Airport approves animal clinic’s lease

Animal Health Care Associates. —Daniel Greenman

Martha’s Vineyard Airport officials unanimously voted to grant a new lease to Animal Health Care Associates (AHCA) on Thursday. 

AHCA was the sole bidder for the lease on its current property on Airport Road — where they’ve operated for 40 years — though according to Jack Ensor, chair of the airport land use committee, six companies initially picked up documents related to the bidding process.

The decision to approve AHCA’s bid comes among concerns that animal health care on the Vineyard has been dwindling, with some veterinarians retiring or closing and others being stretched thin.

The minimum monthly rate for AHCA’s new lease will be $12,000, determined by an independent assessment of the property. AHCA pays just under $900 a month under its current agreement.

The new lease will take effect on May 1.

During an airport committee meeting at 2 pm on Tuesday, Ensor added that AHCA met all the requirements for its lease proposal, and then some — on April 4 his subcommittee unanimously recommended the clinic’s proposal be referred to the airport committee. 

“[ACHA’s proposal was] one of the highest-rated RFPs we ever got back. It was compliant in areas we don’t normally see, so it was outstanding.”

Also according to Ensor, the airport also received 650 letters of support for AHCA during the lease process.

The Martha’s Vineyard Times has reached out to Animal Health Care Associates for comment.


  1. One way that island rents could go down: if people stop renting at those rates. As long as someone, including people from Boston or Moscow, is willing to rent at a higher price, the landlord, including landlords from Boston or Moscow, will continue raising rents.

  2. What kind of business could generate enough revenue at the airport to support a $12K monthly rent? And wouldn’t any business that could generate that much revenue create so much traffic at the airport that it would tie everything up in knots? How does this make any sense?

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