Lineup announced for Beach Road Weekend 2023


Updated 1/21/23 9:06 am

An impressive lineup for the 2023 Beach Road Weekend live music festival was announced Tuesday, and includes headliners Mumford & Sons, Bon Iver, and Leon Bridges. 

The festival will feature performances by Gary Clark Jr., the Head and the Heart, Japanese Breakfast, Regina Spektor, St. Paul & the Broken Bones, Kevin Morby, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Gregory Porter — with additional acts to be announced in the future, a press release states. 

“This is a powerhouse lineup that has something really special for everyone,” Beach Road Weekend founder Adam Epstein says of this year’s lineup in the release, “It’s the ideal blend of folk, rock, and soul that give everyone those great beach vibes we all hope to have all summer long.” 

“We had a great festival last summer,” Epstein said in the statement, “and in 2023 we’re building off that success and will be delivering one of the best live music experiences in the country,” 

Presale tickets for this year’s festival, which will be held Friday, August 25, through Sunday, August 27, at Veterans Memorial Park, will be available for purchase Jan. 23. All other tickets and packages will be available for purchase Jan. 27.

Islanders may purchase tickets via special sale on Sunday, Jan. 22, at the former EduComp building in Tisbury, beginning at 12 pm. Islander tickets — special pricing $150 for a three-day pass — will be limited to two per person. Make a $50 donation to M.V. Community Services or the Friends of the Tisbury School Fund, or make a $50 or more purchase from Brickman’s, CB Stark, Copper Anchor, Conrado Studio, Le Roux, M.V. Made, Rainy Day, or the Green Room and bring the receipts with you when you purchase tickets.

Additional information on the 2023 festival can be found online at the Beach Road Weekend Music Festival


  1. Beach Road’s bookings are really quite eclectic and impressive. I was expecting much less, and am delighted to be wrong.

  2. He lined up Japanese Breakfast?!?
    I saw them on S.N.L. this fall and thought they were pretty amazing!

  3. Its offensive that such a paltry lineup is going to take away a beautiful PUBLIC space for two weeks in the busy Summer. Such a slap in the face to the locals who enjoy the park and find it to be one of the rare escapes from the summertime madness.

    • It’s not a paltry line up to a lot of people, including me. All the bands were exquisite last summer, and I expect the same this year. It’s a three (3) day event, but there is some set up and break down before and after. I don’t see it precluding anyone from enjoying the park for two full weeks. Since you have all these months notice starting in mid-January of this event that is occurring at the end of August (little short of 3/4 of a year’s notice) perhaps you could diversify from daily visits in the exact same park every day and plan some time enjoying some of the free Land Bank rare escapes from the summertime madness. There are land bank maps at the library showing all of the beautiful free trails around island. Or go to the beach. That way you won’t have to listen to the paltry line up of the likes of Mumford and Sons and Mary Jane Carpenter, etc. and you can explore the beauty of this stunning island beyond one single park down near the ferry.

      • Wrong Robin not well said: I am one of the people who pay for the park and I am going to vote selectmen onto the board who will deny any request for concerts to be held in this neighborhood. The property tax payers and renters who claim Tisbury as thjeir primary residence will decide this matter.

        • Carlos, you have a right to your opinion and other people have the same right to theirs. For you to say someone else’s opinion is “wrong” implies to me that your opinion is the only one that matters and others are “wrong” if they don’t agree with you. I am a Tisbury taxpayer, as well, and have been for more than twenty years on a house that my grandfather built over 100 years ago and that both my grandfather lived in, my father and mother lived in, and I lived in as a child. I certainly have the Tisbury tax bill to show for it and my quarterly installment is due in a couple of weeks. Therefore, I am also “one of the people who pay for the park”. The decision has been made on this concert by the town. You can accept the town’s decision or not, and certainly move to have them reconsider after this commitment is up, as is your right. But please don’t dismiss the opinions of those who don’t agree with you as invalid or wrong. It’s clear that there is a divided opinion on this concert, and that happens with almost everything. The concert is committed to for 2023 and is happening. It is only for a short period of time. The concert is successful and many people enjoy it. Constructive feedback is always welcome in order to make improvements. Telling others that they are wrong because they don’t agree with you is not.

        • I also pay for the park, both as the event producer renting the field, as well as my property taxes on my home. The event also generates revenue for the Town of Tisbury that lightens the tax burden for its residents.

          So I suppose you would choose to forgo all of the revenue that Beach Road Weekend generates for the Town and shoulder that burden by charging residents higher taxes?

          Additionally, although I live in my home in BH most of the year, I also generate short term rental tax revenue for Vineyard Haven during the summer months when I occasionally rent my home.

          For a complete picture of the economic benefits provided by beach road weekend, please visit our unvarnished assessment of the festival published here:

          • Money hmmm, lets see the hard numbers here in this space right now! You will not do it becuse the truth is far from the fantastic press releases, Tisbury is slated for what? 5% of net?, and you claim every year you didn’t make profit ? so thats hmm 0% net? the contract should be for the town 5% percent gross receipts which includes ticket sales, vendor rents and or leases, products manufactured for and sold by beach road the road that always floods and any profits made on marketing. And I agree you pay taxes thanks for fulfiling your legal duty but do you claim Tisbury as your primary residence and have a vote for our board of selectmen? if not sorry you don’t get a vote on what the town does unless you make the commitment to live here year round adam.

    • It’s offensive that someone who does not want BRW to exist calls the talent lineup paltry.
      More Islander’s went to the park for BRG than go the other fifty weeks of the year.
      Dust off your “barn” kickers” and let the music move you.

  4. “Impressive”? Plu-eese. does anyone remember the lineup last year?? THAT was impressive!
    2023? Absolutely no comparison.
    Mr. Epstein – you and your Fest did a great job in 2021, & 22… What happened?
    Last year was sold out. So it’s not like you-all ran out of money, right? – cause that’s what it looks like (or something).
    All together now: who’s a BIG Mumford, Bon I, or Leon Bridges fan?! Serviceable festival entertainment perhaps, but nobody on the level of Beck, Billy Strings, Avetts, Wilco, etc. It’s like it was picked by an AI lowest common denominator machine.
    For comparison, check out this year’s High Water Fest (4/15/23 Charleston) – which admittedly has a lot of overlap with last year‘s Beach Road, but…

    We 💚 You Beach Road, But You’re Bringing Us Down 🎶 ! (Speaking of LCD Soundsystem, please consider them for 2024 lineup!?! LOL

  5. Please have beds available for those that fall asleep from most of us that fall asleep from this line up.

  6. Ok, so you got this blurb towards the end of the article about making a $50 donation or spend $50 at certain retailers and bring the receipt with you when you buy tickets. But you never mention why I would do either of those things. Is it a secret?

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