Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Chilmark votes $6.8 million budget, rejects turbine moratorium

Chilmark voters were not at all troubled Monday evening by their $6.

You’ve been alerted

Shadbush delivers the news.

It’s a matter of wait and see

I've decided to do a lot more cursing than has been my habit.

Yes on beer and wine sales

The debate rages unabated over whether Tisbury will allow sale of beer and wine with meals in restaurants.

Sweet dreams and planning

Perhaps you've heard of the quants.

How do you know?

The young woman said she mistrusted what the media do.

A hospital to celebrate

Sunday, Islanders will visit the new Martha's Vineyard Community Hospital, at the invitation of the trustees, to see what years of planning and broad generosity from seasonal and year-round residents has wrought.

Time to reassess on housing

This page does not share the views of those who have imputed the vilest motives to leaders of the private nonprofit housing groups, whose efforts have been weakened so badly during the past five months.

SSA reports financial improvements in 2009

The national economic collapse, building since early 2007, culminated in the last quarter of 2008.

Spring whispers

A small gale slams against the slider and, bending the old, weakened aluminum frame in an arc, finds its unruly way into my room.


You may be surprised to learn that enlarged housing opportunities do not necessarily follow from the creation of more houses. Good jobs are important...

The love doctor is in and online

If you're an Islander, young or old, looking for love in all of the few available places and unsuccessful, the Internet has you covered....

Nothing Smart about it

Nowadays, it's all about mileage and doing the right thing. When I was a kid, it was all about style, or at least our...

Clumsy and costly

There is no apparent link between the Steamship Authority's demand that Ralph Packer's Tisbury Towing get a license to transport freight to and from...

Gotta shop

Until a few years ago, we worried that Islanders had got into the habit of shopping at the Hyannis Mall or BJs or the...

Change on the way

In the bowels of The Martha's Vineyard Times' techno center, things are humming. Change is on the way at In the nearly two...