MVRHS student to compete at state science fair

MVRHS junior Maia Donnelly will be headed to the Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair. — Courtesy MVRHS

Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School (MVRHS) junior Maia Donnelly won a second-place award at the Region V Science Fair held at Bridgewater State University.

She presented her project, “An Investigation into Dugesia tigrina Planarian Regeneration via Expression of the HBNF-1 Protein from a Novel Plasmid Using an E. coli Vector: An Attempt to Prevent Paralysis,” during the fair, held on Sunday, March 5. 

According to a release from the high school, Maia also received the U.S. Air Force Special Award, and will be competing in the Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Friday, May 5. 

The students who competed in the Region V fair also showcased their projects during the MVRHS Science and Engineering Fair, held in January. 

Other MVRHS students who competed this month were sophomores Quinlan Slavin and Owen Kiernan, with their project “Improving a Mid-Range Espresso Machine,” and sophomores Vytas Alexander and Kyle Levy, with their project “Making a Working Key through 3D Printing from a Picture.”


  1. O Maia— so,so proud of you- excellant —
    Good luck.
    My best to you,
    Linda ( Lambert’s Cove )

  2. This is proof positive that we are spending to much money on schools.
    Or is it to little, I get confused.

  3. I saw Maia’s Science Fair presentation at the High School. Unbelievably well thought out, executed, and presented for anyone, much less a high school student. She has an amazing future ahead of her!

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