‘New’ to town

Trying an old favorite all over again.


Linda Jean’s restaurant on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs has reopened under the ownership of Lisa and Winston Christie, who are also the owners of the well-received spot Winston’s Kitchen, which gained a great reputation for its dynamite sandwiches. This news quickly made Linda Jean’s something to look forward to trying.

To me, Linda Jean’s has been a classic, comfortable, pleasant place to sit down for a perfectly cooked homestyle meal. I selfishly asked my boyfriend to join me for dinner, mainly so we (I) could pick out a couple more menu items to try. He agreed, and came over to my house. When he walked in, I noticed something looked different. He was wearing a navy blue hoodie — the one without the stains and with a working zipper — and his jeans without the holes. He looked at my messy bun weekend look, complete with sweatpants and slippers. I had showered, but that was yesterday. I was in no shape to be in public, never mind a sit-down dinner.

I think he got the hint; he sat down on the couch and pulled up the menu to look over. He asked what I was in the mood for, and I rifled off Chicken Broccoli Alfredo with a side of sweet potato fries. Then why don’t we get a Fish and Chips to share? I tried to play it off as if I hadn’t been scrutinizing the menu all day, but I didn’t hide it well. He picked the fried chicken dinner, which came with mashed potatoes, gravy, and coleslaw. He called in the order, and I tossed myself into the shower.

When he got back, we unpacked our dinner, snapped a couple of photos of the colorful array, and dug in. We split the fish and chips, both knowing it wouldn’t make the best leftovers, then he had his fried chicken, and I had a scoop of the Chicken Broccoli Alfredo.

The Fish and Chips ($22) was delicious! The first bite of fish, with a little coleslaw and tartar on it, was memorable. The batter was light, and matched the white, light, flaky fish, fried just right. The Chicken Broccoli Alfredo ($23), made with linguine, was rich; the creamy sauce held all the Ingredients together just right, which made it easy to eat. I love the way the broccoli crowns serve as little sponges absorbing the Alfredo sauce. Sweet potato fries ($10) are one of my favorite foods, which I’d never speak poorly of. I skipped tasting the fried chicken dinner ($24), but was told it was cooked well, moist, and the breading wasn’t too thick. If anything, it could have used a little more spice. The mashed potatoes were really good, the little chunks of soft potato were a subtle reminder they were homemade, not made from a box.

Everything was really great, and I did enjoy dinner on my couch, but I’m looking forward to digging out my own hoodie without the holes to go back to dining in. There was plenty more on the dinner menu to choose from, and they also serve breakfast and lunch.

Linda Jean’s frequently posts its specials, updates to its hours, and fun teasers on their instagram account, @lindajeansmv. Located at 25 Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs. 508-693-4093. Open every day except Monday.