Tisbury School students move into temporary classrooms


Tisbury School students returned from their Thanksgiving break to new classrooms inside the modular buildings set up adjacent to their school building.

Outside the school, at about 11:20 am, Principal John Custer said classroom materials were moved into the buildings last week, and the students arrived Monday morning and were brought to their new classrooms.

The temporary classrooms are in place while the school goes through a massive renovation and addition project, which is costing taxpayers $82 million. 

“We’ve only been in there three hours, but it’s going well,” Custer told The Times. He’s looking forward to watching the progress of the building project, and called it the “rainbow at the end.”

Meanwhile, work crews were busy putting up more temporary fencing around the job site to keep the public out of harm’s way. Folks should also know that West William Street has been turned into a one-way street, with a “Do not enter” sign at the end where it intersects with William Street in place, as well as temporary barriers and traffic cones. Still, The Times watched as a driver ignored the sign and drove the wrong way down the street.


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