Carla Cooper receives Democrat of the Year Award

Cooper (middle) alongside District Attorney Rob Galibois and Holly MacKenzie. —Courtesy MV Dems

Edgartown resident Carla Cooper has been honored with the Democrat of the Year Award by the Cape and Islands Democratic Council.

She is the first Martha’s Vineyard resident to receive the honor, and was recognized at her May 6 presentation at the Kennedy Legacy Dinner in Hyannis.

Cooper also received Certificates of Special Congressional Recognition from the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and a Certificate of Recognition from the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

Cooper is the former chair of the Democratic Council of Martha’s Vineyard, the current chair of the Edgartown Democratic Town Committee, and an active member of Indivisible Martha’s Vineyard.

The award is in recognition of her “leadership, commitment to advancing the ideals of the Democratic Party, and her work on Martha’s Vineyard in electing the first Democratic Cape and Islands District Attorney, Rob Galibois,” a press release issued by M.V. Dems states.


  1. Congrats. Now let’s find a democratic president at least under 75. Everyone knows Biden, if elected, will never serve his term out so we are really electing his Vice President. And that’s a worse story.

    • Mark– There was a comment here by a frequent conservative commentator that Biden would never make it until the end of his first term. We will see.
      I’m not at all happy that Biden is running for a second term, by the way.
      If the republicans could put up an honest decent person ,like Baker, I would vote republican.

    • Now let’s find a Republican president at least under 75. Everyone knows Trump, if elected, will never serve his term out so we are really electing his Vice President. And that’s a worse story.
      Trump would never pick a strong Conservative second like MTG or Bobert.
      That is why Trump is not President today, Pence is a weak puke.

  2. Whatever happened to that incident recently where Galibois was accused of being involved in a hit and run accident?

    • where’s that squirrell ?
      And Hillary’s e mails, and Hunter’s laptop.
      And how come nobody ever investigated Benghazi ?
      (except of course, the 7 republican house and senate committees – but they don’t count because George Soros bought them off. )

    • “whatever happened” is that this is a totally false accusation. But of course, that doesn’t stop people who know nothing from posting like they know something.

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