Get energized for solar power

The Martha's Vineyard Builders Association will hold a presentation and information session on updates to the energy code for those interested in solar energy. — Courtesy Sunpower for South Moun

The Martha’s Vineyard Builders Association, in partnership with Performance Systems Development, will host a free virtual presentation on Jan. 10, at 5 pm, on the new code provisions in the latest edition of the Massachusetts energy code.

The module will go over changes between the 2015 and 2018 International Energy Conservation Code. The first portion of the program reviews new solar-ready provisions including scope of projects, solar-ready rooftop area requirements, exceptions to certain codes, roof orientations, documentation, interconnection pathways and roof loads, and electrical requirements for having residential and commercial solar. Next, the program will cover more technical elements of solar energy, such as changes to duct insulation, hot water piping, duct leakage, whole-house mechanical ventilation, and related state amendments. Lastly, the presenters will discuss the Energy Rating Index compliance path and the Stretch Code. Bill Footer, energy efficiency program manager at Performance Systems Development, will lead the discussion and information session.

Head to to register, or to learn more about the event.


  1. Not surprisingly, the government regulators are cranking out new rules, requirements and codes just as fast as they can think of them. Anything to slow down the implementation of something we can all use and make it more expensive.
    But I guess the added fees for permits and inspections will offset the government subsidies.
    And that will make some people happy, as for some reason they just love to burn fossil fuels.

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