What Are You Watching? Instagram reels


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

As the sun sets and my day wraps up, I typically watch a show or movie on Netflix. Lately my attention span has been incredibly short — shorter than usual — and I haven’t had the patience to sit down and watch something on the TV, like I usually do. As a substitute, I have found myself watching reels on Instagram. They’re perfect: Each one is a short film or clip, 60 seconds or less, sometimes set to music or a fun beat.

Instagram has mastered a mind-blowing algorithm to feed these addictive, perfectly tailored clips right to my phone. My reels might include things like cooking hacks, horses playing in pastures, surfers, inspirational snippets, calligraphy, the latest dance trends, or humor. After I watch one, I can easily shoot it off to any of my Instagram friends to enjoy as well. The little videos all string together, and all of a sudden, sometimes even hours go by. One minute I might be laughing, the next, daydreaming about my next vacation. I appreciate the variety of content that keeps me scrolling onto the next, and they help me relax and unwind.