Island Cup to be broadcast

The Island Cup will be broadcast live on Saturday. — Collette Jordan

This Saturday, Nantucket comes to the Vineyard for the annual Island Cup matchup. Though the Vineyarders have had a tough season thus far under new Head Coach Tony Mottola with a 1-6 record, the Island Cup is always a highly anticipated game.

This year the game will be broadcast live on Facebook, on the MV Touchdown page, at 3 pm, with Ryan Ruley doing the play-by-play.


  1. I am confused. Wasn’t the whole reason the Channel 8 station, with its 40 game schedule, back in 2002 was disbanded so that the High School Students would be properly trained to man the studio funded by Comcast?? I keep hearing adults with no real media experience broadcasting games with shoddy camerawork. With a budget 10 times what we had in 2002, you would think ALL games would be broadcast live, no?

    Call me bitter, but I LOVED providing, with 4 other people, including Mr. Ruley, over 65 football, basketball both boys and girls, hockey, soccer, in 2002. In one year. Twenty years later and after my pain of leaving the island, I would figure that those that wanted to form that board and oust us from what we did best, would be doing an exemplary job of providing full seasons of high school sports. It was done in the past with a minimal budget.

    It is really a public service to those older folks and shut-ins that love to support our local youth.

    More than anything, I miss the kids and the parents and my co-horts from those days.
    I only hope that with a healthy budget, paid by your cable fees, are considered well spent by Islanders. You deserve it. Best to you all..and thanks to Ryan Ruley for delivering “The Big Game” on TV.

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