not tackle most of what’s written here because it’s subjective. “Generally improved the general welfare of the citizens of this country regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation” is so vague as to be hard to accept or dispute.

          That said, I’d like you to consider whether or not the data you selected makes sense. According to the website you linked, the average wage growth over the past 25 years has been approximately 5%, while the average currency inflation rate has been slightly over 2%. Ignoring the past 12 months, where both have gone wild, this SHOULD indicate that the average employed American is far wealthier now than they were 25 years ago. So I ask you, does that story check out? Do you think the average employed American feels richer now than in 1997? I don’t think we need professional polling data to answer that. So, if not, what happened?

          I’m no economist, but my best guess: Successive administrations (of both political persuasions) have been cherry-picking the data and selectively determining what qualifies as “inflation” or who qualifies as “unemployed.” To be clear, I’m not accusing any administration of deliberately fudging the data. Instead, I’m suggesting that they are putting a nice shine on it by being selective with what is connected to figures like “inflation” or “unemployment,” and if people misconstrue the statistics to the administration’s political benefit in the upcoming mid-terms? Well, that’s just dandy. President Biden, for example, selected
          a subset of released economic data and recently determined that this meant that the US economy is “the fastest-growing economy in the world.” Now, apart from being shown to be factually incorrect by such right-wing nut jobs as CNN, this is simply not a good indicator of what anyone cares about: the capacity for the average, hardworking citizen to build a secure and comfortable lifestyle. Before we get to the “what about” – yes, of course, Trump did this too. As did Obama before him, and W., Clinton, et al..

          What’s to be done? We must approach our finances clearly, understanding that the economic system we’ve developed is far from a “science.” We set the global economic order in the post-war years; it’s complicated more than it is complex and, as a result, is shockingly fragile. To develop resilience, we must start with knowledge. We must start measuring what matters as accurately as possible, with impartial third parties ensuring integrity. Only then can we ascertain how to allocate our resources meaningfully and for the benefit of the community at large instead of the privileged few.

      • Albert, you can comment whatever you like, but it’s impossible to know when or if you’re being sarcastic. I’d pick a lane if I were you. I have no idea what you stand up for on any topic, but I see many one-liner (and incomprehensible) comments on nearly every article that gets comments. Maybe you like to see your name in the paper?

        • Sarcasm can be mentally challenging.
          I am too open minded to pick a lane and stay in it.
          I not a Trump loyalist.
          One liners are concise.
          The fun part of MVT is seeing Jackie’s name in the newspaper multiple times a day.
          She must like it.

          • Albert. I don’t like being misunderstood, but when I am, it’s because I haven’t expressed myself clearly. Happens to the best of us. Disagreeing is fine. Misunderstanding what I mean, not so much. I suspect you’re a clever person, but most of your comments are confusing, not intellectually challenging in any way. Your lack of clarity seems unintended. Just sayin’.

          • Albert– I will assume your comment about the frequency of Jackie’s comments is sarcasm also, since you comment more often than she does..

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