Maida wins by slim margin in Chilmark

Jeffrey Maida

Jeffrey Maida was elected to the Chilmark select board Wednesday night by just 45 votes, a few hours after a partial rainbow was visible past the south side of the Island.

Maida and William Meegan were competing for one seat on the town’s select board. Maida takes William Rossi’s seat, whose term expired this year and did not seek re-election after serving for 12 years.

Maida will join James Malkin and Marie Larsen on the board.

Maida and Meegan earned 267 and 222 votes respectively, according to the town clerk’s final tallies. Donald Leopold received one write-in vote.

Polls were open from 12 pm to 8 pm at the Chilmark Community Center, and voters continued to run up the ramp into the main hall at 7:55 pm, casting their ballots until the 11th hour. The polls had a “healthy, steady turnout,” said Jennifer Christy, Chilmark town clerk.

Maida — manager of the Net Result for 30 years — is also the current chair of the town’s harbor advisory committee and volunteered for the fire department from age 16 into his 30s.

For trustee of the public library in Chilmark, Jane Kaplan won with 256 votes.

For surveyor of wood, lumber, and bark, Julianna Flanders won with 327 votes.

All other positions up for election were unopposed.


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