Flying to Coop

Looking for an affordable lobster dinner? We found it for you.



Out of all the days of the week, Tuesday might be my least favorite. At the Times, we start to feel the squeeze of our deadline on that day. At home, no one seems to remember how helpful it is to do the day’s dishes for me before I walk in the door after work. Last Tuesday, we went rogue and decided on that sunny day — the first one I’d enjoyed in a long time — to hit Oak Bluffs Harbor. My first stop is always at Petey Burnt’s Coop de Ville, land of the big colorful rooster and more important, fried pickles, fried clams, and an ice-cold beer. I look forward to this every May. And this year, they celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Not only was I happy to sit outdoors in the sunshine, I was even happier when our waitress, Nathalia Costa, told us it was the first week for Tuesday’s Lobster Fest — Steamed Lobster with Corn for $25. I couldn’t remember the last time I ate steamed lobster, cracking open those bright red claws. There’s nothing quite like dipping warm lobster into melted butter to really make my night. But first things first. I went to Coop for Fried Pickles with Kickin’ Bayou Sauce ($10) and a tall frosty beer. Nathalia was lovely and helpful. She clued us in on the Tuesday Lobster Fest deal, and we went for that immediately. And as if corn on the cob weren’t enough, my husband went for a side of cornbread as well.

The fried pickles arrived first, and it’s no surprise that I ate most of them myself. (I especially love the dipping sauce.) They were nice and hot and golden brown. I also ordered the Clam Strip Basket ($19) because I was on a mission to eat whatever I felt like that night. I know, I’m not a true New Englander, because I don’t order them with bellies, and I’m OK with that. My husband was delighted with the steamed lobster and corn, which arrived with a handy plastic bib and several packages of those moist towelettes we all need after a lobster feast.

The food was great, but what I loved even more was sitting outside on the harbor and relaxing before the big summer rush arrived. Visitors love to make the trip to Coop de Ville, but for me it’s my own annual pilgrimage that I make every May that keeps me coming back for more. We like to banter with the visitors and take in the sights while we’re there. Usually the weeknight out lends itself to a nice walk along the water, and it gives us a chance to catch up after the weekend.

I hope you take time to make it out to Coop de Ville, Tuesday or any day of the week. Just sitting there at a picnic table on the harbor makes me smile even before I dip my fried pickles into that tasty sauce. I highly recommend the whole experience. Tell Petey we sent you, and don’t forget to tip your waitress.

Coop de Ville on the Oak Bluffs Harbor. Open Monday through Sunday, 11 am to 8 pm. Call 508-693-3420 or visit


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