New director named for Up-Island Council on Aging

Bethany Hammond is the new director for the up Island council on aging. —Courtesy Up Island Council on Ag

The Up-Island Council on Aging has a new director, starting in the coming weeks.

Bethany Hammond, who has been the assistant director, will take over for Joyce Albertine, who is retiring after nearly four decades as the director.

“It’s a little daunting, because Joyce is a wealth of knowledge,” Hammond said in a recent interview. “But at the same time, I’ve had the privilege of working here and working alongside Joyce, and soaking up all of the knowledge from her that I can.”

Hammond will officially start in her new role on May 20.

Hammond says that while she has been the assistant director since 2021, she started working at Howes House about a decade ago. The Island native has held a variety of positions at the council in her time, including as an outreach coordinator and administrative assistant, aside from the assistant director position. “I have an advantage that I’ve been in all the other job positions here,” she said. 

Hammond grew up on the Island before moving away for school; she also lived in Boston after graduating, where she worked in assisted living facilities. She moved back to the Island in 2013, when she started at Howes House as an administrative assistant.

She says that she was inspired to join the profession after working at Windemere Nursing and Rehabilitation Center before moving off-Island. “I was so intrigued and interested in working with older adults,” she said of her experience. “I like to hear their stories, and be part of their lives in these last chapters of their lives.”

Hammond says that while she’ll be taking on more administrative duties with the director position, she hopes to remain accessible to everyone who may spend time at the Howes House.

“I’m hoping to stay connected to the people as much as possible,” she said. “I hope to remain as accessible and present with the actual communities that we serve.”


  1. Bethany was so good with the residents of Windemere. She made an immediate connection with them, and was so kind and compassionate. It’s wonderful to see her continuing to work with elderly. She has an amazing heart and work ethic.


  2. I have nothing against Bethany Hammond as the head of the Up Island Council of the Aging, but wouldn’t it be better to have a director that is closer to the age of the people she is serving?

    • I disagree. Bethany has worked under Joyce for many years, and I think Joyce was about the same age when she started close to 4 decades ago. Bethany in my opinion is the perfect choice and i wish her great success.

    • Kristin, I find your comment ageist. Clearly from her background Bethany is qualified, she has been mentored by Joyce and is ready for this job. And it’s no small thing that she’s an Islander, giving her insight and understanding of this place and our people.

  3. Congratulations, Bethany! I know you’ll do a fantastic job. You’re already a part of the fabric of this
    wonderful place.

  4. Bethany is the *perfect* person for this job. She is experienced, educated, dedicated, patient & kind. Plus, having grown up in our Island community, she is imbued with local knowledge. I’m completely thrilled for our Island to have her in this position!

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