County petitions for expanded treasurer search 

Commissioners voted in favor of petitioning the legislature to allow the county to hire a treasurer from outside the county. — MV Times

On Wednesday, during a brief meeting with a single agenda item on the table, the Dukes County Commission unanimously voted to officially petition the legislature to enact special legislation allowing the county to appoint a treasurer that may reside outside of Dukes County. 

With mounting urgency to find a new treasurer for the county following the resignation of former treasurer Ann Metcalf, the commission reached a consensus regarding the benefits of changing the parameters of the role.

The county treasurer position is currently an elected one; and is tethered by state general laws, which also prohibits a potential candidate from claiming residency outside of Dukes County. 

The two-pronged legislative proposal put forth by the DCC involves changes to said general laws, in order for the county to appoint somebody — from anywhere in the commonwealth — to the role. 

In its first step after informally agreeing that the changes need to be made, the Dukes County Commission unanimously voted Wednesday to petition the legislative change regarding the residency change.