Something old, something new

Bangkok Thai Cuisine does not disappoint with tried and true, and with something new.


The summer tourists and winter locals all seem to frequent Bangkok Thai Cuisine. The Thai restaurant located at the bottom of Circuit Ave. in Oak Bluffs always seems to be open. Even on a desolate winter night I will drive by and see their lights on, and at a minimum, a couple of tables dining inside.

My takeout journey began with my long-overdue craving for chicken Pad Thai ($18.95), a noodle dish typically made with rice noodles, egg, vegetables, and a protein, chicken being my favorite. The sweet, spicy sauce that includes peanuts proves to be a roadblock, given that I have a peanut allergy.*

I remember long ago a friend telling me she got the Pad Thai from Bangkok Thai Cuisine and ordered it without peanuts, a great idea in theory, but also rather risky. I decided to trust my friend and Bangkok Thai Cuisine, and of course I double-checked to be sure my EpiPen was not expired.

I drove into town, parked on the side street near the park at the end of Circuit Ave., and walked there so I could order in-person, to make sure it was clear the Pad Thai dinner was not to have peanuts.

I went into the restaurant, and to my surprise they have a good amount of dining space with a nice decor, and an outside patio adorned with little twinkle lights, which I found very charming.

The woman standing behind the counter was beyond patient as I read over their huge menu, she was pleasant to talk to, and very accommodating as I self-consciously ordered a dish known for its peanut sauce without peanuts. I figured while I was there I would order something to snack on as well.

A Combination Platter for one ($19.95) would have to do, since I couldn’t pick just one of their listed appetizers. It included a spring roll, satay skewer, fish cake, wing, pinky, dumpling, Shu mai, and a tofu triangle. I admit I wasn’t sure what all these things were — they didn’t have peanuts, so I was going to give them each a try.

I waited for a short time outside while they made my food, and when it was ready I brought it home to enjoy. The Pad Thai didn’t have peanuts, as requested, and the combination platter was quite literally a grab bag where I got to open and try new appetizers that I had never had before. I found that exciting.

The Pad Thai was piping hot, delicious, and thankfully peanut-free as requested. I was pleased I gave the sampler platter a shot, and the “pinky” was my favorite out of all the appetizers. It was a crispy shrimp wrapped with egg roll skin and stuffed with veggies; I would have liked more of them. I can see why Bangkok Thai Cuisine is open year-round, and the peanut-free Pad Thai is definitely on my list for that cold winter day that will sadly be here before I know it.

(I would like to note that my peanut allergy is very mild, and if you do have food allergies, to be more cautious. Chances are, you don’t have a peanut allergy like me, so you can order and enjoy the dish as it’s intended to be prepared.)