Lagoon beach closed for high bacteria count

Lagoon Pond —MV Times

A section of Lagoon Pond in Oak Bluffs was closed to swimming for a day this week.

Doug’s Cove had a bacteria count over a state threshold, and was closed until Tuesday, when the beach was retested. Health officials say the second reading was much lower, and under the state threshold.

Oak Bluffs Assistant Health Agent Alexa Arieta says there was a high count of enterococci on Monday. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that enterococci are indicators of the presence of fecal material in water, and the pathogens can sicken swimmers and others who use rivers and streams for recreation, or eat raw shellfish or fish. Other potential health effects can include diseases of the skin, eyes, ears, and respiratory tract.

Arieta says that per state law, swimming areas are tested weekly around the Island, and retested if there is a high bacteria count.


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