Chilmark emphasizing due process in hiring miscue

The Chilmark emergency services building and fire station project is expected to be finished later this year. — Jenna Bernstein

The Chilmark select board voted to approve a new job description submitted by the town’s human resources board for the position of administrative assistant to the fire chief. 

Human resources and select board members during a meeting last week questioned whether Chilmark Fire Chief Bradshaw had followed the proper procedures for hiring a new candidate after the former employee left.

Bradshaw earlier determined the administrative position needed to be re-evaluated, as the position had become more complicated. But Bradshaw did not submit a request to update the job description and pay to the human resources board before making adjustments for the new employee, and he did not list the job to the public when the position became available. 

The position was reviewed and discussed at a human resources board meeting earlier this year after the new assistant had been hired, but Bradshaw did not attend the board’s meeting.

After getting an updated job description and pay grade, the select board recommended that Chilmark Fire Chief Bradshaw follow the recommendations of the human resources board by following proper procedure and potentially relisting the position. This is still being negotiated, because Bradshaw is content with the current employee. 

Board members were satisfied with Bradshaw’s explanation for his decision to hire a new assistant without properly posting the job during last week’s meeting, but they did encourage the chief and all town officials to comply with the human resources board and follow proper procedure in the future.


  1. This came to light during budgetary planning. It was budgeted for a different amount for years but the person wasn’t compensated for that amount. A review quickly showed that all other administrative assistants were. This position was possibly overlooked, innocently?
    So how to solve it was asked. Documentation was asked for and it was provided. Showing the discrepancies to pay and the exemptions to advertise that had been used on previously regraded employees without advertising it as a new job.

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