Thanks for generosity to local businesses


To the Editor:

The Greenhouse of Martha’s Vineyard, formerly COMSOG, is a nonprofit community organization that aims to promote gardening, growing organic food, and sustainable agriculture. On behalf of the board of directors, I would like to thank several local businesses that have generously contributed to our cause. 

Jardin Mahoney has donated high-quality seeds and soil that have helped the greenhouse produce healthy and organic plants. 

SBS donated seeds, and also provided a discount on other needs, making it easier for the Greenhouse to nurture more plants for our members and the public.

Nelson Mechanical volunteered its services, and installed the plumbing system in the greenhouse, ensuring a reliable water supply. 

Flanders and Co. donated lumber that was used to construct an additional greenhouse space, which has allowed for more plants to be grown.

Finally, Charlie Terry, a local contractor, helped with the construction of the new greenhouse, and provided valuable expertise in building sustainable structures. These companies and donations, along with the invaluable volunteer labor of community members, have been invaluable to the Greenhouse of Martha’s Vineyard, and we are immensely grateful for their contributions. We truly live on an amazing Island.

Thank you!


Community Greenhouse of Martha’s Vineyard
Oak Bluffs