A big helping of giving from the Tisbury Police 


Tisbury Police posted up in the town parking lot adjacent to Stop & Shop the day before Thanksgiving to collect food and monetary donations for the Island Food Pantry. 

Officers also helped quell a bit of the hectic atmosphere and ease the labor of Thanksgiving shopping by helping folks carry groceries and by shuttling empty grocery carts back to the Stop & Shop entrance. 

Officers Carla Gomes, Julia Levesque, and Cristina Whitney were out in front of a police pickup just before 11 am Wednesday helping shoppers and taking donations. Police administrator Samantha Gitschier was also there helping. 

“So far we’re doing really well — got a good amount of donations, and we’ve raised over $400 in cash,” Tisbury Police Lt. Bill Brigham told The Times Wednesday morning. “I’m sure by the end of the day [we’ll] be doing even better.” 

At the end of the day, Brigham said, an entire police pickup truck was filled with food, and $1,654 in donations were collected.


    • I won’t disappoint, Jim.
      …ahem, (clears throat)…
      “A big helping of giving from the Tisbury Police” ?
      Does this mean they are finally “giving back” to the taxpayers of Tisbury all the $$$ those lawsuits and MCAD complaints have cost?
      That would be nice.

      • You know, James–Most if not all of the money paid out in “all” of those lawsuits went to island taxpayers. And lawyers of course –some of whom are probably island taxpayers. I don’t know the percentages because I have not been obsessed with every dispute, but I would assume some of it went to Tisbury taxpayers either in the form of payment to the plaintiffs or legal services.

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