Another look at Aquinnah’s new road idea

Find out how Aquinnah residents feel about developing an edge lane road. — Eunki Seonwoo

If you missed the two opportunities to find out what an edge lane road is, and how Aquinnah residents feel about developing one at Lobsterville Road or West Basin Road, fret not. Aquinnah released a Zoom recording of the second community forum, held on Wednesday, Nov. 30, on the town website. 

Introduced to the Aquinnah select board in August by Martha’s Vineyard Commission special projects planner Dan Doyle, an edge lane road is a type of shared-use road where pedestrian and cyclist easements are painted on both sides of the road, each about 10 feet wide. Drivers would move their vehicles to the center of the road when there are cyclists or pedestrians on the easements. 

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