‘Season’s Greetings’ from Rise Dance

MV Times

Holiday tradition continues as Rise hosts its annual holiday dance show, “Season’s Greetings,” this weekend. The entire dance company is involved in the show, featuring ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, acrobatics, and hip-hop performances. There are two shows on Sunday, Dec. 11, at 11 am and 4 pm, at the Performing Arts Center. For more information, call 508-693-2262, or email info@risevpa.com.


    • Did they really charge that , Mike ? And did You just pay it in a sheepish way ?
      If you did, thank you for your donation . I would not have paid $30 for an infant to get into this event.
      But– I will believe you for the moment, since everything you have ever posted here is 100% truthful. And shame on the administrators for charging for infants– That’s ridiculous— whoever decided on that outrageous policy should be fired.
      At the least. you should get a refund for the $30 you foolishly paid last year .
      I am totally disgusted that the people in charge of this family event would so callously “milk ” young mothers who may not have 6 figure incomes and charge for infants– Truly deplorable…
      Charging for infants to get into any event is unheard of— when my daughter was an infsnt, I was never charged anything extra for her to enter an event.
      But now– Oh, the greedy liberals will milk us any way they can.
      I look forward to the organizers of this event to defend themselves for implementing such a crass policy.

  1. Tickets have never been $30, and we don’t charge infants. We charge for seats, like an airplane.
    Due to production costs including theatre rental, staffing, filming, costumes, set and —most importantly — scholarships, we have to charge per seat. We also always offer a discounted rate for anyone purchasing tickets a week in advance.
    It is also worth noting that all proceeds from our holiday show tickets sales benefit the RISE Above Access Program, the nonprofit branch of RISE Vineyard Performing Arts that offers scholarships to Island children who otherwise would not be able to dance. As a dance school, it is so important to us to make dance accessible to all Island children who show an interest in the performing arts, and our proceeds from this show are what make this possible.
    We encourage you to reach out directly to us to if you ever have any questions, and we thank you for attending our show!

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