School bus rear-ends Mini Cooper in Tisbury

Developing story: No one was seriously injured


Developing story

No one was seriously injured after a school bus with students inside rear-ended a white Mini Cooper on State Road in Tisbury. 

West Tisbury School students were coming back from a field trip to the Martha’s Vineyard Museum when the accident happened on Tuesday morning. 

Tisbury and Oak Bluffs Fire and EMS were on the scene to check for any injuries, while Tisbury Police officers managed the traffic. Both the school bus and the Mini Cooper were parked in front of Morrice Florist. The two vehicles were not badly damaged. 

Tisbury Police Sgt. Max Sherman said there were no serious injuries. Tisbury Police Chief Chris Habekost told The Times that the school bus driver appeared to be at fault for the accident.

Electra Saltzberg, a second grade student who was on the bus, told The Times she felt a big impact when the accident happened. “My nose went on the front of the seat, and it was the only thing holding my face up,” she said, adding that her classmates only received minor injuries, although a couple of boys hurt their necks.

Electra said West Tisbury School Principal Donna Lowell-Bettencourt came to the accident scene “immediately,” and the teachers called everybody’s parents. Electra was taken to the hospital by her parents later on Tuesday for further checking up.

Martha’s Vineyard Public Schools Superintendent Richie Smith was at the scene. “We had everybody checked out,” he said. Smith told The Times that despite no serious injuries, three students could be checked at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital out of an “abundance of caution.” Smith said he was told by EMS personnel that there were only minor injuries.

“I think they did a great job on their part,” Smith said, thanking the emergency personnel on the scene. 

The school bus drove off to West Tisbury School around 11:13 am, and students will be checked by the school nurse. The Mini Cooper also left the scene not long after.


  1. I don’t get it. A school bus rear ends a mini cooper in Tisbury and it is news but a threesome propels a vehicle estimated at 80 mph, crashes into a Martha’s Vineyard Shipyard owned pickup truck, demolishes it, three people in a pickup truck speeding up to an estimated by witnesses 80 m.p.h. on Beach Road damage a huge anchor owned by Packer Company, the police come and one is in jail, one is free, and one has been airlifted off the island because serious injuries, and the Times ignores all of it? I’m sorry. I just do not get it.

  2. Mini gets hit by a bus, and drives away..
    That’s why I have one– that and it gets 40 mpg on the island , is easy to park and is a LOT of fun to drive.

    • It was around midnights. They were spotted speeding on Hines Point before the crash. They were carpenters, their truck flipped over and there were nails and tools all over the road. Took hours to clean up.

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