Holmes Hole kicks off season

Holmes Hole racing kicked off this past week. —Courtesy Holly Rodgers Wescott

Holmes Hole officially started its season on Thursday last week. On a picture-perfect late afternoon with a strong southwesterly wind, 13 boats showed up at the starting line to race course 0 clockwise around the harbor. 

Artful Dodger and Shannon sailed from Falmouth to join the race, and Zebra, a W46, made its inaugural appearance. The wind was brisk throughout, gusting up to 22 knots at times, keeping everyone focused.

Steve Besse won the race by seconds in Aprés, followed by Mike Powers in Artful Dodger, and Frank Situla in Zebra. 

The next scheduled race is on July 4, at 5 pm. All sailors are welcome to join the racing. Visit holmeshole.org to sign up.