Crew shortage cuts Katama weekend availability 

The Katama's weekend schedule was cut because of a crew shortage. —MV Times

The freight ferry Katama will be unavailable for a portion of the weekend.

The Steamship Authority (SSA) announced on Friday afternoon that the Katama will not be running trips, starting with the 11:05 am ferry from Woods Hole on Saturday through the 9:50 am ferry on Sunday from Oak Bluffs. The SSA also stated that booking on the Vineyard route will be temporarily unavailable for Saturday and Sunday trips, as it works to accommodate displaced travelers. 

“Customers who are not able to rebook or cancel their trip will be placed in priority standby for travel on a space-available basis,” the announcement reads. “We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.” 

When asked about the crew shortage, SSA spokesperson Sean Driscoll told The Times that a senior deck officer was unavailable on the Island Home, a much larger vessel, and a replacement was not available. This led the SSA to reassign Katama crew members to the Island Home.

“We took personnel off the Katama instead of tying up a bigger boat, to minimize disruption,” he said.


  1. How about the people who were unconstitutionally fired for not taking the vaccine? Of course its the Islanders who get screwed, not the bottom line of the SSA

    • How many were there?
      Are they the kind of people we want working for the SSA.
      Did they also object to being drug screened?

      Government entities have no bottom line, by design they do not operate at a profit, we the people own them.
      The SSA exists because private enterprise failed to provide adequate service.
      Make the Island Great Again, disband the SSA, sell it off to Hornblower.
      If they don’t make a profit on a run they stop running.

    • Specifically, what clauses in the Constitution were violated?
      How much have the Trump Courts awarded those who were “fired”?

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