Chilmark seeks Republican for registrar board

Chilmark town hall. —MV Times

Chilmark is looking to fill an open Republican position on its board of registrars since Judy Mayhew stepped down, after serving on the board for 36 years.

Town administrator Tim Carroll has asked a select board member to cosign a letter that he plans to mail to each of the town’s 39 registered Republicans, asking them to fill the open position.

“We haven’t been able to find another registrar,” Carroll said at a select board meeting on Tuesday. “The state has been pushing us, and we needed another registrar.”

Carroll added that the town has consulted its legal counsel, spoken to the state, and published multiple advertisements for the position.

“There’s no Republicans in Chilmark,” joked select board chair Bill Rossi, after Carroll introduced the matter.

Registrar is a volunteer position, and Massachusetts requires that each town and city have a board.

Carroll said that the state does not allow a registrar candidate to hold regional office; this disqualified an individual previously interested in serving.

Chilmark town clerk Jennifer Christy says that the position is not required to be filled by the upcoming national elections.

“Every city and town must have a board of registrars or election commission,” a booklet from the secretary of the commonwealth states, “whose responsibilities include registering voters, making local listings of residents, certifying nomination papers and petition, processing absent voter applications, and administering election recounts.”

The registrar board is to be made of the town clerk and three other members appointed by the select board. If no list of candidates for the board is offered by the town committees of the two leading political parties, the select board then seeks out interested individuals. Christy is not aware of any existing town Republican committee.

New board members are appointed in February or March for three-year terms.


    • Well 110 Chilmark voters were smart enough to vote for Donald Trump in the last election so I’m sure there’s at least one Republican who will stand up and take the position. It’s not easy on this island when you’re not an elitist closed minded liberal.

      • John– I’m sure it’s not easy to be an elitist
        closed minded republican on this island.
        I mean, after all, you gotta be pretty closed
        minded to think that every court, every
        prosecutor, every jury member and every
        media outlet is just out to get trump.
        The only outlet in the world that seems to
        really support trump is TAAS — and why not ?
        He thinks Russia should invade some NATO
        countries. — You know, expanding communism
        throughout the heart of Europe. Republicans
        have been complaining about America’s
        communists and socialists for years. That’s how
        they distract from their own agenda.
        And they apparently can’t even be aware enough
        to be embarrassed when their leader goes after an
        active service member on deployment in Africa
        for not being on the campaign trail with his wife.
        It works well for the MAGAnuts to help them not
        notice that trump’s wife is nowhere to found.

        • anyone who votes for Donald trump is lacking character and morals. or is very rich and doesn’t care about the poor. now he is suggesting the US pull out of NATO? god help the US if John Axel and his ilk get their way. sadly, they will only know of the moronic choice after they wake up long after sunrise. pitiful.

          • Matthew, I know many poor people with high morals and impeccable character who have told me they are voting for Trump and why shouldn’t they? They are free to make their own choices. I think Mr Axel could make a counter argument as to why god help the US if Biden gets re-elected. As I listen to people they are very concerned about our Presidents mental faculties and he isn’t doing much to dissuade those worries. I would also suggest, Matthew that you refrain from making such broad generalizations of half the country.

      • How many 110 Chilmark Trump voters would do so again?
        How many are embarrassed to admit.
        Has anyone volunteered to be the Chairman of the Chilmark Trump 2024 Election Committee.
        Our current State Chairman is the former Bristol County Sherriff, He was the Chairman in 2020, when Trump lost.
        In 2022 the Chairman lost by a Trump scale landslide.

  1. This is not a very friendly or cordial Island to Republicans and why would anyone want to subject themselves to Harassment. All you have to do is read comments from the peanut gallery on this page and see that there’s a mean streak through liberals on the island toward anyone who does not agree with their opinion. Look what they do to their own for instance Allan Dershowitz

    • Bob–Yes, I often notice how the republicans
      are very respectful of the opinions of others.
      I’m particularly impressed by the way Jackie
      graciously addresses the “Liberal antisemites'”
      anytime anyone suggest something other than
      indiscriminate or targeted mass destruction and death
      in Gaza, or does not support Israel’s war crimes.

        • Andy– you are correct — I have expressed my
          opinions clearly.
          I think Hamas is a terrorist organization, and
          committed an unforgivable massacre on innocent
          I think Israel had a right to exist and defend herself.
          I think the hostages should have been released
          I think Israel’s response has been ineffective
          in their goal of bringing an end to Hamas rule in Gaza
          and the release of the hostages.
          I have clearly expressed my opposition to either side
          committing war crimes, and have condemned the wholesale
          slaughter of thousands of innocent civilians.
          You on the other hand, have not made your ‘true colors”
          apparent. You have implied that you favor the
          complete wiping out of the Palestinian people, since you
          stated that “there are no innocent Palestinians”,
          But you lack the conviction to actually say it.
          I openly stand by my comments.I am going with the
          facts– Hamas is a bunch of murderous terrorist.
          Israel is currently committing war crimes.
          There is nothing Islamophobic or antisemitic in stating
          the truth.

          • Keller. I have mad my true colors apparent and will do so again. I support Israel in anything they do to eradicate Hamas and I dont support a two state solution because it will lead to another holocaust. Got it Keller? No war crimes going on at all by Israel–NONE

          • Keller often dehumanizes about one-half of Americans, calling them maggots because they don’t vote in a way that he tolerates. He has stated that people who do not get vaccinated could die and that would make the world a better place. I am not quoting him exactly, but when the most dehumanizing person on these pages accuses anyone else of WISHING death and destruction on others, the personal attack of lies begins. Andrew is steadfast in his support of Israel. Thank
            God there are non Jews who are. Keller initially lied when said he stood behind Israel. Since then, he’s wavered, been unsure, uninformed, and downright antisemitic and disgusting in some anti-Israel/Zionism/jewish comments. The moderator will not post my comments that quote him at his worst, but think about “chosen people” and “Palestinian-hating zionist” and awful descriptives of them.

            We will not hold our breath waiting for an apology for insinuating lies, straight from Hamas news sources, onto good people for defending Israel. It’s clear to me that much of the world has no understanding they are promoting Hamas, as if October 7th is over and done. (“Yeah, that was bad but it’s over.”) There are terrorists in Rafah, and Israel will be effective in getting them out. There are 132 hostages that we know about remaining in Gaza, people ignored as if they are now in the past. The blood of all the dead, Jews, Muslim, or other, is entirely on the hands of the terrorist monsters.

            I often wonder what an antisemite screaming about “war crimes” committed by Israel, not by Hamas, would say if 2 of his 3 grandchildren were cremated alive and one was kidnapped by a band of psychopaths invading our borders, and then, after retreating back to their tunnels hiding under a hospital and headquarters of a world organization, turned the actual victims into war criminals for fighting and ridding, not just themselves but the world, of this evil. Would the Kellers of the world sacrifice their remaining grandchild and wait idly by until someone else’s children were incinerated alive? If they were unvaxed “maggots” would he be glad of their death?

            Good and evil. That’s what’s going on. You either know it, or you make excuses for the evil. That’s the banality of evil.

        • So true, Andrew, so true. “One way to block the bully’s wrath is to know him better than he knows himself” ~Leo Rosten

        • So, andy–I am not, nor have I ever said
          that Israel is committing genocide.
          But you seem quite clear that you support
          the genocide of the Palestinian people.
          That’s pretty disturbing coming from an
          alleged follower of Jesus.

      • Hess: Alan Dershowitz is a liberal. For the record he did not defend OJ. He acted as an appellate advisor to the defense team. Did you think defendants, even guilty ones, are not entitled to a defense in a court of law? Do you know we live in America?

        The liberal hatred of Dershowitz on the island usually boils down to the unrecognized antisemitism within the liberal left. If you recall the easily resolved brouhaha, that was the fault of the library director, in my opinion, you will read all the antisemitic tropes and lies directed at Dershowitz. It is correct to notice how the liberal left turned against Dershowitz and still does what it can to diminish his accomplishments and contributions to many, including on the island.

        Did you have a point to your comment, Hess? I am keeping in mind that you have called Israelis “terrorists” and mistakenly criticize “Jews” instead of writing “Israel’s government policy”. You like questions, so what do you think your Freudian slips say about who you are?

  2. Thank you to Judy Mayhew for her many years of outstanding service to the Town and community. We are lucky to have people like Judy who have served us with integrity and compassion.

  3. 110 might have voted for Trump but 71 were too ashamed of themselves to register as Republicans on an island known for its tolerance/inclusivity. If I had voted for Trump I wouldn’t be telling anyone.

  4. I’m not sure why the moderator allowed a personal attack against me, using my name and saying something untrue about me, when I wasn’t even a part of the discussion here. But now that I’ve joined in…

    It is a lie to suggest I am a Republican, not that I would be ashamed. A two party system is good for checks and balances, for democracy. Neither party should retain or be in power all the time. The country is too large with too many different interests to allow one party all the power.

    It’s also a lie to suggest I hate Muslims, Arabs, men, am Islamophobic, and whatever other lies have been thrown my way by those in denial of their blatant antisemitism— as if lying about me, along with their lies and ignorance about Israel, makes their innate hatred of Jews any less noticeable.

    There’s an elephant within the Democratic Party, seen in this thread. Denying it doesn’t make it go away. Carrying grudges for having been exposed as antisemitic doesn’t make it go away. False accusations of genocide and war crimes doesn’t make it go away. The liberal left and progressives are undeniably antisemitic. They go nuts with rage when anyone notices. We’ve seen it, over and over.

    Liberal Jews who support Israel’s right to exist and her obligation to rid her borders of terrorists and their promises of annihilation would still not vote Republican if Trump is running. And we now know Biden caved to the Jew-hating pressures. It’s a problem for us. It’s not popular to support Israel now, turning the intent, promises, and actions to commit genocide against Israel, into bizarre, gaslighting lies. Hamas, the brutal animals who use their own children as shields and did nothing to protect them, is never even mentioned by antisemitic keyboard warriors now, who forget and ignore who is responsible now for what is happening in Rafah and all of Gaza, as innocent Gazans become the “martyrs” the Islamic extremists planned and wanted, as the liberal left keeps plugging away on their keyboards, siding with the terrorist goals— supporting them, sometimes unwittingly. That’s how ignorant they are, when their antisemitism is denied.

    No, I’m not voting Republican, lol.

    Yesterday I visited the “Africa and Byzantium” special exhibit at The Met in NYC. Every pro-Hamas “warrior” who incorrectly calls Israel an “occupier”, among other falsehoods promoted by antisemites, should be forced to study the actual history of the entire area-. You know, to see who the actual OCCUPIERS were— and still are. Really, the liberal left antisemites sound as informed as any island white guy calling Wampanoags occupiers of Aquinnah.

    I hope this post is not another of mine that gets censored for objecting to the blatant Jew-hatred that often seems to get by. I really can’t figure it out.

    Gratitude and love to Judy Mathew for her years of service to a beloved town that will always feel like home. The Chilmark I knew and loved for 50 years didn’t care if you were Republican or Democrat. Things change.

    • Jackie,
      I don’t envy the conundrum that democrat supporters of Israel find themselves in regards to the next Presidential election. President Biden just said Israel has gone too far defending herself. Candidate Trump is an unwavering supporter for Israel. Clearly both men want peace but getting there will be up to us to elect which person we think has the best plan to accomplish that. As I sit here today I think one clearly has the edge over the other. Difficult decisions are upon us. I hope we make to correct one.

  5. They are all your fellow Americans, and both sides better figure that out fast because the ship is going down.

  6. Here’s a guide for antisemites: If you repeatedly spout antisemitic lies about Israel as your version of the “truth”, lies with false accusations of war crimes, genocide, apartheid, and occupation, you will be forever seen as antisemitic by folks who are not jew-haters. Hope that helps, and if you think I’m talking about you, I am.

  7. Al Lewis, Where is this island known for its tolerance/inclusivity?
    I just read all these comments, not one of them had tolerance or inclusivity.
    At this time in our country they are just buzz words…not reality…or whatever is left of reality.
    No one here will change their minds.

    • Marcia, you exaggerate in your judgements here. If you had read every comment you would see that there are quite thoughtful comments sprinkled in. Carl Kelly’s, for one. Your sense of reality may not be mine, but that does not mean different people can’t have different opinions. It’s when people mistake their distortions, biased opinions, false conclusions, and even their hatreds for “truth”, that we argue here.

      Bad manners have nothing to do with party affiliation but everything to do with upbringing.
      Some people were taught it’s okay to hate whole groups of people, be they Israelis, Jews, Republicans, POC, Trump supporters, gay folks, Muslims, you name it. BTW, I was taught to hate Nazis and Nazi-think, and I still do.

      For me, it’s a matter of survival, not bad manners. I will never be kind nor respectful toward the Jew-haters because… NEVER AGAIN. Silence is not an option. I hope that is clear by now.

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