Cape Light Compact announces energy rates

Cape Light Compact has set the electricity supply rates for its green aggregation power supply program. — Eunki Seonwoo

Updated 12/5

Cape Light Compact announced in a press release it set the electricity supply rate for its green aggregation power supply program for the upcoming pricing term, starting in December and ending in June 2023, for residential and commercial customers. The industrial rate term is from December to March 2023. 

Standard residential pricing will be 21.699 cents per kWh, which the release stated is nearly four cents per kWh cheaper than “the utility’s recently announced basic service supply pricing.” The utility is in reference to Eversource, according to Cape Light Compact communications coordinator Isabelle Caplan. This price change will be reflected on the January electric utility bills.

According to the release, energy prices typically increase during the winter in New England. However, this year has seen steep price increases “due to energy market conditions,” including spiked demand and the global impact from the war in Ukraine that “contributed to increased prices for natural gas.” Around 45 percent of electricity in New England is generated using natural gas. Cape Light Compact representatives talked with The Times about these concerns in more detail earlier this month. 

High per-kWh electricity rates “reinforce the importance of participating in the compact’s energy efficiency programs,” including no-cost energy assessments, weatherization, rebates, and others. The compact also offers “electric discount rates, fuel assistance, and arrearage forgiveness programs,” and other options for customers who need assistance.

Other than the standard rates, the compact also offers two CLC Local Green programs that allow customers to choose to have 50 to 100 percent of their energy use matched with additional Massachusetts Class 1 renewable energy certificates (REC). According to the release, “These RECs allow for the customers’ energy usage to be matched with renewable energy sourced from New England.” Local Green 50 includes a premium of 1.3 cents per kWh “above the standard power supply price,” and CLC Local Green 100 includes a premium of 3.6 cents per kWh. 

Residential pricing includes a standard rate of 21.699 cents per kWh, Local Green 50 rate of 22.999 cents per kWh, and Local Green 100 rate of 25.999 cents per kWh.

Commercial pricing includes a standard rate of 21.799 cents per kWh, Local Green 50 rate of 23.099 cents per kWh, and Local Green 100 rate of 25.399 cents per kWh.

Industrial pricing includes a standard rate of 34.999 cents per kWh, Local Green 50 rate of 36.299 cents per kWh, and Local Green 100 rate of 38.599 per kWh.

Customers not receiving their power supply from the compact or who want to join the Local Green program can do so at or calling the compact’s power supply provider, NextEra Energy Services, at 800-381-9192. 

The compact also listed several numbers people can call for billing and payment assistance:

  • Eversource’s Arrearage Forgiveness program: 866-315-2496
  • Gas discount rates with National Grid: 800-532-9600
  • Electric discount rates with Eversource: 800-592-2000
  • Apply for fuel assistance with the South Shore Community Action Council by calling 877-383-5243 during the winter, and 508-778-0870 during the rest of the year.

Updated with a clarification from Cape Light Compact.