Branch falls onto car on Temahigan Ave.


Oak Bluffs Police responded to a call Wednesday afternoon after a tractor-trailer hit a low-hanging branch on Temahigan Ave. The branch fell onto the Toyota Highlander driving behind the tractor-trailer. 

There was some damage to the hood of the car, but no one was hurt, and no citations were issued, said Lt. Nicholas Curelli of Oak Bluffs Police. There were also no electrical consequences, or wires down.

The incident occurred around 3:30 pm on the road that leads to the hospital and the Beach Road bridge. It took around an hour to clear up, Curelli added.


  1. Glad no one was hurt.
    Doesn’t the County or each town have someone who monitors the trees and overgrowth blocking STOP signs, (corners) crossroads where roads intersect?
    I am constantly seeing trees that appear to be ready to fall into the road and overgrown bushes or hedges blocking the view of traffic.

    • Yes, but there are budget constraints, tree work is very expensive.
      Not to mention the resistance to cutting trees down.

  2. This accident could have been avoided had they or the state responded to my husband’s call to communications the day prior. A different tractor-trailer traveling that same route brought down a large branch and blocked traffic, thankfully hitting no one or their vehicles. But here we are, and someone was almost killed the next day due to negligence.

  3. This is what filler looks like.
    This should not be considered news on an Island with the magnitude of problems we have going on amongst us at this very moment.

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