SSA staff shortage leads to Sunday cancellations

Several of the Governor's trips on Sunday morning were canceled. — MV Times

Updated June 12

Several Steamship Authority (SSA) trips were canceled on Sunday due to a crew shortage, but SSA spokesperson told The TImes in an email on Monday that everyone who needed to be accommodated had their needs met, and “no one was left behind.” 

Specifically, the vessels affected are the Governor and the Katama. SSA spokesperson Sean Driscoll told The Times the ferry service was short two pilots for Sunday.

The canceled Governor trips departing from Woods Hole were at 5:30 am, 7:30 am, and 9:30 am. Meanwhile, the canceled Governor trips departing from Vineyard Haven were at 6:30 am, 8:35 am, and 11:05 am.

As for the Katama, the 5:30 am trip from Hyannis and the 8 am trip from Nantucket were canceled.

According to the Saturday afternoon announcement about the cancellations, the SSA reservation office worked to contact affected customers with vehicle reservations to “help them rebook.”

The SSA was also running on a constrained schedule for the Governor and Iyanough because of a testing backlog preventing deck officers from earning their pilot credentials. According to Driscoll, the Governor is now fully staffed. 

“We anticipate it continuing that way for the foreseeable future,” he said. “Five of the 10 crew members who were waiting for test information have had their test dates set.”

Driscoll said the SSA is working to fully staff the summer schedule. 

“At this point the only effect we foresee is the continued limitation of the MV Iyanough schedule on the Nantucket route,” Driscoll said in the email. “However, it makes good sense for customers to check our website before they travel with us, to see if there have been any last-minute changes — as one would with any form of travel.”

Updated with information from Sean Driscoll.


  1. Bring back those who unconstitutionally lost their jobs due to that ridiculous vaccine mandate.

    • How many were there?
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      Do they regret their decisions?
      Do their families?

  2. We, in Woods Hole, were terribly concerned and greatly relieved that there were no reports of critical health disasters when the ‘Lifeline’ cancelled the 5:30 boat so necessary for delivering medications and other necessaries of life.

  3. Bring back the gripers and complainers?
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