Volunteers clean up Oak Bluffs

Nips, butts, and not enough volunteers.



Fewer than a dozen volunteers answered the call to be part of a community cleanup initiative in Oak Bluffs Saturday morning.

Organized by the town, the quarterly cleanup aims to enhance the beauty of Oak Bluffs by removing unwelcome garbage that had not made it to the dumpsters.

Debra Alley, executive assistant to the town administrator, told The Times that over the two-hour event, volunteers amassed around 14 bags of trash on their way from the Steamship Authority terminal to around Ocean Park. 

“It’s not a good thing to have that much trash,” Alley said, noting that the majority of the garbage collected was alcohol containers: “It’s always the nip bottles and the cigarette butts.” 

Regarding the underwhelming number of helpers, Alley said they had really hoped for a better turnout. Alley said collaborating with schools in order for kids to complete necessary community service may be one option to get more people involved.

But ultimately, Alley said, “I think individually, people just need to make it a priority.” 


  1. Thank you! For those of us who pick up trash on our walks, could there be a central trash disposal unit maybe? I would pick up more on my 3-mile walk around town & harbor if I wasn’t going to be lugging it all back home.

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