A normal year for Vineyard rainfall amounts

Although the Vineyard experienced an average summer, there were some rainy days in September. — MV Times

While much of Massachusetts experienced an exceptionally wet summer, Martha’s Vineyard had a pretty average season.

For June through August, the Vineyard recorded 9.36 inches of rain. Average rainfall, according to the National Weather Service, is 9.37 inches.

The Island numbers pale in comparison with the rest of the state. Boston received the second highest amount of rainfall ever recorded, going back to the 1950s. The city recorded more than 20 inches of rain over the three summer months.

But while the weather was somewhat normal on the Vineyard over June, July, and August, it’s been a rainy September so far. As of Monday, the National Weather Service reported 6.4 inches of rain for the month. And most of that precipitation has come in the past couple of weeks, with tropical storms Lee and Ophelia passing through. 

This summer was a far cry from last year, when the Vineyard, and much of Massachusetts, was in a significant drought, and state officials were recommending water conservation measures. The entire state is currently classified as normal, according to the Massachusetts Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs.


  1. Does not read like an average season by your own reporting. Summer ended on September 23rd and you admit 6.4 inches of rain by the 25th of September so looks more like close to 15 inches of rain which is way above normal by your numbers.

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