Tisbury: Memorial Park event, Library Building Fund, and David Baldacci novels

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Heard on Main Street: He who laughs last probably thinks slowest.

I am sorry I had to miss this year’s fair, though I heard some wonderful reports from many who told me it was just grand. Also that the creatures made from vegetables were as wonderful as expected. Of course, several quilts were spectacular, as were many other handmade exhibits. It is no wonder we get spoiled by all these beautiful arts and crafts.

Usually my favorites are the artistic creations by youngsters, whether drawn or created from Legos or the many other unusual items the younger folk use. And I miss seeing all the photos, whether of familiar scenes or wildly creative objects.

Hawaii seems a faraway dream for those of us who haven’t been there. So I was surprised when my daughter commented that she hoped her husband’s uncle was OK. I had forgotten the thoughtful man who had offered the kids a week at his Maui resort for their honeymoon, but happy to hear later that he was OK at the other end of the Island.

Tisbury’s police and fire departments have made safety plans for the music festival this weekend, so hope they work well. An expert was going to evaluate the conditions of the park fields afterward. Rumors suggest that the invasion and the loud music will be less annoying for all of us, and especially true for those nearest the Memorial Park.
It seems amazing that the Vineyard Haven Library Building Fund has already raised more than $1.4 million toward the $2 million capital campaign goal. Now $1,000 in matching funds will be donated by a generous Island family in a matching grant to help reach the goal by the end of the year, for every $3,000 donated, up to $150,000 in matching funds, totaling $450,000 in new gifts. Many of us have given to the project, so now we all need to dig a little deeper.

I just finished a wonderful book by a very good writer. I always enjoy David Baldacci’s action-filled novels, whose strong characters are very realistic people who are often in fairly unpleasant situations. This novel is an amazing story of the struggles of an unforgettable family, and the “One summer” that brings them all together in many surprising ways. Yes, I did like it very much.

Baldacci has created wishyouwellfoundation.org so you can look into the program to spread books across America here, or at feedingbodyandmind.com.

One of the things about August that I enjoy is the fact that a few of my loved ones come, even for a short visit. I could do without the excitement of hearing tornadoes are possible on the roads they travel home. These seriously heavy rainstorms are so dangerous that my son reported several big trucks even pulled off to the side to sit it out.

You are invited to BeFriend South Beach for cleanup this Saturday, August 26, from 8 to 10 am. Both the Left and Right Fork will have VCS volunteers handing out bags and gloves, ice cream tokens for kids, and a very special prize for the kid that finds the tiniest piece of plastic.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out tomorrow to Sherm Goldstein.

Heard on Main Street: Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened.

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