Oak Bluffs increases summer mooring fees

Boaters will be charged a daily flat rate of $50 for mooring at the Oak Bluffs marina — MV Times

The Oak Bluffs Select Board voted Tuesday to change the mooring fees at the town’s marina from $20 per day and $50 per night to a flat rate of $50. 

Harbormaster Emily deBettencourt and harbor committee member Mike Santoro brought the request to the board, initially suggesting a $40 flat rate. 

DeBettencourt said they didn’t want the change to feel too sudden for boaters, and noted a $20 increase per day could feel like a quite significant increase to boaters. She also said that they’ve decided on a flat rate rather than day/night fees in order to be more aligned with the rest of the Island. It presents fewer complications, she said.

But board members took some issue with the change, stating that it wasn’t enough, especially compared with other Island towns.

Select board member Dion Alley said that the mooring fees should be more consistent with the quality of service offered on the Oak Bluffs Harbor. 

Select board member Jason Balboni agreed. “We charge for the service, and we have a great service [at the harbor],” he said. “The product is there.”

Oak Bluffs has “the best harbor on the Island,” Balboni added. “We have a place people want to go — we shouldn’t discount that.” When it comes to moorings, already “we’re giving it away” for $20 per day, he said. 

Town administrator Deborah Potter agreed with the board. “I don’t think it’s productive enough for us, financially, to be lower than our neighbors. We should at least be equal to [or] slightly higher,” she said. 

Select board members amended the request, and unanimously approved raising the fee to $50.

The daily flat rate will apply to all boats moored at the marina, regardless of the duration of the stay. 

The $50 daily rate will be in effect from June 16 to Sept. 4.


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