Beach Road Weekend called ‘monstrous success’

Promoter vows to fix field and make improvements on recycling.


They battled a flooded field from a thunderstorm that required Friday night’s concert to be evacuated, traffic snarls due to the Lagoon Pond Drawbridge opening two nights in a row, and escalating costs that put the three-day music festival about $2 million in the hole, but still Beach Road Weekend promoter Adam Epstein called this year’s three-day event a “monstrous success.”

The music festival attracted just under 10,000 visitors to each performance at Veterans Memorial Park in Vineyard Haven, Epstein told The Times. 

Tisbury and Oak Bluffs police reported few problems, with two people taken into protective custody, and one arrest for disorderly conduct. Tisbury Chief Chris Habekost said there was some “distress” caused by the bridge opening. 

Epstein expressed surprise that the drawbridge, which is at the discretion of the bridge tender, was opened two nights in a row while shuttle buses were trying to make it from Vineyard Haven to Oak Bluffs so customers could catch ferries and water taxis back to the mainland. He said on Friday night, he has learned it was a small sailboat headed out of the Lagoon — surprising given the storm — that snarled traffic. He said it was disappointing because concert organizers were trying to keep people safe and evacuate them during a major electrical storm, but buses were delayed by 20 minutes.

“I find it ironic that it happened at the same time both nights,” Epstein said. He said there needs to be some discovery about what happened behind the scenes to allow the bridge to be opened and stay open for 20 minutes.

Tisbury Police asked the bridge tender not to allow an opening between 8 and 9 pm on Sunday, Epstein said. “We were able to clear the site in 15 to 20 minutes,” he said.

The ferries and private charters  — a bone of contention ahead of the concert — worked well, Epstein said, with the exception of a few people going to the wrong water taxi sites. “We were successful in alleviating the pressure on the Steamship. We moved hundreds of people. Even in the rainstorm, we moved a massive amount of people safely off the Island,” he said.

The field took a punishing blow because of the rain, and as a result, the soft ground was damaged by the heavy equipment removing the stages and other equipment. Epstein told The Times he is committed to making sure the field is repaired and rejuvenated.

A visit to the field on Wednesday showed deep ruts in some spots, worn spots in others, and a bevy of workers still removing equipment. Meanwhile, two people were already getting started on restoration of the field.

“It was Venice backstage. The ground cover was floating. We did not know if we were going to be able to open Saturday. Rain kept coming down. Just never stopped. We knew we couldn’t do anything until the morning, until we could see,” Epstein said. Saturday’s concert was delayed, and some of the early acts were canceled.

“I was here at 5 am on Saturday taking a look at the field. Several points around Veterans Park where water tends to accumulate, accumulated in a big way,” Epstein said. “We had the sprinklers shut off for a week ahead of the concert because the field needs to be able to absorb rainwater. Saturday we opened late. There were huge puddles at the gates. Our magnetometers that people walk through were fried from the storm.”
Epstein said security had to switch to checking bags and pat-downs, which delayed entry.

On social media, Epstein has answered some of the questions raised about the festival, and vowed to restore the field. “Our landscaper knows how to repair it all, and has done it in the past here and in other comparable situations. They’re Vineyard pros entrusted to care for hundreds of homes and public lands,” Epstein wrote on social media.

Epstein told The Times that the landscapers will level the field and plant both fast-growing and slow-growing seed.

“We are on it, and recognize that there is damage,” he wrote. “We own the responsibility of repairs, and will follow it [through] to completion.”

Epstein told The Times he expects the park to be clear of equipment by the end of the day Thursday and for restoration work to continue into next week.

Another area where there have been online complaints is in how the concert handled waste. Epstein conceded they did a poor job with recycling, something he is disappointed about. He said there needs to be better oversight in the future because, he noted, if even a half a beer is dumped with recycling, it taints the recycled materials and they have to be discarded. He said they did use mostly aluminum cans, and there was free potable water onsite that was being used by patrons.

“We did not do the best possible. The best possible would be monitoring trash bags that go into the dumpster,” he said. “I’m disappointed and regretful of it. It definitely needs to be done better in the future.”

Another criticism has been alleged greed associated with the festival. Epstein said the concerts are not about him or his company making money. He said prices escalated on everything from travel to housing to insurance ahead of the concert, but he did not cut back on anything. Instead, he said, he put his own money into the festival to maintain the commitment to the musicians and the customers.

“Honestly, the costs skyrocketed in the last three months,” He said. “We’re $1.8 to $2 million over budget. From a financial standpoint, this was not a success, but you can’t go halfway and you can’t cut corners.”

He said the public will be able to see those numbers through Beach Road Weekend is funded through a nonprofit, which takes in money and spends it on expenses.

Despite the hiccups, Epstein was pleased with the event, and praised the work of Tisbury police, fire, DPW, and town government working with him in partnership: “We put our best face forward at what Vineyard Haven can do when it puts its mind together and works together.”


  1. When can we park again?, the lot at Veterans Park is still roped off as of now and the upper lot (old fire house) is still full of trucks, how long does this last?

    • That was a good question. We went back and asked Epstein and he said he expects the park and parking lots to be clear of equipment by the end of the day Thursday. We’ve updated the story to reflect that.

      • Is Beach Road Weekend paying a continuing daily rental fee for Veteran’s Park for his festival’s break down/load days since Sunday? That’s normal event procedure. Exactly how much is the Island providing free of charge for this $2M debt ridden “monstrous success”?

        • Beach Road Weekend pays a rental fee for the park for use that encompasses the build, run of shows, and strike. Restoration is separate and at our direct expense.

      • That makes the better part of 3 weeks at the busiest part of the summer that parking was disrupted! Is it worth it???

  2. Mr. Epstein, we two old codgers say bravo, good job! The detractors are mostly like my sainted ex-mother-in-law, not happy unless they’re miserable — or making someone else miserable. Take a deep breath, people. At the end of August there is Illumination, Fair, Fireworks and now Beach Road. Get over it. Or, even better, enjoy it! I’m sure Beach Road will get better and better. Nope, it sure isn’t like it used to be. Nothing is. Just remember, the boat runs both ways. Peace.

    • Spot on Sara…. Most people are not happy unless the ARE making others miserable…. my saying is: The boat is leaving and its only 45 min to find your happiness again…

  3. Congratulations to Adam and everyone who worked SO HARD to make this weekend a gigantic, extraordinary success! Hiccups, you bet! Weather, the worst possible one night but the dedicated and professional crews from ticketing to security to clean up never skipped a beat. I was very fortunate to be there all weekend and my guests never saw anything except the incredible, World Class, music. What I witnessed from my perspective was PURE JOY, after some very hard years. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Adam and Crew, Be very very proud and see you next year!!

  4. So, after reading this article, it is obvious the MV Times is in the “detractors” camp of the Beach Road event. And while I understand the need to cover the news and ask some of the hard questions about the things that went wrong. Isn’t it just as news worthy that the 10’s of thousands of happy, smiling people spent 1 to 4 days here renting hotels, eating in restaurants, spending money enjoying this amazing event? Music is part of the soul of MV and this event helps restore & celebrate some of that.
    Adam Epstien and his team are committed to working with the community and is in this for the long haul – are there things that need to be fixed? Sure. But the benefits an event like this brings with it to this island are surely news worthy as well!

    • This is a good example of how two people can read the same article and come to opposite conclusions, and both be right according to their perceptions. John, you are pro BRW and I am anti. I read this Times report and thought the article was more of an editorial, glorifying Epstein as some sort of dragon slayer, heroically persevering in the face of all kinds of obstacles. In my mind I was even objecting to how much press this darn circus was getting, way more than other big events like the Fair, and seeing that as being supportive the whole shebang. Pretty funny!

      • Yes, Jackie kind of like how one group of people look at others and then come up with great ideas on how “they” should lead “their” lives. The we know better mentality. This event was a great freedom loving event that thousands enjoyed and who got to freely make up their minds if they wanted to attend or not. And I’m sorry I missed you this morning as I sat on my usual bench at the harbor. Maybe I’ll have to start wearing my hoody or name plate so you won’t have any doubt. Oh and thanks for sharing! I seem to recall someone saying that it not all about me.

        • Freedom to use town paid parking lots?, freedom to use park for sports, safe cut through to mail?, walk through and check out nest?, sit in and relax?, sometimes one persons freedom is another person freedom being stripped away and their the ones with their tax dollars who pay for the parking lots and park and roads and police mand DPW, you get the point.

          • Yup, I pay those same taxes for those same amenities and now I get to freely enjoy them. See how that works.

  5. Blocking Island-wide hotel rooms, attempting to alter SSA traffic, commandeering the Patriot Boat, attempting to control the Lagoon Draw Bridge, hiring off-Island school buses to travel the Island, 30,000 (mostly off-Island) attendees, with potential viral contagion spread, and considerable disruption and chaos the last days of summer — including significantly damaging the only public athletic field on the Island — now with claims of $2M debt indicating any profit sharing with be many years (if ever) from now — points to the exact reason why an Island-wide vote needs to be held to continue what will inevitably only grow larger and more intrusive public event going forward. When did we begin renting out the Island for private commercial interest? When did we vote to allow plane advertising banners flying over Vineyard Haven? Seriously? Tisbury is only allocated 5% of the non-existent profit of this event. That’s 95% profit retained by someone else. What about the rest of the Island? Even more important questions, what is the health and safety plan for inclement weather and/or mass casualty for ~30K attendees? Was MVH/MGH notified of this event? There are strict health and safety public procedures for an event of this scope. They are also distributed publicly BEFORE the event should these needs arise. There are major public liability issues involved in an event of this size and duration — especially on a remote Island with significantly limited resources. Serious Island-wide consideration and investigation is required BEFORE any further Beach Road Weekend festivals — on behalf of the entire Island of Martha’s Vineyard. That time is NOW.

    • This is comical, “on behalf of the entire island” or “remote island”. As Sara stated, the boat runs both ways. Feel free to see your way off the island temporarily while the festival takes place. The loud minority do not get to control the silent majority.

    • Wow….there’s a lot to unpack there. Mostly doesn’t reflect reality. Maybe next year you should go away for the 3 days of the festival. I’m sure the promoters would pay for it and if not I’ll gladly start a Go Fund Me campaign for your trip.

    • wow….. hate much???? SPEAK FOR YOURSELF…..OVER 10,000 people seem to disagree… have a great smiley day today… it might help…

    • Jessie, they did not block out hotel rooms, they rented them, just like everyone else.
      All Island events alter the SSA, look at the Fair.
      The Patroit was not commandeered, it was hired out, that is what the boat does.
      Off Island school buses were used because there were no Island school busses “available”.
      Was that a good decision?
      For Island school bus drivers?
      The flying of banners is not subject to local vote, ask Donald Trump’s neighbors.
      Should Gay Head events require Tisbury approval?
      (I remember when the Island was great, Gay Head Light was in Gay Head.)
      MVH was well aware of the scope of the concert.
      What health and safety procedures were not followed.
      Did they fail to isolate nattering nabobs of negativity?

  6. Could the paper find out the name listed for the non-profit organization which Beach road Weekend is affiliated with.

  7. Who remembers the major motion picture, “Message in a Bottle” (1999), starring Paul Newman, Kevin Costner, and Robin Wright ( I believe the studio was Universal, and they had an eight week shooting schedule OFF-SEASON (February-March 1998), and wanted to shoot the film’s exterior shots on Martha’s Vineyard. That film would have generated a ~$20 MILLION dollar increase in off-season revenue for the actual year round residents, during the most challenging economic months. The production would have employed countless Island residents, vendors, and businesses. It was a complete no brainer. However, the various Island town boards determined that the production’s intrusion and environmental impact of the filming were too detrimental to ALL life on the Island, our natural habit, and the residents. They declined the studio, who pulled up stakes entirely and relocated to the coast of Maine to spend their multi-million dollar budget and shoot the picture. In fact, some Vineyarders already involved in the film traveled to Maine and continued their work on it. Thus, the Piping Plovers of Lucy Vincent Beach were protected and preserved, among so many others. This Island has maintained it’s unique character and global attraction because it preserves the values of beauty, authenticity, integrity, and viability. The stewardship that maintained this Island for decades past, and now in our hands, kept a very clear and specific focus. They did the work to ensure that Martha’s Vineyard did not lose it compass of integrity and values — regardless of wealth. Ironically, that is the reason why others spend many millions of dollars as property owners and visitors to this Island — because it is not like every place else. Yet. There is real work and hard choices involved in ensuring that Martha’s Vineyard continues to be a haven of what truly matters in this world. That stewardship is now in our hands. It goes much faster than you anticipate. Choose wisely — while we still can.

      • “Go away for three days. . . promoters pay for it.”

        This is an excellent idea. I am first in the queue.

        Oh, and BTW, who arranged with the town of Tisbury and paid for “themed” plastic banners on Main Street’s lamp posts advertising this event?

        As though it were a project of the Town, not of a private promoter.

        This is an outrageous use of public funds. Even if the fund were private, it still an outrageous, and kind of tacky, use of public space on Main Street. Our local organizationx such as the Playhouse, the Film Society, the Town Band, etc. do not get this kind of plastic promotion on Town property. Nor should they. Nor should Mr. Epstein’s outfit and his event.

        The presence of these banners raises, again, the issue of unseemly relations between the event organizer and members of town government or other “insiders.”

  8. Nice to see a successful event on the Vineyard. Considering what it takes to pull something like this off, it’s a miracle it came together, again!
    This will not turn the Vineyard into a tourism hell hole, it will not change the lifestyle of those that live here. It’s a few days of really good music that a lot of people wouldn’t have the chance to see. Thanks Mr. Epstein for putting the effort forward.

    • Claiming 2 million in hole for the non-profit na success, ya success, man this is pathetic, all these people jumping on this debt ridden band wagon and cheering on our morons on the BOS to keep up the good work. Let the people roar on the 20th

      • How is investing in an idea in Vineyard Haven, and seeing it through to a successful completion against all odds “pathetic?”

        For every one who thinks it “pathetic,” there are thousands who wish Tisbury would invest more in itself and stop listening to short term, a small thinkers like yourself.

        Any effort like we’ve undertaken will become more efficient, and more able to find savings, donations, and sponsorship that’ll recover the shortfall.

        It’s only the fool that fails to try who loses.

        If we’d stop letting the perfect be the enemy of the good in vineyard Haven, we’d have a new school by now that would have cost us $20 million instead of $76 million.

        Short term, small minded, wall builders like you actually cause us to spend more long term in the hope that things will be less expensive in the future.

        But that never happens!

  9. wow. just wow. am i invisible?? HELLOOOOO? because i posted questions and considerable concern regarding the field (with quotes from the LAST time they re-seeded it, which takes a LONG time, i don’t think the field was able to be used that spring/summer/fall of 2008), that i posted here, and on Facebook (i was quickly deleted from the BRW page twice). not ONE other person even mentioned the field! not one. paragraphs about noise (it’s summer, the weekend, and noise ordinances don’t even go into effect until 10pm. get. over. it.), lines, boats..*yawn* now, with PHOTOS of the DAMAGE I SPENT LIKE 2 HOURS TRYING TO CONVEY IN WORDS, everyone is suddenly on it. way to be. EVERY Islander should have known what 3 hours of literal downpouring onto that field means. when my kid played soccer it meant coaches scrambling for ANY other place to practice, because it wasn’t going to be at Vet’s. i’m starting to not like the RULES that the town imposed on my child’s soccer team, consisting of about 12 kids who were re-routed to the drainage ditch at the DUMP a few times, because Vet’s was too fragile to be used. apparently a bajillion drunk adults trampling the field positively GRASSLESS, however, is somehow alright because somehow (and this still hasn’t been made crystal to anyone, i daresay), money is being made that benefits the Vineyard. i’m SICK looking at these pictures!! i KNEW it. i hope Adam feels just as ill when he looks at the results of his massive “success”. no aerosol sprays, bring empty water bottles, and god forbid anyone have a smoke within 5 miles, but utter and complete destruction of the only field our school-age children have that all the towns can use, like a week before school begins? absolutely!! did Adam know this was going to happen? i don’t know. did the town of Tisbury? you better believe it. shame on you! and you know? i might rant and rave, but that doesn’t make me WRONG. i don’t live in VH, but you better believe i am all OVER that town hall, library, and anywhere else i can find out how much $ it gets from the gov’t. for the supposedly protected marshlands that Vet’s is a part of. i’m so angry i can’t even enjoy the fact that i was so INSANELY on the money about this one. sigh. SOMEONE is going to have to remedy that. quick.

    • Unlike the hair on my head the grass will grow back. Let’s just relax and throw some seed down. The event was a tremendous success for the island. All the nay sayers and people living in the 60’s need to move on. The island of MV is more like the island of Manhattan today then the island you experienced in the 60’s and 70’s.

      • Actually, Carl, I was describing a value system since the before the 1960s and adamantly maintained throughout the 1990s, at least. Martha’s Vineyard is in fact nothing like Manhattan, a place that I know extremely well. And that is precisely the point. The primary reason why people choose to spend time here is the value system I’m addressing. You do realize that there are many other vacations choices — Nantucket; Cape Cod; Maine; the entire coast of New England; Block Island; The Hamptons; The Jersey Shore; Rehobeth Beach, etc. and that’s just in the Northeast. Martha’s Vineyard is only ONE of the choices for people to spend their summer. The attraction of this Island is/was the authentic and nature inspired value system, which prioritized the beauty, community, spirituality, creativity, history, and legacy of the Island and it’s residents. It was not about wealth. Visionaries chose to spend their precious time off here and congregate together to help shape the world from the inspiration of Martha’s Vineyard. That’s a crucially important contribution to our lives. And it’s disappearing, quickly. What’s replacing it is a dime a dozen — can be found anywhere and, frankly, better, and for less money. Martha’s Vineyard is not a glamorous destination resort.
        And that is exactly what attracts others to live, work, and visit here. It would be quite wise to realize these facts before this Island becomes too commercial, ‘out of fashion’, over priced, and forgettable. It happens all the time — and takes YEARS to recover, if at all.

        • Oh thank you for the elite libsplaining on how “your values” are better than some else’s. So to the clear the people living in NYC have no values? I wonder why you would take that position? Could it be the demographics are so different?

    • Actually, a number of people have mentioned the detriments to the athletic field.

      As for “who knew it was going to rain?”

      Bwa-ha-ha, welcome to planet Earth.

      • There was a bad storm weather forecast days in advance. Did the BRW promoters follow the weather predictions to ensure the health and safety of all involved? That’s how it’s done, professionally.

    • Azi– Am I invisible ? I have commented on the condition of the field 3 times. You have directly responded to me twice. Then you say “not ONE other person even mentioned the field!”
      What is that about ? It was a point of contention before during and after the event.
      May I remind you that I have actually bothered to go down there and look at it.
      Have you ?
      I mentioned there was damage, but given the scale of the concert and the rain, I said it wasn’t that bad. That was my opinion.. Then, the next day after some of the breakdown had happened I said it was worse than I thought. Did you forget that I said that ?
      You can look at a few pictures of the damage — Bad news attracts eyeballs.
      But I bothered to look at the whole thing.
      I was there this afternoon, in fact.
      There are crews down there doing what the town would never do.
      In 4 days they have done a great job of restoration and things look really good. I am sure that field will be in much better shape in a month than it was a month ago.
      If you are sick of looking at the pictures, why don’t you get off your computer and bother to go there and take a look for yourself?
      You can look with a negative eye– I have been looking with a positive eye.
      I look forward to your assessment after you actually go down there.
      I am sure you will be able to find an imperfect square foot somewhere. Take a picture of it if it makes you feel better.
      And I hope you don’t hurt yourself patting your back about how great you were, because you weren’t.
      I’ll let you know when the kids are playing soccer on it.
      I’m watching…

  10. Sounds like Jesse didn’t go to the festival. It was stone cold wonderful, an absolute blast. What a beautiful way to wrap up summer with thousands of people all groovin’ and movin’.. Bravo Adam. And thanks.

  11. It is duly noted you did not print my first letter, probably because it did not fit in your preconceived narrative. The concert was logistically a success but failed the Vineyard community immensely. Out of 10,000 per night, I saw maybe 5-10 people of color and very few other races or cultures. It was the most white audience I have ever seen. That is not representative of our Vineyard culture.

  12. Ok, regardless of the fact that, yes, this is the middle of downtown VH-a business district, it’s also residential. How many islanders would be fine with this kind of disruption if it were dropped in the middle of their neighborhood, in August? And don’t just kick out a “yeah, I’d be fine,” think about it: getting to and from home, often a challenge unto itself in August, is now a total pain in the ass; if you don’t want to hear the music, (and it’s music all day, and into the night, no quiet), you have to leave home, because it drowns out the tv, etc., even with the windows closed. (There’s that, too-closed windows on a hot August day). I’m a music lover, I’ve attended many of the music festivals held here over the years but they were in places with few or fewer nearby homes and available on-site parking: just two examples being one at the back field at the high school and the No-Nukes concert at the Allen Farm.
    Yes, August has it’s events: fireworks, illumination night, but except for the Fair, they last hours, not days. Sure, it was a good time for many, but would you really want this dropped into your quiet neighborhood?

    • Dana, absolutely not. We decamped to Vermont for the weekend, but that’s not something most folks can do… and why should they have to?

    • The remark that residents of Vineyard haven should just go away for three days at the end of August pretty much sez it all as to the attitudes of fans of this event who live in MV but not VH.

      Two propositions.
      1. Hold the event at the Aquinnah Circle.

      2. Given that this event so greatly benefits the whole Island but the impact and aggravation clearly are borne by residents and Town government of Vineyard Haven—where all people are welcome on all town lands and beaches and none are excluded because of their address—it is only fair that in future years, all residents of Tisbury be given free passes and free transportation to all of the restricted up-Island Island and other beaches such as Lambert’s Cove, Philbin, Lucy Vincent, Long Point, Cape Poge, Quansoo, Hancock Beach, etc. for the three days of the BRF.

      For three days out of the year, these Island resources would be an “all-Island benefit” — just like, supposedly, the Beach Road Festival. Tisbury residents would finally be able to receive as well as give.

      Mr. Epstein, or his righthand man, Mr. Sawyer, should start working on these arrangements right now. Don’t wait until August 2023.

        • katherine– what does the fact that the editor of the MVTimes does not live on island have to do with anything? I nominate you for the most irrelevant comment of the month. I get my hair cut at the Hair Studio, located on that little area between Union st and the police station. They do a great job dealing with my hair. And the owner lives off island. Is there a point to your comment ? The editor of the Times does a great job dealing with island issues.
          Do you know what the word xenophobia means ?

          • Keep addressing those with valid criticisms with an arrogant, unkind attitude and see how well that improves your reputation. You’ve had MANY more congratulatory and thanking comments on here than detracting comments, and yet you haven’t appreciated or even acknowledged a single one of the individuals who’ve taken the time to stand up for you, tell you what they liked, congratulate you. Instead you find the time to be nasty toward those who find legitimate fault in what you’re doing. You’ve made your priorities clear. You lack gratitude and an open, compassionate ear.

          • Jackie, why would he address the people that agree with him? It’s very humble of him. You know there are still people who get out of their bubble and don’t need to be surrounded by sounding boards. I don’t think Mr Epstein is being nasty. To the contrary there are many being nasty to him cough cough wink wink and he is professionally getting the truth out to the nasty people attacking his reputation and credibility. You just don’t like that. But thanks for sharing.

        • Another silly comment whose raison d’etre is to diss piping plovers. Apparently you harbor great resentment verging on hatred because piping plovers are allowed to inhabit a few outlying areas of planet Earth for a few months of the year.
          This case of ploverphobia appears to be untreatable.
          Very sad case.
          Fortunately, you can’t take the lover out of plover.

          • Kate, my resentment is to the people who hide behind the piping plover to essentially close much of Chappy for their own selfish reasons. We can coexist with the piping plover. I personally don’t know any but would not want any harm to come to them. I don’t think they make for good eating.

        • Carl— you know the logistics of getting 10 thousand people a day onto Chappy and pulling something like this off would be impossible .
          I’m actually personally disappointed that you posted this comment.
          I am sure you know the limiting factor for such an event is not a concern for the plovers–

          Your comment feeds into the hysteria of the right wing’s reaction to mitigate any effort to protect the environment or the livelihood of any other living creature.
          Really Carl. I am personally disappointed with your comment.

          You can do better.

          • Don, my apologies as my sarcasm went over like a lead balloon. I agree that it would be impossible for this event to take place on Chappy and that it would cause irreparable harm. However, I do think as anglers and nature enthusiasts we can coexist with the piping plover without shutting down Chappy all season to OSV. I’ll do better or at lest I’ll try.

          • Carl, you notice the gratuitous cliche designed to appear as teacher talking to a child. ”shame on you” and ”you can do better”. This high mindedness that knows what is right and is morally obliged to correct waywardness of any kind. A rhetorical trick to demean.

        • Carl, are you learning you cant reason with some of these people. No humor, always righteous indignation. Some small point becomes the most important thing in the world. A benign comment from Ms. Scott on some ones residence becomes momentously consequential.

          • I thought it was mentioned in an editorial that Mr. Brennan lives in Falmouth. I don’t think that’s a good use of the term xenophobia…

            We’re still neighbors. There’s just a little water in between.

          • Katie– “The meaning of XENOPHOBIA is fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign.”
            While I don’t think anyone hates people from “off Island” they certainly fear them.
            close enough for me.

  13. Congratulations to VH and Adam Epstein for a great event! The staff and security were very friendly and effective, the State Police, Tisbury Police, Fire Department, and EMS techs were all of the right mindset and set the right tone to allow people to have fun safely. There were adequate bathroom facilities for the crowd size. The food was good and the lines not too long (hey Adam, get a couple food vendors on the South side of the field next year, kay?). The sound design was perfect. The music was a joy – mellow and fun and all well curated. The LED screens were well placed and the live direction of the simulcast was masterful. The crowd control and transportation were organized and well thought out. Somehow over an inch of rain fell one night and, like a miracle, there was zero mud on the field the next day – with only a short program delay to show for it. The venue – load-in, staging, layout, load-out, all well thought out and seamlessly executed.
    The production value was very high, people had fun, I saw no drunken conflicts, no event casualties, no crowds at the first aid tent, and all right in downtown Vineyard Haven, what a thing! Also, in the off-hours surrounding the event, i saw groups of people – more than ever – walking and shopping and eating and enjoying Vineyard Haven. I was admittedly skeptical going into this event and the promise of bigger crowds and more acts, but the event was scaled up to meet these challenges.
    Great event – can’t wait til next year! Thanks to the Tisbury Select Board and the townsfolk for allowing Tisbury to shine bright.
    I agree, a monstrous success!

    • The townsfolk had nothing to say about it and everyone I have spoken to is unhappy about this monstrous event taking over. Again, why here, and why during some of the already busiest days of the summer???

  14. When they have softball games at Veterans Field, and other sporting events there I hear the cheers and noise of the crowd, and I live across from St. Augustine’s. The Beach Road music was not any louder the aforementioned.

    • Somehow I just don’t think so: the cheers and crowd noise are un-amplified. Most of us know the difference. I had some attendees tell me that just the bass level during Beck’s performance was loud enough to make them “physically ill.”

  15. And now MV boards of health report local data says we again are at HIGH RISK for spread of covid. Thanks Adam Epstein, for the gift that keeps on giving.

    • Jacki it’s too early too tell if this event has any effect on a covid outbreak. Mr Epstein has done a fabulous job and dome a tremendous favor to this community and should we rewarded for such. You seem to believe that you have all the answers to what is best for society and I would just remind you that it’s not just all about you. Please refrain for anymore of the sky is falling and let’s blame Adam. We know what is best for us but thanks anyway.

    • Entirely predictable, too. Let’s hope Monkeypox hasn’t also been introduced to our small Island community as well. Foresight is imperative, folks. Especially here.

      • Build your wall Jesse. It’s the only way the Vineyard can be the way you want, where you can determine who can visit.

        • Adam, it takes 2-4 days for omicron to incubate and people are contagious 1-2 days before symptoms. The island is now again at high risk for covid spread. Coincidence that 30,000 people gathered at just the right time for this to happen?

          • Katherine,
            Walls are built by insiders to keep people away they don’t like. Posts by Jackie, Jesse, and yourself demonstrate a clear contempt and fear of those that come to the Vineyard and the things they bring with them, and your illusions of what damage those things cause. Show us your evidence of damage to Tisbury, the island, or it’s residents, if it’s there.

            These nativist perspectives are an exacting and unsparing replica of bigoted and coded language used in the immigration debate by those looking to ensure that only a certain type of person gets into the US. It’s clear as day that you are contemptuous of all guests of the island, and are generally inhospitable person more concerned about yourself that seeing the benefit in a multicultural exchange.

            Jackie is literally implying that these people are carrying diseases and plagues with them to our shores. Sounds Trumpian enough for me. I don’t need to read any more to know where she stands. I find that fear-mongering distasteful at best and bigoted to the core.

            I, on the other hand, welcome all to our island home, without prejudice and complaint. After all, they come to visit my island home, which is an honor, and they want to share in what I love about it.

            That excites me. I do not live in fear of what or who they temporarily bring with them, and I embrace them for the new things I learn from them. Occasionally things happen, temporary things. As humans, they’re not mortal wounds, and we recover and learn. We do not live in fear.

            I am open. Not closed. I am not, and will never be the wall builder.

            Are you closed or open? I think your own words tell us that you see borders everywhere that you prefer people unlike you do not cross.

            Go get sone bricks and mortar.

          • Oh, please, Adam. You sound like a bar mitzvah boy who read his Torah portion without too many flubs, raked it in at his reception, but then failed to write a single thank-you note because he had 3 aunts who dared complain about the chopped liver on the buffet table. You are entirely without manners in your lack of gratitude for all the support you have, unable to stop yourself from this need to lash out at 3, THREE(!!!), detractors. Out of 30,000 people who supported you and spent their money to show their support. And you’re blowing hot air.

            You even have an obsequious syncophant telling off your audacious detractors on here. What more do you think you’re entitled to? What a shame, for you, that you can’t bask in your “monstrous success” and muster a moment of appreciation at how supported you’ve been. Instead, this hot air is what you take the time to write for the public to see who the guy is who concocted BRW?

            Funny you should bring up Trump. Your paranoia about the draw bridge sounds similar to his all-about-Trump antics, as does an uncontrollable urge to lash out at any signs of criticism. Look what you wrote to Frank, without even acknowledging how complimentary he was being. Trump is a con artist and who thinks he’s never appreciated enough, and lashes out at his detractors– anyone who dares not agree with his greed and constant need for approval and allegiance. Nothing will ever be enough for that bottomless pit of neediness and entitlement. Bigger, better, more was always his mantra. No one ever worked harder or did more for others. Yuge grandiosity. Glad you brought him up?

            Anyway, not everyone is going to like what you’re doing. You have some detractors with differing and valid points of reference for the island you are hurting with your grandiosity. Get over it. Or get a PR person who can teach you some manners and knows how to talk to people with concerns, even angry concerns.

            A glaring inability to be content with all the hard work you’re always bragging about doing, and a failure to experience or express any gratitude for the YUGE amounts of support you’ve been blessed with has nothing to do with politics– but everything to do with a personality type.

        • What an entirely inane and manipulative attempt at a response, Adam. The fact is that your event is flawed and causing damage and intrusion to Tisbury and the Island. It is costing money and causing chaos and damage for attendees the majority of those who do not live here. It’s a vanity project. You’re inviting an additional ~30K people onto an ISLAND during the busiest month of the year with no regard for the strain and threat that presents to the Island’s already extremely limited resources. For what? What is your mass casualty/evacuation plan for ~30K attendees, Adam? MVH has 27 beds and 1 medivac helicopter. Our resources are already in extreme demand because of the August population. Martha’s Vineyard is not your personal playground, Adam. There are a few other people here and their lives matter as well. There is no reason for this Island to incur the extreme downside of BRW just to satisfy your vanity. This Island is not an appropriate venue for your extravaganza and, if you’re the concert professional you claim to be, you would know that. What’s next, claiming the airport for yourself? We already have more than enough customers. We’re not interested in destroying the Island so you can pretend to be Bill Graham. And for no financial benefit as well. Let’s get clear on the COST of Beach Road Weekend for Martha’s Vineyard. Not subscribing to your personal interest and self-gain is not akin to “building a wall”, Adam. It’s called preserving and maintains the common good. Barnstable awaits, Adam.

          • Jesse, times are a changing, climate and all. MV is a public island that does not have a limit to how many people can visit. You are making no sense regarding evacuation plans and hospital beds. Why would 30k people need to go to the hospital? If that was the case we would have much bigger problems to deal with. Stop the crying and fear mongering. Adam did a great job and I sincerely hope we double the attendance for next year. Maybe you can do your part and visit NYC during BRW next year for a lesson in values.

  16. Just wanted to thank everyone, 5 of us traveled from Ohio and California and thoroughly enjoyed our time on the island. While it was our first visit, the places we visited were very friendly and accommodating to us tourists. Great festival, well organized and a great birthday party for my daughter. Thanks again, I hope the committee persists and perseveres.

  17. Wonderful music, fine choices of bands, terrific organizational skills and negotiating along with good intentions. And yet, the type of speaker systems and volume shook items off of shelves, resulted in cacophony, noun a harsh discordant mixture of sounds, for up to 5 miles away and is the principal objection and cause of people needing to leave the island during the performances. Veterans Memorial Park is a landfill close to sea level and floods in some locations. It is a major contributor to athleticism for our young people and taken away for several critical weeks this concert. There is a lack of awareness of the fact that the drawbridge opening and closing gates need to be replaced with simpler and faster equipment or the fact that $2 million was expended on them only to result in a failed system which greatly exacerbates all traffic issues in Tisbury. We would love to be able to attend, and would support it in a different location and if the music system were a reasonable level of volume and intensity. This matter is the fault of our select board and only God knows why they allowed this. Great idea, wonderful music, but needs to be moved.

    • Frank, you need to investigate who called the drawbridge opening at exactly the same time on Friday and Saturday nights, and kept it open for 20 minutes thereafter.

      On Sunday, as expected, without a drawbridge open, the site emptied in 20-25 minutes without a hair of traffic backups.

      Seems like we know the cause of the problem. Now you just need to zero in on the culprit

      Hint: Look at who called the event producers in to a special meeting at the exact time doors were opening on Thursday.

  18. I worked the event and had the time of my life ! Adam Epstein and his team did an amazing job pulling this festival together . All you naysayers just avoid VH next year for those 3 days . Let the rest of enjoy some happiness

  19. I have been coming to the vineyard for 30 years. Traffic and logistics are always an issue but we figure it out, whether it is a presidential visit or a festival. I have also been to a lot of concerts and festivals. Mr. Epstein commitment to creating a successful event was personal and extraordinary. I had disability concerns and received a personal email from him assuring I would have place to sit. I don’t know any other CEO that would have reached out in that manner. Yes there were some bumps in the road but his team handled all eventualities and kept calm. Calls and emails went out about delays. Music was curated to perfection. Everyone at the event had a wonderful time, I saw very little inebriated persons, and felt very safe and looked after by staff and concert attendees. FYI I am 70 years old so not just for “under 40”. All ages were represented and the event brought people together in a beautiful way. I hope the festival continues and just gets better and better!

  20. I think we’ve tossed this one around enough. It’s a beautiful Saturday. Get outside and enjoy it. Closing comments. Thanks everyone.

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