Saltzberg joins Martha’s Vineyard Commission

Rich Saltzberg will begin his new position at the Martha's Vineyard Commission Jan. 17. — Rich Saltzberg

Martha’s Vineyard Commission executive director Adam Turner announced that Martha’s Vineyard Times senior reporter Rich Saltzberg has been tapped as new development of regional impact coordinator for the longstanding Island planning agency. 

“We’re fortunate to have Rich on our team,” Turner said at Thursday’s commission meeting,
“He’s a great communicator [and] great writer … He’s well versed in Island issues and familiar with many of the Island’s personnel.”

Saltzberg “knows his way around,” he said. “I think he’s going to be great.”

Saltzberg has written for The Times since 2014, starting in a full-time capacity in 2017. He was named Reporter of the Year by the New England Newspaper and Press Association in 2020, and was the first-place recipient of NENPA’s right-to-know award in 2022 for his pursuit of public records.

Saltzerg graduated with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Emerson College, pursued an MFA in writing from Florida Atlantic University, and is an awardee of the Winterthur Maker-Creator fellowship. 

MVC’s DRI coordinator is charged with thoroughly researching proposed projects and articulating the scope of work to commissioners, who use the information to help in their deliberations and decisions. 

Per the commission’s mission, the DRI review process involves assessing “developments that are either so large or have such significant impacts on their surroundings that they would affect more than one town,” and makes use of a rubric, or checklist, to help distinguish the benefits and detriments of proposed projects. 

Saltzberg will be replacing current DRI coordinator Alex Elvin, who will be transitioning to a project planning role with the commission. 

Turner took a moment to commend Elvin for his work while holding the position “in an unprecedented period of activity.” 


  1. Every time I read this quote “developments that are either so large or have such significant impacts on their surroundings that they would affect more than one town” I have to LOL as the MVC does not live by this at all. It seems almost any project is an island wide issue to them. A small house on a small street becomes a huge issue to them. Maybe Rich could put his writing skills to work and explain to the other commissioners that quote. And them do a piece on the out of control costs of the MVC

  2. What makes you think that Rich thinks that the costs are out of control?
    When an organization’s opinion is different than yours then of course their spending is out of control.

  3. Congratulations on your new job, Rich! You are an excellent reporter, whose conscientiousness, tenacity, and attention to detail brought many important Island stories to light and earned you and The Times some well-deserved awards and recognition for your in-depth coverage. Your analytical skills, writing ability, and knowledge of the communities, organizations, and town governments Island-wide will be a big asset to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission. While I’ll miss reading your articles in The Times, I wish you all the best in your new job at the MVC.

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