Home for the holidays (again)

Five cocktails that’ll make staying in better than going out.


Editor’s note: Please enjoy this article from last year’s Island Holidays and Gift Guide, back when we were still gathering in small groups. We think it’s worth repeating this time of year.

As the holiday season rolls back around at full speed, from brunch to dinner we have all the cocktail recipes you’ll need to lead your holiday festivities at home, with crowd-pleasing satisfaction guaranteed, indeed!
None of us expected to still be in the midst of a pandemic by this time of the year again, but now we have an opportunity to bring on the holiday cheer even better than last year. With a short list of grocery ingredients and a trip to your local liquor store, you can elevate your small gatherings by providing these sweet drinks inspired by the holidays. There’s no question that holiday traditions are important to families and friends, now more than ever. Whether you are brunching with friends or having a family dinner, cocktails are the perfect way to celebrate. It’s easy to home in on all the negatives going on in the world. But this is a pivotal time to celebrate life and loved ones, and to create more memories the best we can.
It’s no secret that cocktails liven up any crowd; below find the five recipes and ingredients to make some new holiday drinks.

Rudolph Cranberry Mimosa
Giving your classic mimosa the holiday spirit.

1 oz. cranberry juice
cranberries (for garnish)

Start with the cranberry juice. Fill to the top with prosecco. Garnish drink with cranberries as desired. 

White Christmas Margarita
First it’s salty, then it’s sweet.

Sanding sugar (for garnish)
1 oz. tequila
1 oz. triple sec liqueur
¼ oz. lime juice
coconut milk
cranberries, lime slices (for garnish)

Garnish glass rim with sanding sugar. Add tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. Top off with coconut milk. Garnish drink with cranberries and lime slices as desired.

Candy Cane Martini
Sweet and creamy, but packs a punch.

mini candy canes (for garnish), some crushed
1½ oz. Bailey’s Irish cream liqueur
½ oz. peppermint schnapps
1 oz. vanilla vodka

Garnish glass rim with crushed candy canes. Add Bailey’s, peppermint schnapps, and vanilla vodka to glass. Add whole candy cane in glass, if desired.

Bourbon Sparkling Apple Cider
Strongest one of the bunch.

1½ oz. bourbon
1 oz. apple cider
apple slices, cranberries, fresh rosemary (for garnish)

Add bourbon and apple cider to glass; top off with prosecco. Garnish with apple slices, cranberries, and rosemary as desired. 

Snickerdoodle Rum Runner
Snickerdoodle cookie in a glass.

Amaretto liqueur

Your proportions are: ⅓ Amaretto to ⅔ RumChata.

Special thanks to Angelina Topalieva, bartender at the Ritz, for making all of these delicious holiday cocktails. Also, special thanks to the Ritz for participating and allowing The MV Times to use their establishment for this article. Make sure to pay the Ritz a visit this holiday season, at 4 Circuit Ave. in Oak Bluffs, for great drinks and even better vibes.