Full lineup announced for Beach Road Weekend


Updated May 2

Organizers of Beach Road Weekend have announced the full lineup for the 2023 music festival, which will be held Friday, August 25, through Sunday, August 27, at Veterans Memorial Park in Tisbury.

In addition to event headliners Mumford & Sons, Bon Iver, and Leon Bridges, the weekend will feature dozens of performances by a number of renowned musical artists. 

Kicking off the three-day festival on Friday, August 25, will be Bon Iver, Patti Smith, Maggie Rose, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Kevin Morby, Head and the Heart, and Caamp.

Saturday, August 26, will feature Mumford & Sons, Dispatch, Gary Clark Jr., St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Neighbor, Twiddle, and Cory Wong. Sammy Rae and the Friends, whose act was canceled last year due to weather, will also appear Saturday. 

Rounding out the weekend on Sunday, August 27, will be Leon Bridges, Regina Spektor, Gregory Porter, Alvvays, Dinosaur Jr., and Crooked Coast. 

The three-day festival will run from 11 am to 8 pm each day. 

Additional information on the 2023 festival can be found online at the Beach Road Weekend Music Festival website, beachroadweekend.com.


  1. I have only heard of one of these artists and I can’t think of a song that that one artist recorded

    • That is the beauty of going to one of these festivals is hearing all the new music from bands you never heard of and then some of them will become your favorite. If you like guitar work, Gary Clark Jr. will blow you away and worth the price of admission.

    • Yup. saw them 2 years ago. they’re better than ever and younger than half the acts on the bill for Beach Road Fest.

    • …AND kicking! J Mascis’ most recent solo record features a very talented island neighbor

  2. It’s got to be Mary Chapin Carpenter & her #1 famous song “down at the twist & shout” while all the other’s are unknown singers.

  3. Some things never change. It’s the beginning of May and the MVTIMES is already shilling for BRW, conveniently providing a link to purchase the expensive tix for the property destruction, noise-deafening, and local resident misery from Adam Epstein’s inappropriate use of the island for a big money grab. How much free advertising will the Times provide this mess? As much as last year? There isn’t another event on the island that gets this much free advertising. Too many people make too much money for it to stop or at least change the awful venue.

    • Why can’t you just let people enjoy things? If you don’t enjoy festivals, don’t attend, go away for the weekend. You have plenty of notice because of THE MVTIMES! Stop whining about this and let people have fun.

    • Some things never change. Like Jackie’s incessant harping about Beach Road Weekend.

  4. Some things never change.
    The MVT continues to support an event that is supported by the majority of their subscribers and advertisers.
    Some things never change.
    Like Nattering Nabobs of Negativity, Debbie Downers and Karens.

  5. How long did the MVT stay with its own new policy about posting negatively about other members, was it one week or two?

    • Exactly, Carlos. The supposed new and improved commenting standards go right out the window when an unpopular opinion, mine, is voiced and upsets a few who attack the person, not the opinion. As long as tasteless throngs are having their “fun” and spending money on an event that the Times supports, gives free advert to, and encourages sales for, the Times allows personal insults and attacks. It doesn’t matter who or what is hurt, as long as fun and money keep people from seeing the reality of BRW. It’s no different from what happened online, right here at MVTimes comments, to outspoken critics of the Monster Shark Tournament. (Leave if you don’t like it, you’re ruining our good times.)The Times allows personal and misogynistic attacks against “Debbie Downers” who, you know, “harp” on the realities of the damages to people and place of BRW. Mike comments on the ruinous damage to the field, but no one personally attacks him for ruining their “fun” by speaking a truth about damages.

      And to be more thorough about the poor quality of implementing these improved commenting standards, the Times does indeed still allow blatant and obvious falsehoods about “late term abortions” put forth in these comments by a frequent truth-challenged commenter. Lying is allowed here.

      Just keeping it real, MVTIMES. Let’s not pretend you have commenting “standards” that don’t allow for personal attacks when your unabashed shilling for BRW is mentioned out loud.

  6. Once again local athletes get the shaft on what is already too short of a Summer season for us to use the park. This event needs to be held in September when the weather is still beautiful and it inconveniences far less people. Each year, the park looks worse than before due to the damage and wear and tear from the concert. Dont try telling me its been replenished or fixed because it has not. The field gets torn apart and create an uneven and unsafe surface for both adults and children alike to run and use appropriately. Such a disgrace.

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