Hunting season underway

Deer hunting season 2023 begins Monday Oct. 2 and continues through Saturday Dec. 30. —MV Times

Bow hunting season begins today, October 2, marking the start of deer hunting season on the Island. 

The public is advised to wear orange when walking in conservation areas where hunting is permitted.

This year, deer hunting season runs Oct. 2 – Dec. 30.

Bow and arrow archery is permitted between Oct. 2 until Nov. 25. Shotgun season does not begin until Nov. 27 and runs through Dec 9, while primitive firearms season begins Dec. 11 and runs through Dec. 30. 

Wild turkeys (Oct. 2 to Nov. 25) and gray squirrels (Sept. 5 to Feb. 29) are also in season.

Hunting is allowed on Martha’s Vineyard Monday through Saturday, starting half-an-hour before sunrise and ending half-an-hour after sunset. 

There is no hunting permitted on Sundays in Massachusetts.

The Manuel F. Correllus State Forest, many M.V. Land Bank properties, and other conservation lands are open to hunters.  Hunters wishing to use hunting-approved Land Bank properties must have a valid permit issued by the Land Bank Commission. 

All walkers, bikers, and other recreational users of public trails should check to see if hunting is allowed on the chosen trail. Hikers should use precaution by wearing bright colors to alert hunters to their presence. Dogs should be leashed and wearing a bright-colored bandana or vest. Per the Land Bank, hunting is permitted by written permission only. During deer-shotgun season, the Land Bank will close certain properties to the public. If hunting is permitted on a property there will be clear signage at the trailhead.

Avoid walking at dawn and dusk, as these are times of increased animal activity and popular times for hunting. Use precaution in low visibility conditions.

Archery Season: Oct. 2 – Nov. 25, 2023
Shotgun Season: Nov. 27 – Dec. 9, 2023
Primitive Firearms Season: Dec. 11 – Dec. 30, 2023

See full regulations from for more information.


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  2. Time to start opening up hunting on Sunday to allow more time for the culling of these deer herds, and the health of the remaining deer and the island.

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