Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Narcan is the new EpiPen

While we have been consumed with the evolving COVID virus, the economy, and Afghanistan, drug overdoses were up 30 percent this year in the...

The unvaccinated find themselves increasingly isolated

This past week I spent time coaxing a neighbor into going to the emergency department because he was having trouble breathing, and felt like...

Balance or bounce? The great out-of-office debate 

One CEO of a major financial institution was recently quoted as saying, “If you can go out to eat dinner with others, you can...

This must be the place: Martha’s Vineyard

If there were a song for your 2021 Martha’s Vineyard playlist, a contender would be “This Must Be the Place” by the Talking Heads.  With...

Endless summer: COVID-19 edition

Martha's Vineyard is remote and difficult to reach, which is part of its unique allure. However, COVID-19 has an all-access ferry pass, can take...

Home alone: Life as an elder orphan during COVID

Last week marked a somber milestone, when the U.S. crossed 500,000 deaths due to COVID-19. I spent a few hours trying to identify trends...

I got vaccinated this week, and here is what I learned

As a volunteer nurse, I was fortunate to get vaccinated for COVID-19 this past week. I counted 17-plus healthcare workers directly involved in a...

Restoring a depleted healthcare workforce 

The COVID-19 pandemic has directed unprecedented resources to advance research and recovery efforts at incredible speed. Yet this necessary challenging of resources has taken...

A case for teaching public health in schools

The best way to promote population health is to educate and engage the community who has the most to win: our youth. In high school,...