Gaza ceasefire demonstration met by counter-protester

A new group, Ceasefire MV, plans to hold a rally every weekend at Five Corners.


Updated Nov. 21

A demonstration calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, which could become a weekly event, momentarily turned confrontational this weekend when a counter-protester arrived with a large sign featuring a swastika.

From 11 am to 2 pm Sunday, a few dozen protesters stood at Five Corners in Vineyard Haven, chanting and holding signs calling for a ceasefire. The protest was organized by Ceasefire MV, a week-old effort organized by David Mintz of Oak Bluffs.

The protesters were met with many honks of support from passing vehicles, but also, around noon, a man approached the protest with a large sign displaying only a swastika, which was attached to a pole. After he stood among the group, one protester quickly approached and ripped apart his sign. 

Police who had been on the scene took the man aside, and he did not return to Five Corners afterward.

According to an attendee near the incident, the man declared, “I’m fishing for Jew haters,” and stated that he had been assaulted when his sign was destroyed.

Protester Talia Weingarten witnessed the incident: “I’m standing on [a] corner, and I look over and I see a young white man holding a large swastika sign in front of everybody else. He did not seem open to dialogue. He seemed like he came to incite. And so I crossed the street to talk to him. And as that was happening, a brave soul was ripping down his inflammatory sign, and that riled him up. He felt like he was being attacked, and called the cops for assault.”

Cape and Islands District Attorney Rob Galibois was considering an investigation, but decided against it after reviewing the incident with Tisbury Police Chief Chris Habekost. 

“While [this] exercise of free speech is abhorrent, no crime was committed,” said Galibois on Tuesday. Galibois adds that if he learns more relevant information about the incident, he would be obligated to review that information.

On Monday, Lieut. Bill Brigham of the Tisbury Police Department said that Tisbury police are still investigating the incident, and that they will complete a full report.

“As of now, no charges are pending, nobody was injured during yesterday’s protest/gathering, and everyone whom our officers spoke with were cooperative,” says Brigham.

On Sunday evening, Mintz said that he was concerned that photos of the man with the swastika might cause some people to falsely view the protest as anti-Semitic: “In no way do we stand shoulder to shoulder with Nazis,” the organizer said after the rally.

“One of the very things we’re protesting is the false conflation of opposition to genocide with anti-Semitism,” Mintz said.

Aside from the brief confrontation on Sunday, another passerby shouted at the protesters, calling them Nazis. Weingarten also noted receiving middle fingers from passersby.

Aside from the disturbance, Mintz, an atheist of Jewish descent, stated that the protest’s goals were to call for a ceasefire, and to condemn treatment of Palestinian civilians. “We support an end to military aid to Israel until the occupation ends,” Mintz added.

Mintz detailed his thoughts on the situation in Israel and Palestine in a recent letter to the editor in the Martha’s Vineyard Times.

“It’s our moral obligation to protest genocide,” Mintz said during Sunday’s rally. “A lot of people are afraid to speak out because it’s such a sensitive issue. A lot of people have drunk the Kool-Aid of U.S. propaganda. There’s a lot of repression, suppression of dissent, on the part of academia, media, police in some instances. It’s very important for people to resist that, and indeed, millions of people all over the world are expressing their outrage and disgust.”

“War crime is war crime,” Mintz added.

Other demonstrators interviewed were sympathetic to Palestinian citizens, and displeased with the U.S. government, either due to seeing coverage of the conflict, or after hearing from Palestinian friends.

“All of us have heart for Palestine, and also either know people who are Palestinian, and have been impacted by this greatly,” said Vineyard resident Alicia Bruce. “And it’s time to put an end to it. And the more we are making things known, the better [the] chance of people calling in to local representatives and asking. It’s our civic duty to, basically, do this.”

“I’ve been pro-Palestine for a very long time,” added Bruce. “I’ve always repped my keffiyeh in solidarity with Palestine. I have friends who are Palestinian, and [know] the treatment that they get when they want to go visit their family, which they don’t really get to [do] that often.”

Guy Jerovich, a Ukrainian American, recalled appreciating recent support for Ukraine on the Island. “I was amazed, and I found it so beautiful, how many people had Ukrainian flags out in support of Ukraine. And that is a beautiful sign of what this Island is capable of. We are capable, as an Island, of standing up for human rights, and to stand up against violence and unwanted violence.”

A lack of similar on-Island support for Palestine has concerned Jerovich. “You don’t see Palestinian flags on front porches. You don’t see them hanging from businesses. We are the majority that do not want to kill Gazan civilians. Yet for whatever reason on this Island, we see nothing. So that’s why we’re here today.”

Jerovich also stated that the U.S. has not been properly representing its taxpayers. “It’s our tax dollars that are funding this war … And the wealthy are known for — I would call it tax evasion — they call it tax avoidance, which is the cornerstone of maintaining wealth. So they don’t actually pay the taxes that are fighting this war. Yet they can be the loudest voices? That doesn’t make sense to me.”

Other than weekly rallies, Weingarten wants to see further efforts supporting Palestine. “We’re hoping to continue to congregate and hold events like teach-ins, where we can actually as a community learn the history of this together, and be informed, and not just inflaming each other, because ultimately the goal is to move in unity toward liberation, not further division.”

When asked if Ceasefire MV would support those efforts, Mintz said, “Hell yeah!”

On Monday, Rabbi Caryn Broitman of the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center issued a statement on the swastika incident. Broitman shared that Chief Habekost had expressed to the Hebrew Center the police department’s commitment to their safety. “In addition,” wrote Broitman, “the outpouring of caring since Oct. 7 from faith communities, as well as the Diversity Council, has been moving.”

Ceasefire MV does not currently have official membership. The protest was organized through social media and word-of-mouth.

Mintz plans to hold this rally from 1 to 3 pm every Sunday: “I think we’re going to make this a standing thing for as long as it takes.”

As of Nov. 10, the Gaza Health Ministry reported that more than 11,000 people had been killed in Gaza, following the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas that killed 1,400 Israelis. The health ministry is a Gazan government agency, operating under the Hamas-controlled government. The ministry’s count of deaths in Gaza is widely relied upon, and considered reputable.

This article has been updated to include statements from District Attorney Galibois and Rabbi Broitman.


    • LOL! I am actually pleasantly surprised at how well everyone is acting like a grownup in the comments I’ve read so far. I don’t mind if people are vehement and impassioned, and maybe even a little snarky. These are touchy subjects. But I don’t see a lot of invective and name-calling.

  1. I also would like to know where are all the Israeli flags on the island. Hard to understand why the Palestine people put up with Hamas who started this by killing innocent people at a music event and holding hundreds of people hostage for human shields. The war would stop today if Hamas gave up but they won’t. When Hama’s chants “From the river to the Sea” it is not an idle threat. It would nice to see anti Hamas flags amongst your own propaganda. We all can support the innocent Palestine people as well as the ability of Israelis to attend a music event without fear of being butchered. This group is drinking its own brand of Kool-Aid as it would be better to stop sending money to Iran than to stop sending help to Israel.

    • Agreed: “We all can support the innocent Palestine people as well as the ability of Israelis to attend a music event without fear of being butchered.” But I am inclined to doubt your contention that Hamas “started this by killing innocent people at a music.” It depends on how you define “this.” Consider the larger historical context. At the time of the establishment of Israel in 1948, some 700,000 Palestinian Arabs fled from their homes or were expelled by Zionist militias. They and their descendants have never been permitted to return (see

      Since then, Palestinians have been subjected to an apartheid regime and all manner of human rights abuses. It should not be surprising that some victims who survive ethnic cleansing go nuts, become radicalized, and want revenge (though what perhaps is surprising is how many do not).

      Viewed in historical context, the October 7 attack is analogous to the slave uprising led by Nat Turner in 1831, as I described in my letter to the MVTimes a week ago ( Even in complex historical processes, there is cause and effect. Neither Hamas October 7 attack nor the Nat Turner rebellion happened in a vacuum; they didn’t just wake up one fine morning and carry out a massacre just for kicks. Had there been no slavocracy, there would have been no uprising against it. And the disproportionately brutal reprisal that followed did nothing to address the underlying systemic problem.

      In referring to the Kool-aid of US prpopaganda, I mean, for one thing, that the true 75-year history of Israel is generally not taught in schools. Israel is the regional attack dog for the US, there to further the geostrategic aims of US imperialism (such as access to and control over oil resources). You don’t have to take my word for it on this; there are internal US foreign policy documents and actual statements that say as much (I’ll look it up if you insist). Hence the massive military aid.

      It is naive to think that the American ruling class supports Israel out of love for democracy and human rights. If the US political establishment cared about human rights, we would not need to have countless thousands of people in the streets screaming “ceasefire now!”

      • Since 2005 there have only been a few flare ups between the 2 sides and none that equaled what happened on the 7th. IMO Hamas brought this to a whole new level and Israel is having the correct response. What do you think Hamas means by river to the sea? How could you get along with that attitude.
        Why would you even try to teach Israel’s history in our schools the teachers today can not even teach U.S. history to the kids. You have countless thousands protesting about the conflict as it is a fun new event for them that they do not even understand. This group does not understand that Hamas is the one committing genocide. Hamas on purpose and brags about killing children, women, seniors, youth and any Israelis they could find. That is genocide trying to wipe out a race. Israel only wants to illuminate Hamas who are a legitimate military target that hides behind innocent people for cover. It would be nice if you were honest about both sides of this issue but go ahead and keep gas lighting the weak here on the island.

    • Hard to understand why Palestinians put up with domination by the Jews.
      You would think that they would strike back, even knowing that they will lose.
      Such is the strength religious’ belief

      • Domination by the Jews, Hess? Even if this is supposed to be sarcastic, didn’t you mean to say “domination by the Israeli government”? Or at least, “by Israelis”? Or maybe now you just unabashedly like to announce your hatred of Jews.

  2. What’s the “counter-protestor”‘s message?

    Is he saying that the Jews are acting like Nazis, or is he saying that defending Hamas is tantamount to acting like a Nazi? Or something else entirely?

    This article doesn’t tell us a damn thing besides “be pissed”.

    It’s offensive and damning that such a message would come without the slightest factual hint of “at whom.”

    • I disagree with you about the value of this article, but I completely agree that the incident and its dynamics are confusing.

      I think the most probable explanation is that the guy with the swastika intended to discredit and slander CeasefireMV by posing for a photo of himself standing beside us with his hateful sign just long enough for his accomplice passing by in a car to take a photo, which they subsequently posted on social media. In other words, by means of this malicious and dishonest stunt, they were trying to advance the lie that opposition to genocide equals antisemitism. Ironically for them, they succeed only in proving our point.

  3. If these calls for a ceasefire are based on the genuine desire to protect innocent lives, why haven’t we seen the same passion for saving the hostages? Are they not innocent as well?

    What is the ceasefire-compliant plan to bring them all home immediately? And if you cannot answer that in depth, why should your opinion play a role in military strategy? The IDF has been tasked with rescuing victims of kidnapping. Including infants. They can’t just abandon them to terrorists.

    • Katie Lane November 20, 2023 At 12:36 am

      “If these calls for a ceasefire are based on the genuine desire to protect innocent lives, why haven’t we seen the same passion for saving the hostages?”

      Because they are not.

  4. As usual, I hit send too soon.

    I’m aware there have been talks about releasing some hostages. Last I heard it was “possibly dozens” out of hundreds. But I’m asking why Israel is expected to take advice from people who won’t even acknowledge their full mission. Imagine children, the sick, and the elderly left with enemies for this long.

    Some innocent lives seem to be more valuable than others. These hostages have been ignored at every pro-Hamas gathering. In nearly every pro-Hamas write-up. Even if they’re rescued today, and I hope with all my heart they are, the lack of concern has been astounding.

    • Katie– We are dealing with Hamas, here.
      They are a fanatical hate filled bunch of
      terrorist that are willing to die for their
      You use the term”pro Hamas” to describe rallies and
      protests supporting the Palestinian people.
      They are not “pro Hamas rallies”. Would you describe
      this demonstration a “pro Hamas rally”?
      It was not, and will not be next week or the week after.
      You may find some radical anti semites in some
      middle eastern countries who support Hamas,but it is
      a vanishingly small percentage in the U.S.
      I doubt there are any on the island.
      But back to Hamas;
      Just asking them to surrender is not something
      they are going to do.
      The fact they took hostages to begin with is an
      indicator of their irrational intractable views.
      They should be eliminated. We both agree on that.
      Where we differ is how to eliminate them and at what cost.
      The israeli minister of culture recently said that nuclear
      weapons were an option.
      I am sure the swift condemnation and suspension
      of that minister is something that you, I , and Netanyahu
      agree on.
      So the question is how much force is necessary
      to accomplish the goals here? I agree the hostages
      need to be freed. They are innocents caught in a deadly
      situation, as are most of the 2 million people living
      In the Gaza strip. Certainly, the approximately 5,000
      children who have died as a result of this war are innocent
      I think your claim that people who are calling
      for a humanitarian cease fire don’t care about the
      hostages is incorrect. I am certain that every person at this
      protest cares about their plight. To suggest otherwise
      is offensive to well intentioned people, in my opinion.
      It seems that there may be a release of “a few dozen” hostages
      in return for a TEMPORARY pause in IDF actions to allow
      humanitarian aid into Gaza. You might think that
      is insignificant, but it certainly matters to the
      hostages and their families for the ones released.
      If a “negotiation” can get some people out, that’s
      progress. Re read the opening lines of this comment
      again about my thoughts on Hamas.

      • “You use the term “pro Hamas” to describe rallies and protests supporting the Palestinian people.”

        I don’t. I’ve been saying ‘pro-Hamas’ when applicable because:

        1. I refuse to conflate all Palestinians with the terrorists that govern them. I am careful with language.

        2. The rallies I mentioned employ Hamas-disseminated rhetoric. Chants. Excuses. Hence “pro”. There are countless clips on YouTube and other platforms that demonstrate this trend.

        “Would you describe this demonstration a “pro Hamas rally”?”

        I can’t say where everyone in attendance stands, but the organizer is the same person who wrote a letter to this paper last week. Included was a sympathetic depiction of Hamas. After mentioning the massacre, he made its perpetrators out to be freedom fighters, comparing them to those escaping the horrors of slavery.

        An obscene lie on multiple fronts. To start, Hamas is rich, powerful, and already free.

        Am I supposed to pretend that someone framing a cult so dishonestly–so generously—is concerned for Palestine? When Hamas has be oppressing Gazans for decades? Hamas is not fighting for a better life in the Strip. They’ve intentionally kept the area in shambles. Stealing food and funds, stripping pipes, denying a vote. The list continues.

        Because I care about their future, I cannot refer to anyone who overlooks these crimes as “pro-Palestine”.

        “You may find some radical anti semites in some middle eastern countries who support Hamas, but it is a vanishingly small percentage in the U.S.”

        This couldn’t be more inaccurate. You haven’t heard about the outcry on TikTok, Instagram, etc? I’m talking millions of ‘likes’ and videos. Especially from America’s youth, though older progressives are chiming in, too. They are proudly pro-Hamas, recasting acts of terror as acts of justified resistance. That’s no longer a fringe take.

        A few days ago, some even decided they’re pro-bin Laden.

        “But back to Hamas; Just asking them to surrender is not something they are going to do.”

        I know. I don’t wonder why Hamas kidnapped hostages. Or why they won’t surrender.

        Point was, some have positioned themselves as defenders of all innocent life, yet they’ve been conspicuously mute on the hostages’ fate and how it could be impacted. (Not to mention Israel’s.) A safe return of these innocents isn’t taken into account when telling the IDF how to proceed.

        “Where we differ is how to eliminate them and at what cost.”

        My view is that civilians need to be escorted out of harm’s way, even if Hamas insists they stay put.

        I don’t believe nuclear weapons should exist on this planet. Nor do I think Israel will use one.

        “You might think that is insignificant, but it certainly matters to the hostages and their families for the ones released.”

        A baseless remark. I would never regard a partial release as insignificant. I’m not flippant about human worth.

        I put quotes around “possibly dozens” because that was the exact wording used by the press. Any hostage release is an answered prayer for those individuals and their loved ones. Figured that went without saying. Still, the IDF will need to bring the rest home if further talks fall through.

        That difficult, honorable mission is being ignored by some who claim the true Israeli goal is genocide. I’ve seen this take frequently, having read thousands of comments on the matter. Your mileage may vary.

        Hope that clears up any misunderstandings about my position.

    • I sincerely thank you for your comment. You misunderstand our position. We are not fans of Hamas. CeasefireMV opposes all war crimes and genocide no matter who commits them or what the justification may be. The October 7 attack by Hamas was a criminal, atrocious, barbaric act of terrorism. You probably expected next this sentence to begin with an adversative conjunction — surprise! It was an atrocity.

      The ensuing response by the Israeli military has killed over 11,000 noncombatant Palestinian civilians, including over 4,000 children. We can safely say that’s a fact; no serious person claims this is fake news or exaggeration.

      Genocide is defined in the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide ( The Israeli military assault on Gaza meets that definition: it is genocide, hence a war crime. We object to genocide in the strongest possible terms no matter who is doing it, and why.

      Immortality and illegality aside, can any rational person believe that the genocidal assault on Gaza is going to improve the hostages’ chance of survival? We think not. The history of this conflict plainly demonstrates that military violence does not enhance the security of Israel. On the contrary, it only serves to perpetuate the cycle of violence by radicalizing the next generation of terrorists hell bent on revenge.

      With war crimes and atrocities having been committed on both sides, it does not seem too radical to propose that a ceasefire is a good idea.

      • NPR and Hamas are your sources for the number of Palestinian deaths? That’s the true definition of Fake News. Palestinians voted Hamas in and as they say, elections have consequences.

      • I would love for there to be no suffering for the Palestinian people. But, I do object to your use of the term genocide. Regardless of what definition you cite, I believe the word, for most people, implies an intentional act to eradicate a group of people. You can argue whether Israel is justified in its use of force, but the killing of civilians is a by-product of its retaliation against Hamas. It is not a policy agenda to kill Palestinian civilians. If it were, they’d be invading the West Bank and wiping out civilians. But they are not. What I don’t understand is why anybody thought there would ever be peace after Arafat rejected the 2000 Camp David peace proposal. He condemned his people to perpetual fighting and suffering. He could have chosen peace instead.

      • David.
        Thank you for your comment and your efforts
        to bring a glimmer of hope and rationality
        to this discussion.
        But there is an art to propaganda.
        Katies repeated use of the term “pro Hamas
        gatherings” is not an accidental slip of the keyboard.
        It is a deliberate attempt to portray you in a
        bad light. Katie knows that none of us support Hamas.
        Her intent is clearly to undermine your efforts by
        obliquely referring to your protests as being “pro hamas”.
        When all this first happened there seemed to be the
        beginnings of a rational discussion about the whole
        decades long issues in this area. But anyone who
        even remotely suggested that Israel bore any
        responsibility for the plight of the Palestinians
        was immediately shut down and branded as an
        anti semite.
        Good luck- It seems you are already being branded
        as “a useful idiot” and “pro hamas”.

        • Digging yourself deeper, Don.

          Promoting a “ceasefire now” IS pro-Hamas. Katie’s use is correct. An immediate ceasefire is good for Hamas, and deadly to the existence of Israel and innocent Israelis, as October 7 proved.

          Are you aware that you and your new pal are the only islanders with the chutzpah to publicly, falsely, and with obvious antisemitism, claim isreal, not Hamas, is guilty of genocide?

          “But the civilians…” as an excuse for being pro-Hamas?

          Hamas is 100% guilty for their civilian death toll and displacement. I read this explanation why the blood is on their hands, morally and legally:

          A bank robber is in the act when the cops arrive. The robber grabs a teller as a shield. Cops fire, intending to hit only the perp, but hits and kills the teller. In our democracy’s moral judicial system, the robber is convicted of murder. The cop is not, (unless the cop is a Jew and Mintz and Don are on the jury). There is no excuse for promotion of antisemitic views.

          As others point out, all death tolls in Gaza are reported through Hamas-controlled Gaza Heath Ministry- a group known for lying. (Recall the misfired Gaza missile landing in a parking lot). Numbers from Gaza do not tell us of any deaths of Hamas militants or not-so-innocent civilians who were paid to enter Israel on October 7 and bring back hostages— and dead bodies to be paraded in the Gaza streets and spit on and desecrated by cheering throngs. Any deaths of actual innocents are tragic and heartbreaking. I don’t add a BUT to that statement. No one but Hamas wants dead children, used for their propaganda. It remains antisemitic to accuse the IDF of indiscriminate or intentional killing of civilians. Reported death numbers from Hamas should always be taken with a grain of salt. A tablespoon of salt. Even this newspaper quotes a number as coming from NPR, even though NPR reported they got the information from Hamas controlled sources. Opps, MV Times, right? If “Jews control the media”, they’re doing a lousy job. Which is not to say that supporting the protection of innocents is in any way antisemitic.

          • You have to concoct some really twisted logic to get to a place in your mind where calling for the end of bombing and killing over 12,000 innocent people is PRO-Hamas, I really don’t know what to say about that. Humanity is just lost on some.

          • Wars begin to end with a ceasefire.
            Do you want to see this war to continue until all Palestinians are dominated by Israelis?
            All Muslims are dominated by Jews?
            How about agnostics dominating Godders.

          • In the real world, there are these things
            we refer to as “negotiations”
            You say you want the hostages released–
            you even DEMAND it. Great– you have done
            your virtue signaling well.
            But Hamas did not release any of the hostages
            because you demanded it, nor will they.
            But through that thing called negotiating,
            it seems as though up to 50 hostages
            MAY be released in an exchange of
            Palestinian prisoners during a cease fire.
            While that will not satisfy your demand
            to have them all released, it may get
            some of them released. They have already
            released 2 Americans. They didn’t do
            because they are nice guys.
            It seems you are against that.
            You obviously don’t care at all about
            those 50 people, or their loved ones.
            You just want revenge.
            Those 50 are a start. I support
            that. That does not mean I support
            Hamas. That means that I support
            getting as many home as possible.
            You accuse me of lying and
            gaslighting whenever I say something
            positive about Israel or my support
            for the innocents that were murdered.
            Well, Jackie– I think you are lying
            when you profess your concerns
            about the innocents being held hostage
            in hell. If you were really concerned
            you would be all for getting these people
            home. Any of them — every one of them
            matters to me. 50 is not 200, but it’s
            a start. Future negotiations will certainly
            But you have as much hate in your
            heart as Hamas has in their hearts.
            You are blinded by your hate so much
            that you can’t bring yourself to
            support a plan to get 50 innocent
            hostages home.
            And by the way, since you said you were
            proud of the vile hate mail you sent me
            last week, and said I could share it,I have.
            My Jewish girlfriend of 27 years found it
            both quite offensive and amusing.
            Her Jamaican son in law had a good
            laugh out of it, and wondered how one
            person could harbor so much hate.
            I am trying to go public with
            it to show how much hatred you actually
            have for the goyim.
            But it is so vile, so hate filled, this
            publication has so far refused to
            allow me to post even part of it.
            I’m trying, Jackie– I want you to
            be proud of how you treat those
            who disagree with you.

          • That’s not at all what I said, R Scott, but it’s useless to explain further.

            Everyone on this site is calling for a ceasefire. An end to the fighting. We just want different people to initiate it.

            Why aren’t you calling on Hamas to surrender and end the war?

          • R Scott, I realized while catching up that you may have been replying to any number of messages besides mine. I don’t know. When threads get this long, my device won’t let me view the page in proper order.

          • R Scott Patterson, you have to be filled with hatred for Israel to misread my many comments as you do and come up with your lie. But I get it. There are those who cannot stand the idea that Israel has to fight for its survival. Anyone standing with Israel is fair game for distortions and lies. I can assure you, I care much more about innocent Palestinians than you care about Israel and Jews. You’ve made that perfectly clear.

        • “Katies repeated use of the term “pro Hamas gatherings” is not an accidental slip of the keyboard.”

          Correct. I assumed that was obvious. I try to be precise, which is not a bad thing.

          My general definitions:

          If a group wants to supply Gaza with humanitarian aid and help them to live in peace with Israel someday, I would call that pro-Palestine. It’s a good label for those supporting Free Palestine From Hamas, an idea that does not, from what I’ve seen, include antisemitism or cult-supplied propaganda.

          If, however, a group uses genocidal slogans, promotes myths about Jews, behaves aggressively, or is of more benefit to terrorists than civilians in any locale, pro-Hamas fits better.

          I started making this distinction shortly after October 7th and have used it under prior articles. I felt it was unfair to link all things Palestine with Hamas.

          “It is a deliberate attempt to portray you in a bad light.”

          Wrong. David’s posts and letter can speak for themselves. I can disagree with him. There is no conspiracy.

          “Katie knows that none of us support Hamas.”

          Katie does not know this. Not when she sees billionaire terrorists being compared to abused slaves. Hamas-favoring lies make Katie question motives.

          “Her intent is clearly to undermine your efforts by

          How Ceasefire MV identifies is the least of my concerns. I was referring to countless protests across the world over the last six weeks. That’s why I used the plural. Those marches ignored the hostages, yet the participants claim they value freedom and life. Hypocrisy at its most basic.

          There was nothing oblique about my comments. I have a viewpoint. I stated it bluntly. I stand by it calmly. Your approach here was odd. You’re acting as if you caught me doing something sneaky when, as usual, I have no qualms stating my position outright: I do not support David Mintz.

          If the worst you can target me for is flagrant vocab, I’m doing slightly better than I thought after a foggy week. lol

          Jackie, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate. 🫶🏽🍁

        • Need to add a P.S. because I forgot something vital.

          People who self-identify as pro-Palestine have been tearing down posters of the hostages on the regular. This is proof that not acknowledging the hostages’ humanity is more than an oversight.

          To some, hostages are fair targets for further hatred and disrespect. This is why I make distinctions between folks who want to support all life and those who only care about Gaza.

      • What would a measured, acceptable, non-genocidal Israeli response look like ?
        What strategy or tactic could be employed to root out the countless Hamas terrorists living/hiding in underground bunkers and tunnels, using their own people/?hospitalized patients as human shields ? What response would you have expected if it were an attack on American soil ?
        We all agree about the tragedy of the loss of innocent lives – Israeli and Palestinian – but calling the response to Oct 6 a genocide seems rather naive given the situation at hand.

  5. If Hamas gave up their weapons the killing would stop. If Israel gave up theirs they would cease to exist. Supporting Palestine is the definition of anti-semitism. Argue all you want, you will be as wrong at the end as you were at the beginning.

    • You sound as though you don’t want to hear any further argument. Respectfully, I will nevertheless point out what should be obvious. When you say “if x were to happen, y would follow,” that does not make it true. It is speculation, or at best, a hypothesis. It is neither fact nor logical argument.

      Similarly, simply stating that support for Palestine is antisemitic does not make the statement true. I don’t much care about identity when it comes to evaluating anyone’s ideas and opinions, but for what it’s worth, I will point out that I am 96% Ashkenazi Jew (according to If we were in Nazi Germany, I would fully qualify for extermination. So, as a matter of simple self-interest (never mind morality or ethics), I have as much reason as anyone to be opposed to antisemitism. Yet, being human, I support the Palestinian struggle for liberation.

      How is this possible? Only if it is possible to be against both antisemitism AND against war of extermination against Palestinians.

      • So Mr. Mintz what is the solution? Does marching around in a circle at 5 corners do anything? Maybe brings attention to a few self indulged look at me crowd.
        You have a fanatical group of people hell bent on eradicating all Jews and Americans. Are we just supposed let this group hit us in perpetuity without retaliation? You are thinking like a rational person living in a civilized country and this part of the world is not.
        There was a cease fire on October 6, how well did that work out? The only way to stop evil is to eliminate it and that’s what Israel is thankfully doing. It’s not pretty and many more innocent people will die and if they do it correctly we may never have to deal with this evil again and the world will be a better place for it. Gloves off no holds barred.
        So this Thanksgiving I would suggest that give special thanks to all the IDF soldiers who are tasked with doing horrible things to make this world a better safer place while you feast on your meal from the most privileged place on the planet. I know I will.

        • Hi Carl. So your position is that it is OK to slaughter civilians if it happens in pursuit of a worthy objective. The end justifies the means no matter what. This is exactly the supremacist mindset: some people’s lives are worth more than others’. I am not going to try to rebut that. The irrationality, amorality, depravity, dare I say the madness of that speaks for itself.

          But I will respond to your opening remark: “Does marching around in a circle at 5 corners do anything? Maybe brings attention to a few self indulged look at me crowd.” I agree that protest politics by itself does not solve anything. Speaking for myself (not necessarily CeasefireMV), I believe it’s not enough just to pressure the world’s imperialist governments. We need to overthrow them in a world socialist revolution: dismantle the global capitalist profit system and reorganize society on the basis of social need rather than private profit. But perhaps that’s a conversation for another day. Rght now, I repeat, there is a moral obligation to protest genocide, and there is nothing to lose by making sure our political establishment gets the message. Hence, our demonstration.

          PS: we didn’t march around in a circle (-:

          • Hi David thank you for your response. I did not say that slaughtering people for a “worthy objective” is ok so let me try and clarify. Unless that “worthy objective” is my life. If I have to slaughter people who are trying to kill me and my family and the only way I can save me and my family is to go through innocent human shields then I hope I have to do what I have to do. I will not martyr myself so others will be slaughter for their “worthy objective”.

            I also don’t think that Hamas attacked Israel because they are fighting against private profit. They attacked them because they are Jews. I don’t see it any other way.

            As for marching around in circles I’m glad you didn’t get dizzy.

            As to your response to my other comment below yes we just disagree. And peacefully at that. Just think if I were a member of Hamas I would simply be justified in eliminating you based on that alone. So perhaps you should be thanking the IDF for standing up to those who would dispatch you because you are living the life of privilege.

      • By supporting both sides and quoting UN and genocide, you are pro Hamas and nothing you say changes that. Israel is going after Hamas and in so doing some people will be killed. Every war has this. None of you would have protested Germans or Japanese killed in WW2.

        • 432,000 civilians were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan post 9/11 following American attacks. I heard no cries of genocide at the suffering and loss of these innocent souls.

        • By supporting both sides and quoting UN and genocide, you are pro Israel and nothing you say changes that…
          Many of us protested going to war against Germany in WW2.
          Germany never attacked us.

      • In addressing the Israel-Palestine conflict, it’s crucial to apply rational thought, which necessitates making clear distinctions based on facts and moral reasoning. This is particularly important in differentiating between actions that intentionally target civilians and military responses that may have unintended civilian casualties while aiming at legitimate targets.

        The assertion that ‘if Hamas gave up their weapons the killing would stop, if Israel gave up theirs they would cease to exist’ [sic] is grounded in a historical and geopolitical understanding of the region. It highlights the existential threats faced by Israel and the nature of Hamas as a terrorist organization. This isn’t speculative; it’s a recognition of the stark differences in the objectives and methods of the two sides.

        Regarding the claim that supporting Palestine is inherently anti-Semitic, it’s vital to discern the nature of that support. Criticizing Israeli policies is legitimate, but it becomes problematic when it overlaps with denying Israel’s right to exist or veers into anti-Semitic sentiments. The challenge lies in maintaining the ability to discriminate between right and wrong, justifiable defense, and unjustifiable aggression.

        Your Jewish heritage, while it certainly gives you a stake in the fight against anti-Semitism, does not inherently provide a clear perspective on the Israel-Palestine conflict. It’s not enough to be against anti-Semitism; one must also recognize the difference between legitimate state defense and terrorist aggression. The failure to make crucial distinctions leads to a nihilistic moral relativism that blurs these essential differences. It’s not about personal identity but about the intellectual and moral backdrop of your assumptions, the framework of your understanding, applied to events as they occur.

      • David,

        You are all over the map…these are your words:

        “On the contrary, it only serves to perpetuate the cycle of violence by radicalizing the next generation of terrorists hell bent on revenge.” November 20, 2023 at 2:35

        “I will nevertheless point out what should be obvious. When you say “if x were to happen, y would follow,” that does not make it true. It is speculation, or at best, a hypothesis. It is neither fact nor logical argument.” November 20, 2023 at 2:46

        So which is it? Israel defending itself creates retaliation continuing the cycle of violence or is that just speculation? You can’t have it both ways.

        Remember those are your words.

        • Great point, Carl.

          Also, this specific “if X were to happen…” scenario is different from typical conjecture. It requires no soothsaying. No crystal ball.

          Why? Because the same people who will be responsible for the Y factor coming to pass HAVE SWORN OUTRIGHT TO COMMIT Y.

          They’ve been making this promise for 3.5 decades. In writing. Out loud. Via their actions. They followed through with a bloody attempt just last month, and they say they’re coming back for more.

          And yet, somehow, those who cannot (more like will not) see this constantly boast of being logical and reasonable.

          • Antisemites blame Israel for October 7th. Everything Mintz says is a justification for Hamas. Ironic, coming from a Jew.

            The ceasefire is in effect and still holding and some of those precious hostages are coming home. May they all come home. Holding his ceasefirenow rally during the ceasefire in effect is like demanding people eat turkey on thanksgiving. But this is what we can expect from people who know little and spread false, antisemitic information.

        • Hi Carl. I don’t think the two quotes are inconsistent with each other. The statement about perpetuating the cycle of violence is not based on hypotheses or speculation, but on the historical record. My criticism of the line “if only Hamas would lay down its weapons, peace would prevail” is that it *is* speculative and lacks a grounding in objective events, on the basis of which events one could argue with equal or greater plausibility that the opposite is true. But hey, we are edging into in the realm of opinion. We disagree.

      • Hamas is not fighting to “free Palestine”, Albert. They’ve admitted—even bragged about—their actual goal. It is not up for debate. You cannot choose your own facts.

        Anyone who thinks Hamas exists to better the lives of Palestinians is either lying or clueless.

  6. The term “useful idiot” is defined as “a person perceived as propagandizing for a cause—particularly a bad cause originating from a devious, ruthless source—without fully comprehending the cause’s goals, and who is cynically being used by the cause’s leaders”.

    Memo to Jewish atheists, agnostics secularists, reformed, orthodox, conservative, etc, and everyone supporting a ceasefire now:

    “[Peace] initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and
    international conferences are in contradiction to the principles of
    the Islamic Resistance Movement… Those conferences are no more than
    a means to appoint the infidels as arbitrators in the lands of
    Islam… There is no solution for the Palestinian problem except by
    Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are but a
    waste of time, an exercise in futility.’ (Article 13)” ~From the Covenant of the Hamas

    “Article Seven of the Charter concludes with a quotation from a hadith: The Day of Judgment will not come until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say, ‘O Muslim, O servant of God, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”

    Being an atheist Jew doesn’t matter to Jew-Haters and Israel-Haters.

    Vivian Silver was a social worker, peace activist, Canadian-Israeli. It was first thought she was taken hostage to Gaza. but now it is believed she was burned alive on October 7th by Hamas. Her DNA in ash have been identified. May her memory be a blessing.

    Bring home the hostages. Demand Hamas surrender. May all innocents be comforted and protected.

    • In all sincerity, I thank you for this comment. I congratulate everyone for their comments who can state their opinions in a civil (if impassioned) manner.

      Jackie Mendex: Please refer to my replies above, in which I stress that CeasfireMV in no way supports Hamas. Indeed, to suggest otherwise is at best ignorant and at worst, a slanderous attempt to discredit us. We believe — I repeat — that wiping out 10,000 civilians and bombing hospitals is not only criminal but also counterproductive. It should be self-evident that you cannot stop violence with violence. Please think about it for a moment.

      • In all sincerity, I don’t wade through ignorant, false excuses and antisemitic gibberish in other comments, Mintz. But I am confused. Here you say you appreciate my comment, yet on your FB page you tell me, “Jacqueline, calm the [expletive deleted] down.”

        You can wait for the Times to publish my letter to the editor to read why your view is antisemitic and definitely a pro-Hamas stance. I will not bother myself with repeating that here, except to summarize:

        Pro-ceasefire = pro-Hamas. An immediate ceasefire will result in aiding Hamas to follow through on their promise to annihilate more Jews, all Jews. That would include you. At the same time, an immediate ceasefire would put Israelis in the position which every decent, thinking Jew has sworn against: NEVER AGAIN. Pro-ceasefire does nojthing for israel and everything for Hamas. Therefore it is pro-Hamas. Just like you.

        There will be no ceasefire. Israel is fighting for its survival, not for anyone’s approval. There will continue to be humanitarian pauses for Israel to assist the innocent Palestinian civilians in the evacuations they have urged and accompanied. Until there is no more Hamas.

        Israel has a right to exist and a right to defend itself from attacks. To call that a genocide is antisemitic and a lie.

        Did your ancestors think that the US and Allies should stop bombing the Nazis because violence begets violence? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I’m sorry for your ancestors, and may their memory be a blessing, especiually since it’s likely that more than one perished at the hands of the Nazis. Israel is the ancestral home to Jews– the promised land for many, including those who survived the Holocaust. It’s a shame you hate that tiny country so much.

        • There is so much ignorance in the above that it would take too long and too many words to correct all of it. Suffice it to say that we disagree. You can continue to adhere to the amoral and delusional belief that Israel will further its security interests by means of genocide, bombing hospitals and annihilating over 11,000 civilians who are in no way responsible for Hamas’ atrocities of October 7. Meanwhile the overwhelming majority of world opinion rightly continues to express its outrage and disgust.

      • CeaseFireMV may claim not to support Hamas, but its actions benefit absolutely nobody but Hamas, so, it’s supporting Hamas, while sticking its head in the sand to that fact.

        A bit of history CeaseFireMV might not be aware of. In 1948, the day before Israel came into existence as a modern nation, essentially all of the Palestinians were Jewish. Israel didn’t displace them, Israel IS them.

        These Jihadis have been flocking to the area ever since, hoping to earn their 72 virgins by killing some Jews. Every single Muslim Palestinian, is either presently a living weapon, or is being raised to be a living weapon; their parents brought them there, to raise them up to kill some Jews.

        There is no choice between a clear right and and a clear wrong here. There’s only a variety of wrongs, and Israel is in the unenviable position of having to identify and choose the least wrong, while they’re getting shot at and raped in their homes. And, they have to do it amidst our high-and-mighty kibitzing and lecturing.

        Since it’s the Palestinians who have decided that someone has to die, through their lawful democratic vote, I have no problem with Israel deciding it’s not going to be them.

        If there was such a thing as a Palestinian who wanted peace defined some other way than their enemies all being dead, it would be another matter.

    • The Rabbi from the Hebrew Center has sent several moving and thoughtful letters to our congregation. I strongly support her views. So sorry that you believe comments only exist if they are broadcast to the media.

  7. “He did not seem to be open to dialog, he seemed like he came to incite”. So, you just rip up the sign? That does not “seem” like a peaceful act, it “seems” like an assault. The bearer of the sign is quoted as saying, “I am fishing for Jew Haters”. Though I am extremely offended by the symbol on the sign, couldn’t someone have simply said, please join us without the sign, as it sends a message which you did not intend?
    I have learned that talking to one another is far better than reacting blindly. We have come to a time when taking sides is what we do. Sad. We do not have to agree to work together for peace.
    It is extremely easy to contact Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren. It can be done online in a matter of moments. Also, call them and write to them and keep it up. Give them what they need to represent us.
    A demonstration helps Humans who are heartsick form a community dedicated to peace. There was talk yesterday about raising money with a series of events, to send to a group like Doctors without Borders. Does anyone know how to find a relief/aid/medical group that can actually get in there to help?

  8. I believe 95% of pro Palestinian demonstrations are disguised antisemitism. Ask any demonstrator if they protested the 100,000 of children who die each year from war. These demonstrators only protest when Israel defends itself. Any country that enables murderers like Hamas can’t complain when other nations bomb them. Why didn’t one Palestinian warn Israel about October 7?

  9. The claim that 11,000 Gazans were killed and 4,000 of them were children is not a fact. It is an assertion made by Hamas, and is unverified by any reliable source. It may have been stated by NPR, as the article indicates, but NPR’s source was Hamas. Moreover, those numbers don’t distinguish between terrorists and civilians.

    The fact is we don’t know the accurate number of civilian casualties in Gaza.

    But there is one clear, indisputable fact: All the casualties – on both sides – are the result of Hamas. Hamas is entirely to blame for every single death. There was a cease fire on October 6. Then Hamas started a war of aggression, and every death since is its fault.

    • We of CeasefireMV are not fans of Hamas. However, your attribution of all responsibility for the violence to Hamas bespeaks an ignorance of the history of the region. As for the veracity of body counts, there is evidence in the form of photos, videos, satellite imagery, eyewitness accounts. And there is, for example, I grant you that we cannot know to a certainty the exact number of casualties. But common sense tells us that when you bomb densely populated areas and destroy as many residential buildings (and schools and hospitals) as the Israeli military has done, you are going to kill a lot of people. Quibbling over precise body counts is unseemly at best.

    • Thank you, Robert. NPR did report that number, but they included the fact that the source of info was Hanas-controlled. This newspaper left that part out. They may want to correct that in this article.

    • Robert.
      You can dispute the numbers, but the
      fact is that the toll in Gaza is very high.
      Likely overestimated by Hamas.
      So ok– 10,000– there– that makes
      it all better, I guess.
      And next week, after we watch the
      IDF level another hundred buildings
      or so, will you just claim that
      because the health ministries
      in Gaza that are run by Hamas
      and disregard anything they say?
      That’s convenient.
      But of course, it just may happen
      that the hostilities pause for
      5 days, while 50 of the hostages
      are released and humanitarian
      aid is allowed in.
      But it seems some here
      don’t like that idea. Once the hate
      is released, the bloodlust overtakes
      compassion and reason.

  10. Why aren’t you protesting the real genocides going on in numerous countries around the globe? China, Ethiopia, India, Syria and anywhere else where ethnic cleansing is being conducted on a regular methodical basis.
    If you weren’t seeing this constantly on tv or wherever else you get your information perhaps you wouldn’t be so focused on protesting Israel’s right to defend itself.

    • There is little concern about the resumption of the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan, which where the ethnic Arab militia, the Janjaweed are again massacring the ethnic African, including systematic rape as a deliberate war weapons.
      They seem to have exchanged riding in on camels for motorcycles and pickup trucks.
      They should be able the beat their 2004 count of 300,000 to 400,000.

    • Let me ask you , Gail,
      Why are those atrocities that happen
      nearly every day around not front
      page news?
      Do you think anyone thinks it’s
      Does it make top headlines around the
      world because Jews are “worth” more
      than those people in Africa ?
      Why is it that very little is said
      when a black child goes missing
      or murdered in this country, while
      the disappearance of of a young
      white woman garners the top story
      spot for months. Particularly on
      right leaning media sites?
      I can tell you —
      It’s because there actually is a
      racist, Islamophobic mentality
      that white people and Jews are
      “worth” more. Sorry to break the
      news to you, but racism and the
      hate that goes with it is not the
      exclusive domain of white supremacist.

      • The antisemitism of many of the liberal left is undeniable. They deflect and like to talk about how they are not racist, it’s the republicans, when the issue is the antisemitism of the left and progressives, which is just as evil and hate infused as neo nazi proud boys marching to “Jews will not replace us”. The liberal left simply sings different lyrics to the same old song: “From the river to the sea”.

        But they yammer on about Republicans anyway, with a complete lack of self-awareness of how their ugly antisemitism promotes the terrorism facing Jews al over the world.

  11. How is it possible on this most humane island the only mention in this article of the hundreds of Israeli women, children, babies, elderly and men butchered, raped, burned alive, and tortured to death in the most depraved ways imaginable is only mentioned in passing in regards to a terrorist organization’s unprovable report of the number of casualties in Gaza? What of the more than 200 hostages including a nine month old baby, more than 30 other children, the sick and elderly? No mention if the women and children savagely raped, their bodies dragged through the streets of Gaza to cheering crowds. The captured footage of this carnage taken by the terrorists’ own GoPros and phone cameras and shown to the media, Congress, the Israeli government and other groups caused people to throw up, sob openly, run from the rooms in horror. I guess it’s okay to savagely murder innocent civilians as long as they’re just Jews. Also, If you want to know the real history behind the Jewish state read Noa Tishby’s very readable book called Israel. Israel is defending itself against terrorists who’s only reason to exist is to kill all Jews. Israel is not committing genocide. It’s rooting out a government of terrorists who use their own citizens as human shields, Who daily send rockets into Israel. The Holocaust was genocide. Syria is committing genocide. There is genuine genocide in this world. There are many, many Arabs of all faiths who are Israeli citizens. They are in the government. They are Supreme court justices. The Jews have been attacked and driven from every country in the world, murdered, and hated throughout history for no reason other than they are Jews. If the people from Falmouth came over on boats and slaughtered and tortured your children, wives, brothers, and elderly would you turn the other cheek? Yeah. And I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d love to sell you. No one wants civilians to die. But that should include Israeli civilians. What of the people of Nagasaki and Hiroshima? Dresden? Oh, but that was war you say. This is war. You don’t know what you’re protesting. You don’t know the actual history of the conflict. And you are supporting terrorists And protesting against the only democracy in the region, where women are equal to men and gays can live and love openly. The world has gone mad.

  12. I have no interest in discussing my views on Israel in the Times comment section but I have a few questions and a comment.
    1. What evidence do you have that the man with the swastika was attempting to discredit you? What evidence do you have that a picture was taken by an “accomplice”?
    2. You repeatedly bring up your ethnically Jewish background. I assume this is with the hope gaining the air of expertise or gravitas when discussing the situation. Your argument is that a Jew or other supporter of Israel would be running around with swastikas to gain power or influence or to discredit supporters of a Palestinian state? This is essentially the same argument for Holocaust denial. That the Jewish people fake persecution in order to gain power and influence. You may believe what you choose but no amount of Jewish background makes this argument less antisemitic.
    My questions are mainly rhetorical and I won’t be engaging here. I’m sure I have a hundred typos I haven’t had my coffee.

  13. Respectfully, if you are getting your facts from Palestinian and Hamas sources (the same?), please consider reading about the history of the conflict from AJC and from Yossi Klein Halevi and from Bassem Eid and from Mosab Hassan Yousef. You seem like someone who is open to really learning about the nuance and perhaps having some of your perceptions challenged rather than just rattling off the party line. I implore you to read many points of view if you want to do everyone in the region justice. Jews have thousands of year history in the land (with many periods of being conquered, murdered and exiled) and Arabs have also a long history in the land and feel strong roots there from periods of Arab conquests. Jews always returned from their exiles, often fleeing persecution elsewhere, from Spain, from Eastern Europe’s pogroms, from the Nazis. Both peoples have history there. It has been proposed to divide the land many, many times, including one proposal that Israel offered over 95% of the West Bank and all of Gaza. The proposals were rejected by the Palestinian leadership every time. The reason there is no Palestinian state is because of their leadership, not Israel. At present they are being controlled by a terror organization that doesn’t want a two state solution. They want to annihilate Jews and create an Islamist state, like Al Quaeda does. Sadly, Israel does not have any choice but to eliminate Hamas. They cannot have a terror organization on their border that plans to replicate Oct 7 over and over. They cut off women’s breasts and mutilated their genitals. They killed parents in front of little boys. They kidnapped grandparents. Israel’s army is the most ethically careful army in the world. What army calls citizens on their cell phones and warns them they are about to bomb a terror cell in their building and they should evacuate for their own safety? What army brings in incubators to evacuate Palestinian babies from the hospital because the terrorists are brazenly using that hospital as a base? Genocide means trying to wipe out a People. Israel is more than happy to make peace with anyone who actually wants peace. They only want, and are morally obligated, to kill those who are trying to kill them. A ceasefire is not an option, unfortunately. Please join calls for Hamas to surrender, not for for Israel to accept a terror attack with no response. Please cry for and protest Jewish babies kidnapped as much as you cry for Palestinian babies caught in the crossfire as pawns of Hamas. Unless your protest has photos of both Jewish babies and Palestinian babies, it comes off as sadly uninformed and uncaring.

    • …please consider reading about the history of the conflict from AJC and from Yossi Klein Halevi and from Bassem Eid and from Mosab Hassan Yousef and other reliable biased sources.

  14. I have no interest in discussing my views on Israel in the Times comment section but I have a few questions and a comment.
    1. What evidence do you have that the man with the swastika was attempting to discredit you? What evidence do you have that a picture was taken by an “accomplice”?
    2. You repeatedly bring up your ethnically Jewish background. I assume this is with the hope gaining the air of expertise or gravitas when discussing the situation. Your argument is that a Jew or other supporter of Israel would be running around with swastikas to gain power or influence or to discredit supporters of a Palestinian state? This is essentially the same argument for Holocaust denial. That the Jewish people fake persecution in order to gain power and influence. You may believe what you choose but no amount of Jewish background makes this argument less antisemitic.
    My questions are mainly rhetorical and I won’t be engaging here.

    • Hello Aislinn Weintraub. For the benefit of othe readers, I will respond to a couple of your points even if you just stopped by to take a couple of swings and then leave.

      Regarding your item #1: you’re right! It looks as though I may have been wrong about what happened on Sunday, November 19, with the man brandishing the swastika. I have since exchanged emails with him. He asserts that he was, in effect, a lone wolf (I’m paraphrasing), not acting in concert with others. Based on the objective facts, I inferred (reasonably, I think) that it was a setup involving multiple actors. But, as it turns out, it may have been purely coincidental that a passing motorist took a photo through his car window at exactly the right moment and then posted it on social media (or passed it on to others who did so). That person’ was either acting out of malice, or else is shall we say not the sharpest tool, and genuinely believed we were displaying a swastika as part of our demonstration.

      Regarding your second point about my Jewish ancestry: first, I have not brought it up “repeatedly.” In the body of the article, I was speaking in response to a question from the reporter (my memory is not infallible, but I’m pretty confident on this point.) In the second case, please again look at the context. I prefaced my remark by saying I am not one who believes we should evaluate arguments based on who is making them, but on the actual content of the arguments themselves. BUT, I continued… attempting to rebut the notion that to oppose Israel’s war of annihilation against Gaza is inherently antisemitic. See what I’m saying?

  15. The state of Israel was created after the Holocaust as a safe haven for the Jews. They have tried to appease their enemies over the years but it has resulted in nothing good. The simple fact is that no amount of appeasement or giving away of land or kindness will satisfy their enemies. Their enemies do not want them to exist. Period. And yes, where are the Israeli flags on this Island? My neighbor has his flag flying and my Israeli banner is flying here on Main Street, proudly.

    • The State of Israel was created after the Holocaust, by Europeans, as a solution to their religious friction.

    • Sarah– could you cite some of the examples of the
      appeasements by the Israelis to the Palestinians ?
      I don’t consider the Israeli policy of allowing some
      Palestinians to cross the “border” from their ghettos
      to be able to have the privilege to clean the toilets
      of Israelis’ at poverty wages an “appeasement”.
      Nor do I think that allowing some Palestinian people
      the right to live on their ancestorial lands and tend
      to their olive trees is an “appeasement” .
      Tell me what the appeasement is .
      It doesn’t seem to be very
      “appeasmental” to me when armed “settler’s”
      move into areas that Palestinians have lived on
      for millenia.
      Prove me wrong, but I think the only
      time Israel has “given away land” was in
      1979 when Egypt and Israel ended their
      state of war . Israel got a peace deal. Egypt
      got the Sinai peninsula back.
      You might notice that in the current
      conflict, Israel and Egypt are not exchanging
      artillery fire. They are working together
      to get humanitarian aid into one of the
      most most devastated places on the planet.
      I certainly am not in any way attacking
      you or your opinions, Sara.
      I am just presenting my opinion.
      As you are.

  16. I want to thank the Biden Whitehouse for bringing the Jewish community over to the Republican side and hopefully without causing WW111 in the meantime, help elect Donald Trump back into office and to put an end to the Middle East war and the war in Ukraine.

    • How will Trump put an end to the war in Ukraine?
      By supplying Communist/Conservative Russia with modern weapons to bring about a solution to the Nazi problem?.

    • Tim– I am so impressed with you comment,.
      after all, when trump was president, all the wars
      stopped. He promised to end the war in “Afgan”
      I am sure he did that, but the fake news came up
      with some fake story about some fake incident
      in Afghan .
      But really, according to him there were no terrorist
      attacks in the
      U.S while he was president.
      except for about 20 of
      them that the trump run department of homeland
      security identified. But they were all traitors.
      Oh but of course, that radical Muslim guy
      that ran people over in N.Y while trump was
      president doesn’t count–nor do any of the white
      supremacists terrorist attacks.
      So i actually really like the idea that trump will
      end the most devastating wars around the world
      if he gets re elected. — On day one–
      i am sure he will be as successful in these endeavors
      as he was in ending the Afghan war, building the wall
      and having Mexico pay for it, and making America great

  17. “The simple moral place to stand is in the middle because it is comforting. You are being evenhanded, –that you see nuance and complexity not black and white. Some take that position on Israel and Hamas. Right here on MVTimes.

    Oh Israel should be able to defend itself some say— not too much. It must make concessions to those who seek Israel’s destruction.

    When Israel’s enemies pursue the worst atrocities in 80 years, attacks on Israel are chalked up to political differences ‘’whatever’’. those lies have been provided by the looney Left and its allies in the media. And some on this post. We are told that Israel must be warned not to engage in human rights violations. From Biden from Obama, from the UN, from the media. If Israel isn’t reminded in the wake of the worst pogrom since the Holocaust, those arrogant Jews might carpet-bomb Gaza. The purpose of the lie is to get Israel to stop defending itself at the first opportunity.

    Israel abides by the rules of war. Its enemies openly cheer the death of civilians,–Israel’s and their own. The political and media infrastructure ought to be using their moral suasion to convince Hamas to release hostages and protect their own citizens.

    Another lie is that we must all remember the Peace Process that was obviously and clearly a ruse undertaken by Yessir Yourafart in order to provide the launching for a genocidal war on the Jews; that Peace Process that has ended in the election of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, the leadership of Islamic Jihad and the terror-paying Palestinian Authority in the West bank. We must, the lie goes, remember the two-state solution!

    It places the blame on Israel for terrorism against Israel. If only the Jews had made more concessions — other than say, the partition plan of 1947 (rejected by the Arabs); the Egyptian-Israeli peace deal of 1979 (the Arab states boycotted Egypt after Sadat’s peace with Israel for almost a decade); the Oslo Accords themselves; The 2000 Camp David proposal (rejected by Arafat, and a violent terror war launched resulting in the death of 1,184 Israelis); the Gaza Withdrawal of 2005 (Hamas was elected and has been launching terror attacks ever since); Ehud Olmert’s 2008 peace plan (rejected by Mahmoud Abbas outright); and former President Donald Trump’s so-called Deal of the Century (rejected before even being seen).

    But Israel, the lie goes, must continue to make painful concessions. If they don’t, Jew-murder is inevitable. Moral equivalence restored!
    Then there’s the final lie: that anti-Zionism has nothing to do with antisemitism. That lie is currently being encouraged by the equation of antisemitism with Islamophobia by our elite.

    All of these lies are useful in attempting to regain a high ground via a falsely restored moral equivalence they are eager for. That equivalence allows Leftist Jews to pretend that they won’t be conflated with their fellow Jews by the DEI coalition; and lets them pretend that they are on the side of the righteous while they make excuses for Hamas; it allows the international community to continue to pressure Israel after the mass murder of Jews. “”

    • andy– I get it now–Islamophobia is ok–
      antisemitism is bad.
      And thanks for acknowledging that
      I am one of the “elite”.
      I really appreciate that after all these
      years of you calling me a “mediocre carpenter”.

  18. Another island newspaper reported one of the protest organizers, Ms. Cohen, believes people need to educated about the historical context of this and other wars involving Israel. Ms Cohen states she and another person are working on an educational program. I agree with Ms. Cohen and trust she will include Hamas’ founding covenant in her program. It declares: ‘On the destruction of Israel:
    “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it. (Preamble)” “[Peace] initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement… There is no solution for the Palestinian problem except by Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are but a waste of time, an exercise in futility.” (Article 13)” “The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight Jews and kill them. Then, the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will cry out: ‘O Moslem, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him.” (Article 7). This war involves two parties. Israel and Hamas. One was attacked and has offered peaceful solutions for over 50 years. The other refuses peaceful solutions as stated in their covenant and explicitly declares the only solution is the “obliteration” of the state of Israel and the killing of Jews. As each and all of us consider solutions to this incredibly complex situation we should ask ourselves: What do I do when my neighbor vows to kill me and my extended family. Then, attacks us on our own property. Brutally kills many family members. Rapes and drags our cousin’s body through the streets as people spit on her. Shares video tapes of and celebrates beheadings. Takes hostages and declares never to cease until we are obliterated. Do we defend ourselves? Try to wipe out the threat? Or declare a one sided cease fire? Israel’s right wing government is not innocent. They have stoked the flames by aggressively building settlements. Israel, however, has offered a variety of peaceful solutions for over 50 years. None have been accepted by those claiming to represent the Palestinian people. The full text of Hamas’ covenant appears @

  19. We should be thankful that we live in a country that upholds the right to free speech. That means we must give Mr. Mintz and the Swastiga Guy the right to protest in public and on the pages of this publication. Free speech does not discriminate against misinformed, hateful, intolerant or bigoted views – or even views that are factually and provably false. But I am thankful for those who are on the righteous and moral side of history, and understand the importance of defeating Hamas.

  20. I wish we were still able to comment on letters to the editor. I just read the one about bringing a swastika to the protest. If its author happens to be reading here, maybe he can answer a few questions.

    You said the swastika was chosen because you needed a symbol, not a sign that would be dependent on words. You also stated that what bothered you about Ceasefire MV was the lack of representation for Israel, as protesters were exclusively displaying the flag of Palestine.

    Why didn’t you just opt to make an Israeli flag and carry that instead? Seems the most logical choice if flags were the problem. Why would you attempt to represent a whole group with something horribly offensive to them, synonymous with the hatred directed their way and the suffering forced upon their people?

    Synonymous with threats. Did you just forget that aspect? Unlikely.

    Your explanation was clearly worded, but the underlying logic is not adding up. And I’m being overly polite. The entire point, as you indicated, of symbology is that it allows for communication without lengthy explanations. Your handiwork has required an article, a letter, & commentary.

    Yeah. A shameful choice. Again, keeping it clean to suit the rules here. Grown men trolling, as you put it, never works out.

    • “I wish we were still able to comment on letters to the editor.”
      You can comment on letters to the editor by writing a letter to the editor.
      The editors decide which letters to publish.

  21. two state solution will never work. You can’t get an honest broker on the Palestinian side. They will import arms and start killing Israelites indiscriminately. They will agree to terms and than back out. They will vote for Hamas leadership and keep going down that rabbit hole.
    Isrealites won’t be the aggressor, but will retaliate aggressively and take out 10 Palastinians for every one Israelite.
    Wash, rinse, and repeat.

  22. Allow me to say one more thing. A lot of us are agitated and angry and upset. Most of us are stubborn and intransigent in our views — I know I certainly am! I have been in a war of words with multiple people for days and was getting exhausted and discouraged, feeling as though I had learned nothing that I didn’t already know: some people are delusional, ignorant, mean and nasty. But, to my pleasant surprise, I kept trying to listen to what others were saying, distasteful as it was, and began to understand just a little better the arguments of those who disagree with my views. Not that my mind has been changed, but I have gained at least some insight into what other people think and feel, and why. This can only be a good thing.

    It’s a small island. I’m not looking to hate or be hated by anyone. Some people are simply too toxic and crazy to deal with. But to all of you who disagree with me and who wish to continue to have a spirited but civil discussion — a clean fight, if you will — I sincerely wish you a happy Thanksgiving and look forward to talking — and listening! — to you again. <3

    • David,

      Excellent post and I also try and keep an open mind. It’s tough as you said but you have kept it civil. You should be commended for that. I must also compliment you on your writing. Very pointed, well thought out, not personal and articulate.

      Now let’s get back to disagreeing.

    • David, do you personally think Israel should be dismantled? If so, how exactly would they go about that?

      What does “peaceful” dismantlement look like? Where would Israelis live? Would Arab Israelis stay or go?

  23. My sense is that when those on the liberal left with control issues fear losing control of their anti-semitic/anti-Isael, pro-Hamas narrative, they become inappropriately, publicly enraged. I’ve seen it as gaslighting, lying, psychological projection, mansplaining, and tantrums, time and again, on Facebook, Instagram, X, and here.

    The irony is that the anti-israel narrative is so pervasive ad acceptable to most liberals that their anti-Jew message of intolerance, hate, and double standards (#MeToo unless UR a Jew, eg) would carry on just fine without the hysterics and personal attacks. The terrorist propaganda which is incredibly widespread has worked on the people who fit the definition of “useful idiots”. And they don’t have a clue.

    You could show a map to 95% of those chanting “From the river to the sea” and “genocide” and it’s unlikely they’d be able to point out and name the names of Middle Eastern countries, let alone where the Jordan River is. I suspect that most would balk at the idea that they are calling for Israel to be destroyed and a genocide of all Jews everywhere. But they are.

    May every hostage be released, may all innocents be protected and comforted. May the military pressures from the west and from Arab nations squeezing Hamas hold steady and firm, since decent humanity knows there is nothing humanitarian about these terrorist butchers.

  24. I would like to point out to the Times comment moderator that Don Keller’s personal yet public attacks against me on these pages have been lies and gross exaggerations of what I said privately to him,as you can probably see, but his accusations are growing in scope and untruths as his rage grows, accusing me here, first of hating Palestinians, then Muslims, then all Arabs, and now, all non-Jews. He uses the word “goyim” above, a slur, the plural of goy, a derogatory Yiddish word used to denote non-Jews in a negative way, not unlike calling a Jew, the K-word. It’s possible that he, a non-Jew, does not understand how ugly the connotation is, especially in this context, but those words are not used by me. His accusation of me hating all “goyim” a word that should not be allowed here, is another antisemitic lie of his. I don’t know why that comment of his is allowed at all, but thank you for not allowing him to get away with even worse.

  25. Left wing antisemitism has a long history in this country:

    And of course, it is another lie for anyone to say I do not support the ceasefire so that some of the hostages can be released. I think that the terrorists will cause one delay after another so that they can regroup, but “save one life, save the world” is the Judiac way of looking at this.The terrorists know this. Stealing children from their bed is the dirtiest war crime there is, so expecting anything resembling ‘humanitarian’ from Hamas is foolish. They use their own children as shields and propaganda.

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