Edward Baldwin Self III


Edward Baldwin Self III died on August 12, 2022, at the age of 49, after a monthlong battle with COVID-19.

Born in New York City, Edward graduated from Ridgewood High School in Ridgewood, N.J., in 1991. Edward received a B.A. in music from Wagner College in 1995 (while working nights as the sound engineer at the Bitter End in NYC), and postgraduate degrees in audio postproduction, advanced mixing techniques, and advanced audio editing from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Fla. Edward also enjoyed construction and fine carpentry, and was a licensed Florida contractor.

Upon completing his postgraduate education at Full Sail University, Ed continued pursuing his love of music by teaching at both George’s Music and Full Sail. Teaching guitar and trumpet to students both young and old filled him with pure joy. Ed also loved performing live at various venues around New York City and Orlando with his bands Wood Dog, Stone Ryder, Lounge Orchid, Triebe, and the Ed Self Band. Ed was also a master sound engineer who custom-built recording studios that championed his belief in the accuracy of using analog recording instruments to achieve the best sound quality.

Ed was a truly gifted and brilliant musician, singer, and songwriter. The lyrics of his songs never fail to touch the heart of the listener, and his musical composition was unmatched. Ed could play any instrument he touched within moments of picking it up. Guitar, trumpet, violin, piano, viola, bass, cello, harp, bandurria, ukulele, kazoo, banjo, and harmonica were just some of the many instruments he had mastered. Ed was also a brilliant improviser. There was no better time than a night after a big family dinner where Ed would spontaneously announce he was going to do a “napkin song.” Ed would pass a napkin around, and everyone at the table got to write a sentence for him. He would then take the napkin, pick up his guitar and improv a song that would not only bust guts with laughter but also touch the hearts of everyone gathered there.

Ed was also an extreme sports enthusiast and athlete who loved heli-skiing, windsurfing, waterskiing, kneeboarding, and kiteboarding. He loved to fish, and was a master fly fisherman and surfcaster. All of his summers were spent on Martha’s Vineyard at his beloved family home on Cape Poge. Days were spent fishing, exploring the island’s many wonders, and in quality time adventuring with his parents, siblings, and cousins. Once he had children of his own, Ed delighted in sharing the Island’s magic with the next generation. He taught his children how to surfcast, and where the fiddler crabs live. He taught them how to make the ocean glow at night by gently swirling the magic phosphorescence, how to negotiate a good deal with the local Cape Poge jingle shell currency, and how to find the dock from the boat on a pea soup fog day. Throughout his entire life, Edward lived every moment to the fullest. A laugh from Ed would light up any room, because Edward laughed with his whole heart. Ed always filled up every room he walked into, and the world is a dimmer place without his sparkle.

Edward is survived by his children, Edward B. Self IV and Caeli C. Armstrong; his parents, Judi Rolin Myers and Mel Myers of Blufton, S.C., and Dr. Edward B. Self Jr. and Leslie S. Self of Charleston, S.C. and Edgartown; his sisters, Rachel M. Self of Edgartown, and Mrs. Meredith Antonelli of Bradenton, Fla.; his brothers, Anton E. Self of Sao Miguel, Portugal, Rob Antonelli of Bradenton, Brooks W. Mitchell of Bedford, N.Y., Douglas Kennedy of Naples, Fla.; and his many cherished aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews. Edward is also survived by his beloved brothers in music, David Morrissette and Jason Schmidt; his dearest friends and confidants, Jim Atwell and Amanda Mitchell Self; and his treasured pets, Mallie the Labradoodle and Congo the African gray parrot.

Funeral services will be private. The family asks that in lieu of flowers, donations be sent in memory of Edward B. Self III to the Martha’s Vineyard Derby, c/o Chris Scott, Derby Treasurer, P.O. Box 2101, Edgartown, MA 02539.


  1. Love you, dear baby brother.

    My own faves were the paradoxical, “Running Snake” (composed by Edward at the age of 5), and the timeless crowd pleaser, “Fried Eggs.” Paintgun wars, stressful, once annual boardgame all-nighters (“I’m stepping out for a smoke”), sledding Samson’s Hill on cold winter days and snowstorm and Snow Day fun generally, wooly-boogers and 4-wheelin’ in the mud while getting chased by the IBM security forces, a lifelong insistence that your Butter Gun invention had a practical application, that there’s a resonant frequency that causes people to poop (I do believe it!), our many Lego sets, Bigwheels, destroying each-others toys, our many midnight exploits, Hedgies(!), you finding my stash(es), frisbee – and so, so many countless, wonderful, fun, original, decadent-at-times adventures and good times we schemed up, you and I. And our unrivaled sibling rivalries!!!

    The best. You are.

    Thank you for the superb stunt kite you gave me 13 years ago, which I fly on windy days wherever I am (I brought it and very few possessions with me 25 months ago in my luggage, and even fly it here in the Azores! And always think fondly of you when so), and the precious several handwritten Xmas IOUs which I’d rather keep than whatever they were meant to redeem in lieu of a gift. Such as: a CD!

    I’m so boundlessly grateful for you in my life, and to have played some kind of big brother role in yours.

    Keeping you close, my dear Edweirdo. So very blessed to have you for a brother, which was the wish the stork once granted me. Our surprise two weeks together on Pogue, all thanks entirely to our earth angel sister Rach (Little Booger!) in July, 2018 were a treat I would trade for nothing. In fact she was gracious to extend my one week visit – to two! Thank you for the kite-boarding lessons, the oysters, the blue-claw crabs on the dock at night – for making new memories! Thank you for including me so graciously and openly, even if you might have felt I was infringing on your turf. So pleased too that you and I had a mad birthday weekend in Orlando in April, 2019 – against Mom’s objections that I would just show up at your house. Shooting skeet with your tactical shotgun on the St. John River estuary while your whaler was totally stuck in the mud was epic. Trying to catch alligators with a fishing rod was something I’m so happy to have failed at – *with* you . I’m glad, after all, that you woke me up on your sofa at 3AM that same night and insisted enthusiastically I ride your new Giant bike around the nearby reservoir in Orlando. You’re right! It’s an *amazing* bike. Who was I to protest?! And yes, your bike cleats did indeed fit my feet, like you said they would.

    I admire so much in you, that you were always the curator of the technically perfect thing, like that bike. Which I hope you got to ride – plenty.

    Perhaps now that you are in heaven, you’ll please let me know: how is it that the the times closest to my heart, the memories at the fore of my private cinema as I reflect on you, are those moments of greatest discomfort, transgression, edginess – between us? Why is being in some sort of pickle or other with you, most dear to me? I have not till now shed a tear since you departed. But leaving this comment on your obit does the trick.

    It’s a lovely, touching eulogy – my dear Self family. Thank you, whoever penned (keyed) this mighty, loving portrait. It captures our dear Ed Self’s essence, and honours him beautifully. He is very much present through your beautiful words. I am grateful. And send you each and all big hugs – and a heart-felt Cheers to Ed – at our time of sincere grief. I love you each and all, even if we have grown distant over the years.

    Ed was incomparable, as are you each and all.

    I love you.

    Fare well.



  2. Oh man! This news brings me to my knees. Ed was one of my closest friends growing up. We lived literally half-a-block from each other in our youth and coincidentally spent time on the same obscure (at the time) island during summers. We grew apart, as people do, but Ed has always held a place in my heart. He had a natural affinity for musical expression that always made me a tad bit envious, but always gave me inspiration. I will miss my old friend until I die too; but I will certainly honor his excellence every time I pick up my guitar. Rest well old friend!

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