Poet’s Corner


Vineyard Herreshoff Cup
By Don McLagan

We come to compete for the Cup
From Chappy to the trail of Moshup.
Menemsha, V-Haven, and E-town
Contend in the Pond and the Sound.

We duel it out in H12s
For a trophy that shines on the shelf
So the winner can boast to their peers
(While knowing it’s just for a year.)

Our fleet is a century old
A classic design to behold
With a wooden club jib and wood gaff
That is run up a sitka spruce mast.

There’s a lot to be said for our boat:
In the slop and chop, it still floats,
And two sailors can crew it with ease
By loosing the sail in a breeze.

Our regatta is more than just sailing,
Who’s winning and who is left trailing.
It’s the comradeship we celebrate
In the little boat we all call great.

Don McLagan is an entrepreneur and poet who lives and writes on Chappaquiddick and in Sarasota, Fla. 

Poets with a connection to Martha’s Vineyard are encouraged to submit poems to curator Laura Roosevelt at ldroosevelt@gmail.com