Powerful appreciation


To the Editor:

On Dec. 23, the night winter storm Elliott ramped up across Martha’s Vineyard, a powerful gust of wind that sounded like a freight train roared up the ravine next to our home from the direction of Lagoon Pond. There was a “boom” as it slammed into the end of our house nearest the ravine, and the whole house shook an instant before our power went out.

My son went out in the wind and snow to investigate, and found a pine tree had fallen and knocked the power line down, plus fell across our propane tank. Thankfully the tank was not damaged. We called Eversource, and within a few minutes had a call from a customer service agent. We were amazed when Erick and Phil (we don’t have their last names), a local Eversource crew, showed up about 15 minutes later.

Despite the horrible conditions, they worked in the frigid cold and blowing snow to get our power restored within a few hours. They also called a tree company crew that responded. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the tree company or crew’s names, but we were so impressed by their hard work as they cleared two downed trees in the ravine that fell on power lines. One of them worked in a cherry picker bucket that swayed in the wind and blowing snow for a couple of hours as he cut tree limbs on high.

They are all heroes to us. We are so grateful for their professionalism and dedication. We can’t thank them enough for working in such horrendous, dangerous conditions, in the first hours of Christmas Eve day, to help us and other families on Martha’s Vineyard. Our holiday celebration could have had a very different outcome.

Our hearts go out to others who suffered power outages in that terrible storm. We truly appreciate Eversource’s preparations and planning, and the hardworking and talented people they employ. It also was very helpful and reassuring to receive several texts from Eversource keeping us informed throughout the course of the restoration process.

Janet Hefler
Vineyard Haven


  1. We had a similar experience on 12/23. After contacting Eversource on their app, a crew showed up and cleared the downed branches and reconnected the power within 90 minutes of the call. Well done, Eversource!

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