Two popular Oak Bluffs restaurants closing

The Cardboard Box and Oyster Bar 02557 will be closing their doors. — Rich Saltzberg

The Cardboard Box and Oyster Bar 02557 of Oak Bluffs will be closing their doors, owners Ben and Erica DeForest announced on Facebook. The last night of operation for the two restaurants will be on Saturday, Sept. 17. 

“We’re very grateful to the Island community that supported us,” Ben DeForest told The Times. 

DeForest said they felt it was time to shut down the two restaurants. “It was time to make a change, and we did that,” he said. The DeForests will be spending more time with family and friends after the closures. “That’s the exciting part. I’m looking forward to that.” 

The announcement listed the various obstacles that came with running three restaurants on Martha’s Vineyard: “the pandemic, the worker/housing shortage, the long quiet winters.” It also said while the DeForests “love the grind” and “thrive off of it,” they felt more balance between business and life was needed. 

The DeForests’ third restaurant, the Red Cat Kitchen, will remain in operation. DeForest said the closing restaurants’ buildings will not be put up for sale. Additionally, these closures are not the end for the DeForests’ plans. He said he will be making an announcement in the future, possibly in January, about their “next steps.”

“We’ve got something cooking,” DeForest said, although he did not divulge details about what this might entail. 


  1. That sound you just heard was my heart breaking. I adore Ben and Erica, but they have made me a very sad boy 😟

    (I also completely understand their actions, even if they make me sad.)

  2. I wish the owners well in whatever their next step is! They are some of the most selfless people I’ve come across…always lending a helping hand to those that truly need it!

  3. But the migrants crossing the border are here and more coming, open your homes, let the beautiful Vineyard Spirit emulate! If you have extra rooms, please let them in, they will provide the employment we desperately need! Mr Obama, please open your arms, allow the huddled masses a resting place, Think you may have some space! This is the chance to prove that you & Michelle truly care! Thank you in advance for your kindness & caring! We know you will come through on this important event!

    • There always Nantucket! Some can go there as well. It is petty political move that shows little regard for human life and refugees. And this is y’all’s best choice for POTUS?! What is this GOP love and fascination with idiocy and demonization of intelligence? SMH
      It’s absolutely baffling to me.

    • This is such a stupid comment for so many reasons. The Obama’s have done so much to help immigrants in the US. Beyond that, how exactly did your family get here?


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