Grab a bite

The new addition of Edgartown Stop & Shop Is a great place to explore grab-and-go options.


We have all been talking about it, the recent opening of the expansion of the Edgartown Stop & Shop. If we have gone, what did we think of it; what did we find? I have a hard time with change, so it took me a couple of visits to the store to get my bearings. I still need to figure out how to organize my shopping list according to the new arrangement of aisles, because I have yet to make it out of the store with everything I need.

This shopping trip, I decided since I will likely forget something, given my track record, I would explore the grab-and-go and prepared food section at the end of the store for my meals for the day. I got my lunch, and what turned into dinner as well. I was confident with this plan, and I wouldn’t be so grouchy when I got home and realized I had, yet again, forgotten something I needed. It took a little pressure off knowing I was going over to the “new” side to pick out a couple of premade items to try.

The new section is kind of a cross between takeout and a cafeteria. They have a lot of the same stuff they had in the old store, but more variations on it. The displays are much easier to look at to make your choices, and it is well-stocked. They carry everything — precut fruit and parfaits, single doughnuts, muffins, and pastries, deli salads, fresh sushi, hot wings, take-and-bake calzones, stromboli, sandwiches, wraps, salads, hot soups, and more.

I decided on the crunchy shrimp roll from the sushi case ($10.99), a spinach and three-cheese stromboli ($3.99), and from the shiny new hot bar, two Buffalo wings, two barbecue wings, potato wedges, and popcorn chicken ($9.99/lb). My total was around $25 with a drink. Twenty-five dollars, and I had my meals set for the day — to me that is quite reasonable, considering the sampling I picked out.

When I got home, I put away the groceries and had the wings, fries, popcorn chicken, and half of the sushi roll. I was pleased after lugging all the groceries into the house that the takeout container with the hot items hadn’t popped open and oozed anywhere. The wings would have been better eaten right after I bought them, or popped into the air fryer for a couple of minutes, but I won’t complain — when you’re really picky about wings, it’s nice being able to pick out exactly which ones you want. The sushi was fantastic, beyond all my expectations. I ate it with my fingers, so there wasn’t even a dish in the sink when I left the house to finish my day.

When I got home I popped the stromboli in the toaster oven on 350° for about 15 minutes, cut it up and dipped it in ranch dressing. It had a flavorsome Italian-blend seasoning on the top that matched the fluffiness of the bread. Alongside it, I had the other half of the shrimp sushi roll, which I was psyched to finish off.

Next time I go, I am going to pick up one of their deli sandwiches. I rarely have cold cut sandwiches; given the price of deli meat, cheese, bread, it all adds up, and to get one premade under $10 sounds like a steal. I, of course, want to continue to sample the sushi; they have a lot more to choose from than they used to, and I like seeing the sushi chef right behind the immaculate case, building the rolls. I was told by an employee that the hot bar is on a rotation of other items as well, including mozzarella sticks — one of my favorites, so I am definitely going to keep an eye out for them!

Next time you’re in the Edgartown Stop & Shop, be sure to peruse the self-serve hot bar, grab some hot soup, marvel at the fresh sushi case, check out all the other grab-and-go offerings, and pick something out for yourself. You’ll thank me when you get home and realize you, too, forgot something on your list.