Sit down at Midnight Taco

Midnight Taco will be moving to a new spot in downtown Oak Bluffs, opening up room for a new Mediterranean restaurant. —Nicole Jackson

A summertime Oak Bluffs taqueria is moving and expanding.

Midnight Taco, a takeout place located at 6 Circuit Ave. Extension, will be moving to 7 Circuit Ave. Extension to become a sit-down restaurant, capable of seating 49 people. 

According to restaurant operator Jordan Wallace, the restaurant will be open from 8 am to 1 am.

Some Oak Bluffs select board members did have questions on the permit, but unanimously approved granting a seasonal all-alcohol license to Midnight Taco after a public hearing on Tuesday, March 26. Nobody from the public commented on the proposed plans. 

In other news, the board unanimously approved increasing the fee for the Pacific Avenue commercial parking lot pass from $500 per year to $600. 

To improve pedestrian safety, the board unanimously approved installing crosswalks at David Healey Square, Ocean Avenue, Lake Avenue, and Sunset Lake, within Oak Bluffs’ downtown area. An existing crosswalk at Lake Avenue will be removed in the process. 

Meanwhile, town officials expressed their appreciation of board member Jason Balboni, who is currently finishing up his final term. 

“I’m extremely proud of what’s been accomplished,” he said.