W.T. Town Moderator not seeking reelection

Dan Waters' final meeting as West Tisbury town moderator will be in April. —Michael Cummo

Dan Waters, West Tisbury town moderator, has given notice that he won’t seek reelection. 

April 2024 will be his 10th and final Annual Town Meeting as moderator. 

Waters began as town moderator in April 2015 after running unopposed.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time in office,” Waters wrote in a statement. “Moderating West Tisbury town meetings has been an honor and a privilege, and has given me deep faith in the democratic process.”

Waters cited a desire to allow others the moderator role. “Recent history offers many examples of people who enjoyed their time in public office too much, and did not step aside to allow others to serve. I’m determined not to be one of those people.”

“I look forward to helping the next person learn the ropes,” Waters added.


  1. We’re lucky to have this Mensch, songwriter, and artist on the island. He gives me hope for the species. He’s the real deal and we need more like him. Thanks for all you do Dan.

  2. Thanks for your service, Dan. In so many roles, publicly known and more quiet, you’ve been an immoderately wonderful asset to West Tisbury and to the Island.

  3. Something is wrong.
    An article about a politician and no negative comments. .
    Come on Islanders, do better.

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