Lightning damages West Tisbury house

West Tisbury Fire responded to a lightning strike. -MV Times

A lightning strike damaged a West Tisbury home late Friday evening. West Tisbury Fire Chief Greg Pachico said the roof of a Charles Neck Way home ignited, but rain extinguished the fire. Chief Pachico said the lightning strike blew off shingles, damaged woodwork, and traveled through interior wiring, where it blew an outlet out and damaged at least one electronic item.

Chief Pachico said a full department response occurred because of the roof fire report. However, the fire was already out by the time firefighters arrived. Nobody was injured, Chief Pachico said, however one person got “shook up” by the strike, and was evaluated by EMS personnel. Given the nature of lightning, Chief Pachico said, it was likely the homeowners will discover further electrical damage in the coming weeks. 


  1. That was quite a storm!! It sounded like a lightning strike nearby in my neighborhood on Holmes Hole Road, and my cable box was rendered inoperable as a result!

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