Friday, December 8, 2023
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Teaching constitutional law and politics in 2017

Former New York Times correspondent and current fellow at Brown Stephen Kinzer recently wrote in the Globe of the unrestrained authority that the president...

On immigrants, refugees, and other travelers

With the House of Representatives now in its August recess and the Senate soon to follow once it deals with some unfinished business, it...

The Trump rule rollback

Unless the Republican-led Congress can pass a repeal-and-replace healthcare law by its August break, President Trump will have had no legislative victories since he...

The Trump administration, climate, and Massachusetts

President Trump’s June 1 decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement on climate change overshadows several steps Washington has already taken concerning recent environmental...

A narrow ruling by the First Circuit Court of Appeals: A case analysis

The April 10 ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit confirming the Wampanoag Tribe’s right to operate an electronic bingo...

The president, the states, and the Vineyard

Writing in the Atlantic last September, journalist Selena Zito, who has worked for several Republican presidents and state officials, wrote this about candidate Donald...

Executive power, national security, and the Trump administration

President Trump has signed several highly controversial executive orders. Three involve foreign policy and national security: the construction of a wall between the United...

Climate change, the Vineyard environment, and the president

Supporters of Donald Trump wanted a president who could “shake up the system.” Given the president-elect’s proposed cabinet choices and advisors, we can expect...

The Electoral College and the president

Every four years, the nation determines who the next the president of the United States will be on the first Monday after the second...

Massachusetts, the Vineyard, and Donald J. Trump

As a blue state, Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton. She won a majority in all 14 counties, nearly 61 percent overall. In Dukes...