Pedestrian struck by vehicle in Tisbury

One person was taken to the hospital Thursday following a vehicle versus pedestrian accident in Tisbury. -Rich Saltzberg

A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in or near the intersection of High Point Lane and State Road Thursday afternoon in Tisbury. Tisbury EMS, Tisbury Police, Tisbury Fire, and Massachusetts State Police responded. 

One person was taken to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital with minor injuries, according to Tisbury Police Sgt. Andrew Silvia. Sgt. Silvia said the State Police will be investigating the incident. It’s unclear if any charges are pending.


  1. From this report, there’s no way to know if the injured party was using the crosswalk or exactly where it was: on State Road at High Point or on High Point itself but as a regular walker around the town of Tisbury, I’ve observed many many MANY speeding vehicles everyday on all the major roads in town. And this isn’t the first person to be injured in only a year or two. The police can’t be everywhere and the digital signs flashing excessive speeds do nothing to remind drivers that they need to comply. We are living in a time when people have NO regard for norms like this simple obedience to the white speed limit signs that SHOULD apply to us all, FOR all of our safety. We have routine excessive drivers on State Road, Franklin Street, and Skiff Ave DESPITE cruisers being parked or the aforementioned digital flashing signs. You people suck and make life miserable for a LOT of people because you apparently feel that you can do whatever you want. I hope this injured person will be alright and I hope if there’s excessive speed involved, the driver is commensurately punished by a fine or better, an increase in his/her automobile insurance. So tire of you speeders who just don’t give a sh*t about anything but your own selfish needs. It only takes a moment or two for a tragedy. If this is in fact not related to excessive speed, it’s still a big problem that needs a solution. Stop speeding and DO THE SPEED LIMIT!

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